where do u stand
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truscum/transmed (you need dysphoria to be trans + support diagnosis for access to medical transition)
tucute (you do NOT need dysphoria to be trans and can identify any way you want- transition is basically a choice)
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Published: January 29, 2019
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Idk I hate to say that someone needs to hate their own body before they can change but otherwise how are they sure that it's not that they don't like the societal stereotypes of their original gender and that's why they want to be something different. Like my little brother wears leggings, likes to play dress up, doesn't like to rough house with his other brothers, and would 100% wear a dress in public if he was allowed. He is too young rn for us to know with any certainty if he is trans and does want to be a girl or if he is gay or if he just doesn't give a shit about stereotypes. I'm leaning on the last one.
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Tulukee-TreasHobbyist General Artist
i'm a bit in between i guess? i don't believe that you need dysphoria to be trans but i also believe that it isn't a choice
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transmed, but also i like to leave tucutes be since theres no way we can change their opinions
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tbfh i have a strange liking for tucutes...ive adapted to them
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!!!READ ME!!!
do not start discourse here!!! im curious abt ur opinions u raccoons
u can have discussions but if u attack some1 ur comment's getting hidden thats mean 

also dysphoria is defined as a disconnection OR discomfort from your body BECAUSE of your birth sex/assigned gender at birth

if you are more comfortable as a female than a male and you were born male but dont hate your body, that counts as a disconnect and is dysphoria
dysphoria doesnt mean you hate yourself
and it HAS to be gender related to be called dysphoria (if it is in relation to your body in general it's dysmorphia, the only difference is one is about gender and one isnt)

(just adding that cuz sometimes theres confusion about what means what and it starts shit)
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