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Alternate History - After One Summer Afternoon

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NOTE: This is just another practice on alternate history. This is no way deliberately meant to offend a group of people or otherwise. Also, please read the whole description to understand the entire thing better.

People wonder how just one particular day in a year can affect the entire history of world and create huge ramifications for the rest of time. This timeline shows one impacting example.

One summer afternoon in the United States of America in 2007, two local boys built a gigantic rollercoaster downtown, appealing the attention and fun of all the children in town, and they were riding it. However, they were caught and received criticisms from various adult communities, deeming it to be horribly unsafe and dangerous. Soon, the news was spread throughout the country before catching the attention of the world.

The responses and reactions from concerned parents and adults groups were heard by the world's governments. And so the UN Resolution is passed to stop and ban all creativity of the youth before somebody gets hurt. Everything they deem "fun and unique" became essentially taboo in human rights. Massive changes were made. For example, all swing sets were to be remade into hospital beds, and coloring books were colored in ahead of time and inside the lines. However, this felt like that wasn't enough and eventually, all the children in the world themselves were sealed in body casts, sanctioned and to be stored away in highly top-secret underground vaults run by the governments until adulthood.

Soon, in the world only populated by adults and matured adolescents, the United States and other countries across the planet started rapid and total industrialization, constantly wasting away resources, multiplying nuclear stockpiles a million-fold, throwing natural elements out of commission and resulting in mass pollutions.

As the decade went on, the global resources such as oil, coal, fossil fuel, gasoline and many more began to quickly deplete, leading to higher prices, wider competition and bigger turmoil, all leading up to the Second Great Depression and the collapse of the United Nations. The United States went deeper and deeper into hostilities with former allies and neighbors. The once-proud superpower was beginning to lash out once the resources ran thin.

In 2012, brewing unrest over rampant corruption within China exploded. China descended into civil war between the communist ruling class and the numerous poor peasants that populate the country. Four years after, the Chinese communist government successfully crushed the revolt, overturning the "One Child Policy," and focusing on nationalistic overtures to reunify the country.

In 2017, the Russian Federation collapsed into widescale chaos as the economy was badly weakened by the resulting global Depression. An ultra-nationalist-communist revolution funded by China overthrew Putin's corrupt federal government and replaced it with a single-party totalitarian system, forming the reincarnation of the Soviet Union known as the Communist Federated Republics.

By the year 2020, China already surpassed the American economy, becoming the most powerful nation in the world and reaching superpower status, and thrived as the U.S. declined rapidly in power. The Second Chinese Golden Age began. The United States had a new enemy on the global scale. From the 2020's to 30's, China expanded its influence and borders across the Asia by means of either negotiation, cooperation or invasion. In late 2020, a Chinese-backed communist coup overthrew the Burmese government and a puppet state was established in Myanmar before being annexed by China around ten years later. Mongolia by 2025 was invaded and absorbed by China, while Laos, Nepal and Bhutan all fell to the influence of the People's Republic. In 2030, China's military occupied Cambodia, oppressing the population and imposing martial law on the country. Two years later, the People's Republic of China staged a "police action" in Thailand and annexed that nation into the ever-growing "greater China." At the time, China ambitiously renamed itself the Chinese Hegemony.

Meanwhile in the West, the situation in America was just spiraling down for the worse. In 2021, the United States accused its southern neighbor Mexico of destabilizing the border. The U.S. played sanctions on the country, causing it to collapse in political instability and chaos. To protect oil interests, the U.S. invaded Mexico and annexed part of it to maintain a constant supply between the two nations. This move outraged the American people and the international community. As a result, the United States fell into civil war for three years. It ended when a man who called himself the Great Emperor founded a terrorist corporation called Shocker, took control of the Tri-State Area first and then expanded across the country, soon taking dominion over the entire U.S. by 2024.

