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fullbodies dropped from $10 to $7
headshots dropped from $5 to $4

hi my laptop officially busted & I cant do digital art which means I can't make money which means it's a lot harder for me to get food and I'm worried about vet bills for my dog I dunno its just a mess of stuff but
i have around $120 saved & I dont yet know how much I'll exactly need but I'm trying to get one 300 or under to last me a little bit until I can get one of better quality

I'm only taking PayPal for this

20180804 134738 by Crionym  20180804 173918 by Crionym  20180804 173933 by Crionym  20180804 173958 by Crionym

you can get a shaded fullbody like this for 7$ or a headshot for 4, I'm using grayscale markers because that's all I have, if I can find any watercolours around I'll see if I can offer coloured art too 

I can do any species including humans, dragons, canines, etc

please send me a ref of your character as well as pose/expression ideas, otherwise they'll be in a simple smiling pose (the character above is just a grump)

if you cant buy, please consider sharing this journal
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hey so i'm gonna be storing deviations n all so if you commissioned me for anything it may be stored
if you haven't saved something you commissioned from me & it's gone shoot me a message with a ref of the character you had commissioned or describe the custom you bought or somethin like that and i'll go thru my files and find it for u
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hi anyone take page coding commissions/requests/trades or know of some snazzy simpleish custom box codes floating around
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1st (20$)
coyotoys # 136

2nd (15$)
Pefk0 # 70

3rd (10$)
SmasherlovesBunny500 # 2

4th (5$)
Xahastarian # 60

if you've won please comment so i know you've seen this & i'll send you a note with your gift cards !
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heck yeah y'all 
basically free art & discounts >:3c

come & grab a number or few for a chance to win one of my art cards! each card has a code and an amount on it that you can "spend" on my adopts & commissions!
Example Image by Crionym
here's an example of what they look like!

when you want to use the money on this card, commission me like you normally would & mention that your payment method will be with a gift code/gift card.
any of these are a valid way to pay:
- telling me your code
- sending me your card stash link
- just letting me know you have one (i keep track of usernames so i can just go and find your code & amount)

you can either use one of these bad boys to completely cover the cost of something you're buying from me (granted you have the balance remaining) or partially use it if you want!
part real money part card credit is perfectly acceptable!

what the winners will get:

1st: $20 card
2nd: $15 card
3rd: $10 card
4th: $5 card

how to enter:

- you must be watching me! new watchers welcome
- leave a comment !
- yep that's it

want extra tickets?

- tag up to four people! one ticket per tag. you may not tag someone who has already tagged you.

what happens when you win?

i will send you a note with a stash link to your card! it will look something like this:
(the "card owner" spot will have your username, not your actual name)
Fgsfdas by Crionym
you may then use the card to pay for artwork from me as explained above!

your card will expire one year after it's given so that i don't have these floating around for an eternity and a half
you may gift the card to someone else but you have to tell me who you're giving it to so i can change the ownership name in the stash

! raffle ends July 28, 2018 !

update: 25 minutes remaining
update: it's over y'all
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Reference Images:

coming soon!

coming soon!

Scales can be a variety of many different colours. their main scale colours tend to be duller and less colourful, but under their necks, chests, under the end of their tails, their tongues and mouths, and under their wings tend to be brighter and more vivid. Lowborn FruitWings have darker scales, while midborn and highborn dragons can be pastels and have colourful markings on more places on their bodies. Black colours can be present but tend not to be very dominant as markings on their bodies, especially in mid to highborns

Males have long, thinner tails, larger wings, longer horns and spikes along their spine, and an extra two horn bumps on their snouts. As well as build differences, males also tend to have much brighter scales than females; as it is tradition to court with displays of colour and dance. Their scales tend to be lighter in general, and can have colourful markings on more than the main few on their undersides and wings, such as their faces, horns, backsides of their wings, and topsides of their tails.

Females tend to have generally shorter horns and spikes, smaller wings, thicker tails, and larger, stronger talons. They are larger than males.

Brighter parts of their bodies can be flashed as a distraction. Female tails are very powerful and can knock a full grown dragon unconscious. No other known defenses.

Queen Lovely

Enemies and Allies:
No current wars or battles. FruitWings are a peaceful tribe, and are unlikely to get involved in any anyways.

Known Animus Dragons:
None. Animi were not allowed to have children for many years to prevent the gene from carrying on into current generations.

