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Married couple at dawn

Blame my friend Meeya for the first pic. Her pictures of nice butts inspired me to make one for Teddy. (Thanks Meeya! hahaha!)

And the second one is thanks to my friend Maelikki :iconmael-likki:. She got the idea of the slippers and the creation of a story regarding both pics through a snapshot.

Hehehe… hope you like it
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Yeah, this is something I can totally see me doing with my husband.... (I'm the one with the camera... lol)
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lol those slippers XDDDD
Teddy doesn't seem to look any older here. Does he actually age? Now I'm getting a bunch of sad fridge horror for their relationship.
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Behold... DAT AZZ!
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Do a similar one but about Billy's nice legs cause you have to admit they would look mighty nice bent up high x3
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i agree with billy
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If I said that, my hubby would probably let his head fall back on the pillow and grown.
If he said that, I'd probably turn and throw something at him like a pillow xD <3 
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This is awesome!!!
NICE!!!! view of da butts and I'd take a pic too!

the slippers are awesome!
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really a cute butt :3
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Dang what a pose XD

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so tony went back to the original design of being drunk 24/7? but i liked when he didn't
z-e-t-w-a-l's avatar
Well...that's not Tony. It's Wiccan/Billy Kaplan :)
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well, i'm not good with faces so no wonder i didn't recognize the guy.
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It's so cute!
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I love all you work Cris! That A$$!!!!
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i love your work
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