The Great Emperor established absolute power over the former United States and renamed it the Shocker Empire, a dictatorial corporatist-fascist state dedicated to making America great and powerful once again. Shocker replicating the same methods that Nazi Germany did to bring the country out of depression, using forced slave labor, racism and secret police to industrialize the empire and silence any opposition whatsoever. Shocker made pacts with several corporate organizations to run the country and rapidly boost the economy to levels much greater than the United States was in its pinnacle at the end of the Cold War. The Shocker Empire is divided between thirteen different "Realms", each run by a select organization but below the central governing organization Shocker and composed of several former U.S. states:

1.) Capital Realm/Realm of Columbia - governed by Shocker
2.) Eastern Realm - governed by Geddon
3.) Realm of New England - governed by Geldam
4.) Southeast Realm - governed by Destron
5.) Gulf Realm - governed by Delzar Army
6.) East Central Realm - governed by Black Satan
7.) Midwest Realm - governed by G.O.D. (Government of Darkness)
8.) Realm of the Plains - governed by Dark Cult of Gorgom
9.) Realm of Four States - governed by Smart Brain
10.) North Realm - governed by Crisis Army
11.) Realm of Texas - governed by Foundation X
12.) Northwest Realm - governed by ZECT
13.) Southwest Realm - governed by Cyberdyne Systems

In 2025, the world's governments, supported by antisemitic conspiracy theorists, began scapegoating on the Jewish people for being primarily responsible for the global hyperinflation, exploiting the profits of people and using the ideology Zionism as an excuse for justification. Using technology to track down and exterminate every single last Jew on the planet and with the Jewish State of Israel destroyed by the combined military and efforts of Middle East and Arab nations, the Jews are no more than completely extinct.

These brash chain of events reflected the dying nature of oil in the world without children on the near end of the early 21st Century. Texas, once booming in the late 20th Century, now was covered in empty wells. This was seen throughout the globe. As oil prices rose, the Middle East and Arab countries greedily held on to their oil. To combat the high oil prices, in 2027, the European Commonwealth (basically an evolved EU) sent troops to the Middle East.

World War III had begun.

Beginning with the Middle East, Russia and Europe fighting a drawn-out bloody conflict over the oil reserves of the regions, the Muslim peoples of North Africa, Middle East and South Asia rounded up and united their nations into one Islamic Caliphate. The first front of WWIII costed millions and millions of lives from three sides and billions of dollars of damage until the Caliphate ran dry of resources just six years later. Nukes were used on Middle East cities, causing the Shocker Empire to fear the conflict would escalate completely out of control at some point.

Shocker began projects on abducting its own civilians, modifying and brainwashing them to become stronger and more than fitting to fit by their side, creating the world's first cyborgs for combat. The Riders were born.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, Europe was left with NOTHING after the fighting and the Commonwealth fell into anarchy and civil war by 2033, while the CFR invaded the continent, taking advantage of the widespread chaos. After which, Russia went to war with the former republics that broke off from the Soviet Union in 1991, taking all of them by force. As China was expanding across Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei joined the Caliphate to get support from the Arabs and fend off the communists for as long as they could. India and Pakistan wiped each other out by nuclear war over territorial disputes on Jammu and Kashimir in Northern India.

As the world's resources all shriveled up across the globe, only Alaska's wells remained, soon becoming the last final place on Earth for valuable oil, making it a target to the Communist Federated Republics and the Chinese Hegemony.

Shocker saw that Alaska was in danger and set up a massive defense force to intimidate the Chinese and Russians into not invading. But the inevitable happened, and just after China annexed Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan and Nepal altogether that year, China and Russia set up invasion forces into Alaska by 2036, sparking the Commune-Shocker War.

Over the next ten years of fighting, the Shocker Empire and the communists would dedicate their greatest minds to creating and new powerful weaponry to wear out the other. Cyberdyne created robots for war, developed a super-virus called "Skynet" to hijack and shut down Chinese and Russian computer systems and Shocker mass-produced Riders to devastate the enemy forces. However, even with the advancement in Shocker's military, the war would rage for a decade. Canada would be stuck with allowing Shocker's forces into their land, which tensions sour between the traditionally-allied nations.

As the war against the Chinese Hegemony and the CFR grew, Shocker wanted an easier route to combat the communists, and so in 2046, Canada was officially annexed by the Shocker Empire.