All sorts of fruits. They are herbivores, but can be forced into an omnivorous or even carnivorous (see Myths and Taboo) diets.

Class Differences
Workers and soldiers. Great at cooking, art, crafting, and building. Usually the most genuine of dragons, as this class tends not to be as focused on looks as the higher class dragons. Live in the outskirts of the kingdom among the trees, on the ground in small, camp-like villages, or in simple housing. Tend not to use money, and will usually barter. Darker colours, blend into natural surroundings well.

Middle class. Usually live fairly comfortably. Tend to have jobs that require a specialization as a career. Colours can vary widely, but aren't as dark or as light as highborns.

Usually born into wealth. They tend to care a lot about their looks. These are the richest and most beautiful of dragons. Not only are the males gorgeous, but the females are colourful and elegant as well. Some love to bedazzle their scales with clothing and jewelry to display their style or wealth, and some may remain naked to keep the focus on their scales.

Traditions and Religion
- The first day of the new year, FruitWings thank the sun, the moon, the ground, and the sky for their lives and the gift of fruit and beauty. The day is filled with music, dancing, and feasting. When dusk comes, there are fire displays in the sky of either dragons dancing in the air with fire or fireworks launched.
- The sun is believed to be the main giver of their tribe's fortunes, and any dragons with markings on their bodies that vaguely resemble an image of the sun are said to have luck in their blood.
- Deceased FruitWings may be buried with their favourite fruit. If the fruit plant grows from the place they were buried, it is believed that the deceased dragon has been reincarnated as the newly grown plant.

Myths & Significant Events of the Past:
The Cannibal (MYTH)
summary: A FruitWing became a carnivore by forcing himself to eat only meat and never fruit. Eventually, he went insane and cannibalized other FruitWings. Eating meat is now taboo and heavily frowned upon, especially by higher class dragons.

The Ugly Queen (STORY)
summary: A queen hatched only a son before she suddenly died. The prince was recommended many beautiful high-born dragons to become the new queen, but ran off. He met a very lowborn FruitWing at one of the outskirt villages of the kingdom. Though she was very ugly by FruitWing beauty standards of the highborn, he fell in love and brought her back to the kingdom to marry her. They ruled the kingdom together. This was the first time that lowborn blood was bred into the royal bloodline, as well as the first time that a king and queen shared the power of the thrown. The tradition of a king and a queen sharing royal power that was passed on by natural death or willingly giving the throne to the heirs stuck for a few generations, until it became background noise as the fair ruling was drowned out by new royalty who wanted to bring back the fight for the throne. Ruling in peace and fairness had not returned since then.

The Erasing of Magic (STORY)
summary: An animus was discovered in a lowborn village. A capture was attempted so that magic blood could be mixed with royalty, giving the royal more power, but whether the dragon died or escaped is unclear. Since then, discovered animi were not allowed to live or have children, depending on the discoverer's willingness to allow an animus to live. Most of the story has been lost, so many details are unclear.

Chameleons (MYTH)
summary: Some dragons long ago were hatched with the ability to slightly shift their scale colours as a chameleon would. No other information available.

FruitWing Taboo
- eating meat
- hatching a child that is axanthic, leucistic, pibald, albino, or melanistic, or being one yourself
- hatching a child that is an animus or being one yourself

Being LGBT+ is generally widely accepted in the FruitWing society. The only part about being LGBT+ that is frowned upon is the inability to breed and combine the traits of higher midborns and highborn dragons when couples are of the same sex, as beauty and hatching beautiful children is very important to highborns.

Being transgender, nonbinary, genderfluid, or any other non-cis gender out there is only an issue when it comes to pronoun use. Males and females have obvious body differences, so one will have to directly correct pronoun usage, as it is usually difficult to present as the opposite sex. Females can, however, wear bright or colourful accessories to present as male. Some mid or highborn jewelry is meant for either males or females as displays to attract mates or to beautify themselves, but trans/fluid/nonbinary individuals can wear either to give hint that they are not cis, as well as help their own gender dysphoria.

It is usually rude to discredit one's gender no matter the societal class group. LGBT+ are not an oppressed group in the FruitWing kingdom.

