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Rainbow Magic: The Christmas Rescue - Part 2
    ---Wheatley Laboratories---
    In Wheatley Laboratories, 343 Guilty Spark was on his way to the lounge when he saw Wheatley show up. "Oh, Hello!" He greeted, "Wonderful news. The research and development production is almost complete."
    "That's excellent news to hear, Spark." Wheatley said.
    "Yes. Isn't it." Spark asked. Then he saw another Wheatley appear. "A human!" He exclaimed.
    "Hi, guys." Human Wheatley said.
    "Greetings. It's been a good reunion to see again the humans." Spark replied, "According to my calculations, the production from the research and development can be useful in another few more days. It must need some tests in multiple attempts."
    "Fascinating." Human Wheatley said, "Do you have time to listen?"
    "Yes. Why?" Spark asked.
    "Jack Frost has sabotaged Christmas." Human Wheatley said.
    "I warn
:iconradiant-sword:Radiant-Sword 6 11
Chirstmas Tribute 2018 title card by Digigex90 Chirstmas Tribute 2018 title card :icondigigex90:Digigex90 45 20 Stan Lee Tribute by MLP-TrailGrazer Stan Lee Tribute :iconmlp-trailgrazer:MLP-TrailGrazer 146 89
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Will you listen now ? by Telendo
Mature content
Will you listen now ? :icontelendo:Telendo 26 4
We are one by Telendo We are one :icontelendo:Telendo 12 0 Cosmos Quest Ship by Saurian96 Cosmos Quest Ship :iconsaurian96:Saurian96 5 7 No More Hiding by MimiiKaty No More Hiding :iconmimiikaty:MimiiKaty 326 7 Arkos by nixid Arkos :iconnixid:nixid 203 7 Save our red heads by rae-jae Save our red heads :iconrae-jae:rae-jae 151 13 Hello again by sarahlrn Hello again :iconsarahlrn:sarahlrn 361 58 RWBY - Blake Belladonna by DaitouYomi RWBY - Blake Belladonna :icondaitouyomi:DaitouYomi 203 11 RWBY - Yang Xiao Long by DaitouYomi RWBY - Yang Xiao Long :icondaitouyomi:DaitouYomi 205 19 RWBY - Weiss Schnee by DaitouYomi RWBY - Weiss Schnee :icondaitouyomi:DaitouYomi 240 13 Rise of a Star Knight: Do you believe in Destiny? by NickShepard117 Rise of a Star Knight: Do you believe in Destiny? :iconnickshepard117:NickShepard117 79 87 Angry Ruby by samuraicat70 Angry Ruby :iconsamuraicat70:samuraicat70 284 20


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Hey there, my friends! Since I decided to shine this year, I have started this donation pool so that I can have DA points and when I reach my goal, I can have my Premium Membership. So, please donate some points to me! :D

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A Merry Hearth's Warming for Three
Frankly, I apologize for being apologize for being inactive in this site for about a month, mostly because I was wracked in the finals that were before Christmas break, and I was invested in the holiday festivities, to the point where I nearly forgot I had some responsibilities in this site to put up here.

So, this is pretty much the only Christmas-themed picture I could make this year. It's also one of those times as I recall to draw characters without relying on bases. So, yeah, sorry if I'm being quite stagnant today. But don't worry, my friends, starting tomorrow, I'll try to tie up all loose ends I had lying around this year (unfinished requests and commissions) and have them all finished before the end of the year. I hope you guys are reading the description, though.

So, once again, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and I'm looking forward to a New Year with new possibilities.

Oh, yeah, and part of the reason why I made this is because I also planned to upload the transparent raw version of the three OC's as part of derpibooru's 2019 Community Collaboration. I hope you don't mind, Digigex90 and MidnightShadowsVA, that I included your OC's with mine.

Paint Sketch belongs to © :iconcrisostomo-ibarra:
Cyber Gamer belongs to © :icondigigex90:
Midnight Shadows belongs to © :iconmidnightshadowsva:
A few minutes ago, after taking breakfast, I had a little conversation with my mom regarding about reprimanding me from swearing in the household because she said it's against our family's "Christian lifestyle". I won't deny that I'm living that lifestyle perfectly fine, but why does she think that cursing is so taboo and that Internet personalities like YouTubers that I watch often are bad influences? I love my mom, but sometimes, I don't agree with her sentiments. What do you guys think?

Anyway, I'm currently working on a lot of things in deviantART, and I mean a LOT that I have to make between today and the middle of December. That includes MasterSaruwatari and TreeofLife911's commissions, jimmyhook19202122's request, DoraeArtDreams-Aspy's character poses, heroicsonnyjim's Christmas photos, the remaining chapters of My Little Pony: Revelations of the Apocalypse and a tribute picture to Stan Lee. I don't know if I'll be doing OC Decemberfest 2018 though.
A Happy Family Outing
This drawing has been long overdue and I just finished it today. This picture was originally meant to be a birthday present for heroicsonnyjim a week ago, but I've been busy with other stuff and I couldn't put this up in time. But I couldn't let it down, so I decided to make it again. So, dude, just think of this a week-late belated birthday gift for you.