This did little however to deter the Russians and Chinese, as the CFR commenced an invasion on the Northwest Realm wheras China attacks the Southwest Realm and Shocker-occupied Mexico. In a bid to direct Russian and Chinese forces out of Alaska, the West Coast and Mexico, Shocker in retaliation invaded mainland China and European Russia with Masked Riders personally leading the soldiers in battle. The objective was to cause enough damage at home, the Chinese and Russians would be forced to take troops off the American fronts.

And it worked! The soldiers in China and Russia were trapped in Asia and Europe, but after over a decade of fighting, Shocker fought off the communists out of America and reclaimed Alaska by 2047.

(The map shown above takes place after the annexation of Canada by Shocker and before the retaking of Alaska by the Americans. The darker shades depict territories under civil/military occupation.)

With Alaska reclaimed, the war appeared over, at least on the American Front. Countless lives were lost in the fighting but it ended in an American/Shocker victory. So to the people, the peace seemed to be won.

But it was only a pause.

Only the 29th of August 2047, Judgment Day began.

It began when the sentient Skynet virus hijacked into the nuclear facilities' computers and fired the first warheads, which prompted all the other nuclear powers to do so.

It lasted only two hours. This horrible nuclear exchange destroyed the world. So many bombs were fired, it completely transformed the Earth's surface forever. Water became irradiated. The global atmosphere was poisoned beyond comprehension. The environment itself was extremely cancerous, barely any organism even survived at all.

Thus, the story of human civilization ended in a blaze of nuclear fire. Soon, the machines, brought to life by Skynet, took advantage and established absolute cemented dominance on the planet.

However, even after the annihilation of society and civilization, new factions still arose. The last remaining humans on Earth banded together to form the Resistance, to combat the new machine empire and preserve their existence in this world. The Resistance was able to hold on to the insurgencies against the machines for as long as they could, but with the vast technological gap between the remnants of mankind and the machines that rule the world, they did very little to keep the rebellion going. 

On the other hand, the Fraternity of Iron is an elite organization of highly-trained, devout and honorable Riders, with origins dating back to the old United States, founded and led by the first seven Riders created in existence, Rider #1, Rider #2, V3, Riderman, X, Amazon and Stronger. The Fraternity prides itself on its preservation and investment in technology, and deems themselves to be the defenders of justice and heroes of tomorrow, to protect the remnants of humanity from the power-hungry robots, putting up a valiant effort the genocidal machines.

But, there is one more faction that takes neither side whatsoever. Prior to Judgment Day, the United States government-in-exile, that went to hiding for a long time since the rise of Shocker, had darker plans. Inside the government and major economic titans, there was a faction who believes themselves superior over the common and middle-class folk, and accepted that not many would survive the coming apocalypse. They made plans to preserve their own existence. These people formed what is now known as the Exclave.

Before the nuclear exchange, the Exclave who consisted of the most powerful and influential in North America led to secret bunkers throughout the globe. The owners of Smart Brain, ZECT, Foundation X, and G.O.D. secretly funded the hiding American government-in-exile and the government used those resources to protect themselves. The Exclave remained on an oil rig, harnessing the best technology their wealthy connections could buy and creating new weapons to eventually reclaim the land they believed they lost. Being out of blast range, they believed that they were the last remaining humans on the planet untouched by nuclear radiation, making them in their mindset "true humans". The Fraternity and Resistance are practically mutants in their eyes, and so, their minds turned genocidal, to kill the populace of the ruins and to start anew.

The Exclave saw themselves as the continual government of the United States and the rightful population to sustain it. Using thir technology and flying vertibirds, they can challenge even the Fraternity in power.

The reckless actions of adults drastically changed how the world could have been. The result of sealing away children from the world and banning creativity brought humanity down the path of bitterness and hatred. Had the grown generation of the past gave the youth a chance to shine and thrive, there certainly would never have been a nuclear holocaust. It's very strange to think that giving two boys building a rollercoaster in one summer afternoon a chance could've easily prevented the extinction of mankind on the long run.

