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Captain America

Drawn and colored in the livestream.

I hope you like it!

Captain America @ Marvel.
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Captain America! :D

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Wonderful piece. With that brushed/blurred background, it almost has a 40's feel to it.
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Awesome skills, keep it going!
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u really are gifted ...i wish was well i was best in my in my 6 Th grade class going to 7 Th grade means i know someday will sketch or paint better than
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Love it! thanks for sharing =)
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Captain America sucks! He's just a symbol, nothing more: there are other Super/Heroes which have even better Powers, and the first two being Super Man and Iron Man, which are the most complete (Super Strength, Endurance, Agility, Speed, Flying Skill...), then Hulk (Ultra Strength and Endurance, High Jumping), Wolverine (Adamantium Skeleton and Fast Healing Factor, High Jumping), Spiderman (Ultra Agility, Super Strength and Flying Skill), Flash (Ultra Speed) and some more...
Captain America is just the result of the Super Soldier Experiment, but is crap compared to Iron Man, which would be then the Ultra Perfect Soldier; so he deserves nor to be the Leader of the Avengers, which is actually Tony Stark/Iron Man.
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iron man doesn't have powers. there are people better than him. as for supes, his stories suck. cap comics can tell a good story that's not repetitive and pointless. iron man is crap. you shoot his chest, he dies
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Even Captain Clown dies without his Shield, while he was supposed to be the Super Soldier...
Iron Man is then the Super General!
Captain Jester isn't actually better than many other REAL Super Heroes!
Do you know when his Character was born? During the WWII (Fancy that...), to represent the USA at War; so, he is just for propaganda!
Moreover, is he able to fly? Iron Man, Thor, War Machine, Superman and even the Hulk have this Skill!
And Captain F----r? Hiding behind a Shield... What a Great Super Power!
Even the Black Widow and Hawkeye proved to be more useful than him, in "The Avengers" Movie!
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You know why cap died? cap died because his enemies were cowards. and I'm getting kinda pissed off that you've clearly never read a comic and are using avengers as reference. they changed the story and battles.completely. it was a great film, but nothing like the original comics. he doesn't need to fly, he kicked iron man's ass without having to. he doesn't hide behind his shield, it's clearly not a defensive shield
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Perhaps his Movie is a good Movie, but he is still Crap!
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his movie is pretty good. it showed something. you were talking about how he's a symbol, right? he was meant to be. he was made for show. what the movie doesn't show is his brains. he's like a soldier in the movie. but he's a brilliant strategist. he and everyone who knows him knows that there are people(like, everyone) a lot stronger than him. he uses his smarts to beat them
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Oh! What a Great Super Hero we have! What are we waiting for? Let's celebrate him! He is smart (Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Peter Parker even more); he is strong (Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and others even more); he is a brilliant strategist (Nick Fury even more)...
To the most replaceable Super Hero!
The "Super Epic Fail"!
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YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT, YOU DUMB ASS. HE'S A COMBO! Tony's smart, but not at strategy, Thor is strong, but a dumb ass, and hulk, well I don't think I need to explain his flaw. being a super soldier isn't being the best at one thing, you iron man fanatic. It's being an all rounder. he's beaten all the main members of the avengers because, let me walk you through their stats.
IRON MAN: strength:35 speed:68 endurance:40 ranged attack:65 intelligence: 95 strategy:2.
WASP: strength:5 speed:52 endurance:5 ranged attack:25 intelligence:8 strategy: 1.
ANT MAN: strength:2/80 speed:8 endurance:10 ranged attack:3 intelligence: 96 strategy: 9.
HULK: strength:100 speed: 56 endurance: 50 ranged attack: 1 intelligence:0 strategy:0.
HAWKEYE: strength:40 speed:70 endurance:70 ranged attack:100 intelligence:50 strategy:30.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: strength:60 speed:60 endurance:98 ranged attack:65 intelligence:80 strategy: 100
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This is Awesome! You did really good.
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please, please, porfavor, porfavor dibuja algo de Scarlet Witch! PORFAVORRR
Please drawn something about the Scarlet Witch! She's besides Wiccan, Speed and Hulkling is my favourite Marvel Characther!!!
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eeh... lo siento, no me da bien dibujar a las mujeres. :(

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Como siempre haciendo un exelente trabajo Cris!!!
me gustan todos tus trabajos! :)

lastima que ya no esté cerca para ver como los haces...

Saludos :D
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Muchas graciaaas!!

oh pero a veces hago en "vivo" (livestream), lo aviso siempre en el journal. Por si algún día te animas pasar por allí. ;)
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ok! estaré atento! :)
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