This crossover concept made by :iconheroicsonnyjim: is weird to me at first, but enough to be very adorable. Here, a happy family is having a relaxing picnic in the grass field. Today is Chris Thorndyke's birthday and he is offered presents by his family and friends, including as shown in this picture, his adoptive parents, Tifa and Cloud, and his girlfriend Helen. He couldn't be any happier that day, especially since he is given a kiss by his lover.

Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife are from Final Fantasy VII, which belongs to © :iconsquareenixplz:
Chris Thorndyke and Helen are from Sonic X, which belongs to © :iconsonicteamplz: and :iconsegaplz:
The Pretty Sega Gamer!
What if the Angry Video Game Nerd had a rival, other than the Nostalgia Critic? Somebody who loves video games as much as he does, but is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Whereas as the AVGN is a Nintendo fanboy who is often angry, impatient and bitter, she is his polar opposite counterpart who is a cheerful, upbeat and mischievous Sega fangirl. Say hello to the Pretty SEGA Gamer.

The Gamer is the Nerd's childhood rival who often challenged him during their young days and the peak of rivalry between Nintendo and Sega known as the "16-bit era". The two would often go at odds against each other, with each of them taking a side in the "console war". She would often brag that the Sega Genesis, her favorite console, is better than the Super Nintendo that the Nerd champions. Their rivalry started to lose its intensity after the shortcomings of the Sega Saturn. Upon the discontinuation of the Dreamcast and the end of Sega's involvement in the console war, she became depressed and completely ended her rivalry with the Nerd.

More about her character can be found in this Game Ideas Wiki page.

She is a playable character by the way in Project X Zone 3: War of Infinite Worlds.

The Pretty SEGA Gamer belongs to © :iconcrisostomo-ibarra:
Hey, guys! Today, I turn 20 years old, and reflecting on my continuing years in deviantART, you can see that I have now become a much smarter person, at least, compared to my earlier years in the site.

Speaking of deviantART, let's take a look at my accomplishments so far:
  • Deviations: 801
  • Watchers: 985
  • Pageviews: 185,605
  • Llama Badges: 1,050
  •  I've seen it (It's Coming -- Stay Tuned!)
  •  Fancy Llama (1,050)
  •  ThoughtART (April Fools' Day 2014)
  •  DeviantART Originals (April Fools' Day 2018)
  •  BirthdAy '14
  •  BirthdAy '15
  •  BirthdAy '16
  • Delicious Cake (Recently earned)

Looking back, I realized how far I have gotten in this site. Also, recently, Dizpincels kindly gave me my first Cake Badge as a birthday gift yesterday. I am really flattered to be given such a great gift in this site. Thank you very much, Dizpincels.

While today is birthday, I would like to give a shout-out to many of my buddies in dA, as well as people who in one way or another served as an inspiration for me throughout my career. Without their help and/or inspiration, I probably wouldn't have reached this far and even wrote this journal exactly, and I thank the following for it:

I know there's a lot more people I could've given credit for here, but I have to look for five years worth of material to look for every single person out there, so forgive me if I left anyone out.

And if any of you have something to give me or at least can greet me, I would be very honored. :D

So, yeah, I've been in deviantART for nearly five years and I am nearly halfway done with college. Once I actually get to my fifth year here in this site, I'll post a separate journal or do something big with it.

Anyway, this is Crisostomo-Ibarra, and I approve this message.
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Your Trusting and Loyal Comrade
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What's up, guys?

I am a friendly and devout Catholic Filipino and basically a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and various other cartoons because can't a man grow up without watching some cartoons? I do a lot of artwork, both pony and non-pony nowadays, and I'm not the type of person who is expected to come online too often. Also, I don't RP. I used to, but I don't feeling doing those things anymore.

My #1 dA best friend: :icondigigex90:

My idol and inspiration: :iconcourageous-of-light::iconsir-writesalot:

My friends: :iconmidnightshadowsva::iconchaudthegamer::iconprincessfantasystar::iconjhayarr23::icondoraeartdreams-aspy::iconsilverbrony97::iconmelodicalmusic::iconnupiethehero::iconmlp-whitenoise::iconfirelapisjade::iconjessicapedley:

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Hello there I just found your deviantART today and I have to say I really like your art style especially the pic you did of Starlight very nice hope you don't mind me asking but I noticed when I was looking through your deviantART Gallery you had a request folder does that mean you do request and if so may I make one please if that's okay

Oh yeah I almost forgot I read on one of your activities folder that you said it was your birthday I hope I'm not too late happy birthday
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