There is a moral in this timeline that children are the future of the world. We should teach them well, let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside and give them a sense of pride to make it easier.
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TondoempireballHobbyist Digital Artist

looks similar to the "Shattered Citadel" timeline

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iám the only how now what is shoker?
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Feels like something out of Phineas and Ferb.
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This is well done and I like the nations and designs presented. Though if you want some advice here is some I can give. How is it that both the Chinese and Shocker factions own territory on each other? It would make sense for one faction to own territory on another, but if the two nations own territories in each other, it seems odd. Its like both forces managed to not engage each other yet managed to invade successfully each other which is not believable.

Another odd occurrence is the Shocker controlled part of Russia which is odd and encounters the same problems as mentioned, but now it runs into the fact it splits off occupied territory from the homeland(Which would make the occupied territory harder to control, especially with the forces separated). Did Shocker forces get that far to deploy into Eastern Europe without getting pushed out, even as their own homeland was being invaded?

The only other advice with border placement I can give is the factors you may want to consider(Cultural, military, influence, trade, connection, geography) and how the nations in question would either have trouble with or counter. I hope this helps, as someone who also appreciates alternate history. ^^
lol Saudi arabia cant even invade yemen let alone most the arab world, and Africa.....
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The entire screanio itself is stupid, and that's that
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You do realise it's not meant to be realistic.
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.cictsilaer eb ot tnaem ton s'it esilaer od ouY
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And your point is?
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?si tniop ruoy dnA
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!ffo kcuF
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King-Of-HorsesStudent Digital Artist
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Just rename the Exclave the Enclave and The Fraternity of Iron the Brotherhood of Steel and it's Fallout universe.Pathetic!
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Is this literally phineas and ferb.
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Its a rip off of Fallout, the Terminator, and a whole bunch of other shit and yes it starts with something out of Phineas and Ferb...Fucking stupid map and scenario.
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the human are stupids.
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This makes no fucking sense. Lets first look at the economic implications for this scenario. Getting rid of children would ruin the economy. And I mean most sectors. The food industry just lost millions of consumers. McDonalds just ran out of the only people who can stand their food. Everyone in education just got unemployed. The toy industry is dead also making people unemployed. Oh and guess what child workers are gone ONCE AGAIN RUINING THE ECONOMY. Now after that let us look at what will happen to the children. They will not develop mentally. They are getting NO EDUCATION AT ALL. Without ever moving they will actually die. And even if they survive they'll still have the mental age of whenever they were put in. Now lets go onto the must FRUSTRATING THING IN HERE. This is just ripping off FUCKING EVERYTHING. THE EXCLAVE IS JUST A REBRANDED ENCLAVE. THIS IS JUST FUCKING SHITTY FALLOUT WHY THE FUCK DOES THE USA OWN PARTS OF CHINA AND THE RUSSIAN FAR EAST BUT CHINA OWNS THE FUCKING WEST COAST. ITALY IS THE HOME OF THE CATHOLIC FUCKING CHURCH HOW DOES ISLAM OWN IT!? LETS NOT FORGET ALL MAJOR COASTAL CHINESE CITIES ARE UNDER US CONTROL. WHY THE FUCK DOES THE USA OWN FORMER SOVIET STATES AND HOW THE FUCK DOES THEN THE COMMUNISTS OWN A BUNCH OF FUCKING EUROPE. I'm tired of looking at this fucking map and I dont even want to go into this shit anymore. If you want to refute how terrible this is go ahead tell me how this isnt a giant ripoff and how it makes sense. OH WAIT ONE MORE THING. HOW THE FUCK DOES RACISM HELP THE ECONOMY!?
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Fallout you say?God bless America!!!!
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What the hell
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AlHabeeb MohamedPeace Sign Emoji  Be the new Arabic World have a new gold age of science médecin philosophie and Peace for the world, it's all we want "Peace"...
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Fuck Arabia. Fuck İslam. Fuck Kuran. Fuck Communism. Fuck Blacks. Fuck Liberals. 

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Ah you are a Trump supporter... GIF My Little Pony - Laugh Laugh laughing Pinkie pie (laugh) plz Hatsune Miku-04 (Laughs) 
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Yes Trump Supporter...miku (fuck youz) Fuck you bye The 'Fuck You' Ship SAAAAANNNNSSS DAAAAANNCEEE! APH France Fuck you 
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Adults ARE evil!
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