Other Stuff I Don't Have A Section For:
- Eggs are usually put into groups and are hatched and raised together. Multiple dragons may be the guardians to a group of dragonets, acting as their parents.
- Female FruitWings can use their powerful tails to hit trees and bushes to knock ripe fruits from them,
- They can chirp as well as chuff
- Lowborns and sometimes midborns can deeply growl to show affection. This is common for siblings/sibling groups to do
- Low and midborns take a lot of pride in family. Royalty does as well, but tends to be in a less sincere, loving, familial manner.

nyYYAYYhfsaj i don't know how i spit out that much FruitWing info at once but I totally did.
what y'all think?
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dr-piperis made me'

Comment and I'll:
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavour/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.
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all pricing is in USD!

tear soup by Crionym  when the sun beams come by Crionym  can't get enough by Crionym
  i get it now that it's too late by Crionym  dreams [com] by Crionym  comes and goes by Crionym

headshot/bust: 20$ / 2,000:points:
waist-up/halfbody: 30$ / 3,000:points:
fullbody: 40$ / 4,000 :points:

+ simple coloured background: no cost
+ completely transparent background: 2.50$
+ simple scene/element background: 5-15$ (natural only - the sky/clouds, undersea, grass, forest, etc)
+ complicated character: 5-20$
+ extra elements: please ask for pricing.
+ please be aware that fullbody WOF dragons may cost more, due to the scale plating being a lot of differently textured area to cover.

i take both points and paypal, paypal preferred

i will draw:
- any species/type of character aside from mecha
- relatively mild gore
- blood
- horror elements (teeth, eyes, extra limbs, etc)
- humans
- anthro
- feral
- dragons
- injury (includes cuts/lacerations, blood, bruises)
- i will draw cats, i'm just not good at them. commission at your own risk

i won't draw:
- mecha (robotic parts are okay - as are robotic characters that aren't basically transformers)
- nsfw
- male nipples if i can avoid it. i dont know how to paint nippers tbh
- from a text description, even if partial
- guns
- certain fandoms including: BATIM, TBOI, Glitchtale, anything to do with The Joker or Harley Quinn, there may be more but this is all for now

please fill out this form to commission me and make the process smoother!
* = required

* commission type: 
background additions: 
* payment method: (points or paypal)
* reference(s): 
any extra notes and comments: 


ping list:

!please comment to be added to the ping list!
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ok so my idea was that like
i give out codes either by raffles/contests/having them bought off me for friends to use/however else you could get your hands on them from me passing them out

n then you can waltz up 2 my commission journals or whatever and use them like u would a card at a store
like, tell me ur details like a normal commission, mention you have a code/card, n then as payment pm the code/card to me for confirmation & depending on how much remaining "money" you have on your "card" you can either get an entire piece for free or discounted however much you want depending on how much you have left and how much you want to use on it.

i'd keep track of all the cards as well as their balance. i might even make u a cute little digital card image to hold onto just for fun.

and i'm thinking about doing this and holding raffles later on when i finish commissions, but i won't if no one's interested. what do y'all think?
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i've made two fantribes so far but i don't forreal know how to mimic the style of the dragon guides in-book

if you can or you know someone else who can mimic the style of the book's dragons or you know how to make clear fullbody references for wof dragons please comment w/ examples & prices (i'm willing to do art trades, points, and possibly paypal depending on the price)

i've seen someone do a really good one once of a fantribe but i have no idea who or where they are hh
update: found something they made…
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i've removed it for the time being out of paranoia of certain people finding it
because if they do it will not go well
i'll bring it back once i feel like i'm in the clear again
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occasionally i need to practice a style before i let others commission it from me
also sometimes i just feel like drawing but don't have anything to draw
n sometimes i need 2 warm up b4 i do a big commission/big piece 

comment your characters (any species, i'm in the mood 4 wolves n stuff right now but do whatever)
& i might eventually pick them up 2 practice with

feel free 2 specify things as if ur getting a commission like expression n stuff i guess :0

this journal will always be here i just won't always be doing these atm. throw those characters at me man
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please let me know if you or someone you know is taking 50x50 pixel icon commissions or art trades for one
art trades preferred (i can't do pixels in return though h) but depending on how much for them i can do either points or paypal

this is the character in mind
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update: it's back now hi. i'm still a lil bit paranoid but i'll keep it up for now
update: removed ko-fi because it won't let me receive payments right now

hiya i’m a 16 year old trans guy with PTSD, DID, and dysthymia. i live in an abusive household with a very emotionally manipulative mom who makes my life hell.

she is transphobic, homophobic, and completely refuses to believe that i am at all mentally ill, and does not let me get help. she is against medication, psychiatric facilities, and has not gotten me a legitimate therapist in the eight years i have asked. for as long as i’ve had something wrong with me she still has yet to do anything to help me, and when i try to help myself mental health-wise, things only get worse. as soon as i turn 18 in october next year i’m going to move out if/when i can. asap. i can’t stay here. it will kill me.

i’m asking for donations so that i can get the things that i need that she won’t or can’t provide me (food, hygiene/personal products, clothing, etc), and to help save up for my move after my birthday. i’ve been doing digital art commissions recently because i’m not mentally stable enough to be able to handle an in-person job, but when i think i can handle it and i can afford work clothes, i’m trying to apply before summer is over.

my PayPal
100:points: = $1.00

any amount is really really appreciated. if you don’t have any money to spare it’d be great if you could share/repost this instead!

( in response to suggestions of calling cps/police/living with other family/any of that stuff: )

"if i report these things it'll make it worse. no one has done anything. ive been physically abused by my dad and another family member and even though i had bruises every day they did nothing for me. at this rate it's on me to get out when i can. i've told a lot of people but they either do not believe me or just don't do anything. most times i try to get out it gets worse. if my abusers find out that i'm telling folk about them, it gets worse. they will literally rub it in my face and have even indirectly said things about how i'm stuck with them like this. it's rly an awful cycle but what can u do u kno"

"i've already been hotlined a few times i think it was last year and they came, talked, and left even when i told them. they even said that if i lived with my mom since my dad was so bad then they'd provide me with things that i needed that she couldn't afford (shoes/clothes, soap, deodorant, pads, like, essentials.), they did not."

"i ran away in april and stayed with my aunt for a week until she sent me back. she was the only one i could go to"
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congratulations to my 666th watcher, BebeEmerald
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i'm 1 watcher away from having 666 watchers
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hi i'm an impulsive spender. link me your commissions or tell me your prices w/ examples below n i'll probably save it and commission you later or commission you now if i can afford to $$$
i do both points & paypal but i really prefer points right now!

i have characters n designs of all types, so humans, furries/anthro, feral, dragons, i have a lot of characters so hmu whatever sort of commissions u can do

   all the money you've made by Crionym 


here's the ones i'd like drawn just so u got an idea of what i'd probably want! i can provide color palettes/flat versions of drawings/sketch references/more posted or unposted art of someone if something isn't clear enough
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UPDATE ON PRICES: dragons with wings of hivewing/silkwing/leafwings are now + $2/200 :points: [ 6/24/18 ]

want a dragon design from me?
well check this out

      you and i know when it tolls it tolls for me [com] by Crionym

^ this is what they look like ^

$10.00 usd
via paypal or 1,000 :points: for 1-3 tribes
every additional tribe is a minimum of $2/200 :points:.
a dragon with hivewing/silkwing/leafwing wings is an additional $2/200 :points:. those wings take forever and produce like 10 layers man

it gets real difficult after 3+ tribes and the price could be raised once you get into the 5 and 6 tribe hybrid area.

allwings are $20/2,000 points
I'd really appreciate it if i was sent a color palette for an allwing design and if it was specified what parts have what tribe (like a seawing tail, sandwing wings, horns of an icewing, sail of a sandwing, gills, star scales, etc. it helps me a lot)



wait list:
  2. @.biohazardia
  3. @.reversusque
  4. - (ping list slots)
  5. @.tiredcatchirps (x5) [CONTACT VIA DISCORD]

ping list:

  1. @.Starfire4412
  2. @.Horrorless
  3. @.Xahastarian
  4. @.maybemafia
  5. @.Cometweaver 

comment here to grab a hold slot or to commission me when they're open!
holds have been closed for the moment! please don't request any right now.

holds/wait list requests will only be taken if i am full. after i finish all 3 of the commission i currently have, i'll let you know. when you tell me the details for your custom, i'll put you on the slot list & my to do list. after your commission is completed you will be removed from both.

1 slot = 1 dragon
if you request more than one dragon from me it will take up multiple slots.

i do not take payment holds! you must pay upfront, before i start. if you can't pay now, don't try to commission me now. wait until you can and then grab a spot on the wait list if i'm currently full.
i currently will not haggle or trade for art.

!!!if you commission me for a custom, please do not resell the design for more than you bought it for unless it comes with additional art! if you resell the design anywhere, please let me know who it's going to!!!
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