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sorry commissions r slow AGAIN i got a job like immediately after taking coms and now im like go 2 school sleep work sleep aA they keep making me work a bunch of weekdays and i officially don't get weekends off ever like rude
i haven't been able to finish . . digital work . . in so long ..  im  mcdying ..

BUt i'm supposed to only work 1 day per mon-thurs starting .. .  now or smth so i should have more time ahjdsv
i forgot if i said this publicly but after i finish this jjunk batches r gonna be fewer and further inbetween, im gonna probably primarily do adopts, my prices will rise again, & i'm gonna actually write up a ToS i haven't had any problems w commissioners i just thought being clearer on some junk idk if anyone realizes would b nice

like last time since i'm super late im so sorry avghjfd if you want a refund since im late AGAIN lmk you'll get a full refund unless i've started (some refunds may have an up to 5 day delay tho cuz i might have 2 transfer some money and paypal takes its sweet, sweet time to process)

(also i'm gonna like dump post non commission work today prolly?)

anyways thank u for ur patience ur all, too good, what the heck
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twitter coming soon when i figure out how th e fuck to use it…
i don't rly have a lot of posts on insta rn cuz i hardly use it BUT I plan to post my traditional art there in the future so stay tuned prolly

and i also have toyhouse, I plan to upload all of my characters there but for rn i only have... some up. definitely not all the chars i own but i'll get there someday
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does my style look like anyone else's? I'm not concerned over looking like someone else's/copying/whatever I'm just curious!! Tell me who in the comments
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art stuff, hang out, wings of fire stuff, plus i'll probably throw some of my fantribe junk in there every now n then 👀 👀

there are rules & a blacklist for triggers! please make sure to read the rules channel when u join thank u
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this binch win-goatman has some SICK art and a rly nice style.. like .... it's rly nice to look at pwease look at it ur eyeballs with thank u
theres a ghost in the mirror by win-goatman

water by win-goatman
do u hear that it's me crying over the shading and anatomy on this

bbbbbeebo by win-goatman
that anatomy good fuckign lord y'all

death by glamour by win-goatman

are you down for a deal tonight by win-goatman

bad dreams by win-goatman
impossible dreams by win-goatman

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any species and any price
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my pal here cepheass needs him som $$$ so u shuld... commission him 
look!!!! his art is so tasty

open commissions by cepheass i want you but not now by cepheass and then i said ''nya'' by cepheass mr thiccman by cepheass big ol dog by cepheass
i fall in love too easily by cepheass  i drank a martini with my eye by cepheass  deep fried helium by cepheass 
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clip studio paint is actually pretty nice to use n i want to try it some more & I was planning to take more commissions after I finished my most overdue stuff anyways so like .. I can finish sketches & paintings pretty quickly! so heres some pay what u want commissions of both

paypal is super preferred but I'll take points too! the more you pay the more effort/higher quality you'll get out of it (sketches will transition into paintings as the paid amount goes up since it's super easy to make paintings from sketches >;^) )

the paintings will be relatively rough (shown below)
  Fever Dream by Crionym  november [com] by Crionym  for as long as you need medication [com] by Crionym
    stumble [com] by Crionym  my heart's been hurting lately by Crionym

common price points:
$5/500 pts: shaded sketch headshot
$10/1,000: shaded fullbody OR roughly painted headshot (paintings are generally $20!)
$15/1,500 pts: painted halfbody OR fullbody + simple scene bg
$20/20,000: painted fullbody (generally 40$!)

I will do:
feral & anthro creatures
(want something else? ask!)

i won't do:
genitals or fully bare chests/exposed nipples of either sex (maybe next year >;^) )
very very heavy gore or decapitation

fill this out please!:
character ref: (I do not take text descriptions!!!!!)
I wish to pay: (amount in USD or points)
a few words to describe the character:
additional notes or preferences:

you can specify your preferences but if you don't i'll do whatever i'm in the mood for!
if your character is complicated, the level of finish will be downgraded to compensate

5(ish) slots @ a time
1. reversusque (done)
2. beeiism(paid)
3. LUCID-GOD (paid)
4.aj winchester (paid)
5. i accidentally removed a finished one like a dummy

(edit i swore i had a pinglist????? ???)
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hi i've got som1 i wanna buy some art for bUT they have no visual reference so it's all text-based descriptions of creatures and i'm looking for someone(s) who's totally okay with text only descriptions of something
there's three different ones & they involve both human and feral features + non organic parts and if ur interested & currently open 4 commissions (or know someone who is) pls link ur commission page or comment ur rates or note me or smth!

update: i may have found an artist (and the person I'm commissioning this for has chosen some favourites out of everyone that ive shown them a few hours ago) but keep commenting anyways cuz I like 2 broaden my range of people 2 commission in the future
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KunaDrakherst has ,,, a lovely style,, and i'm weeping over it this very second

And I Wanna Take You With Me by KunaDrakherst

Cause I used to defy gravity by KunaDrakherst

We All Are Living In A Dream by KunaDrakherst

Everyone Wants To Think Theyve Won by KunaDrakherst

closer by KunaDrakherst

But Ill Push You From My Brain by KunaDrakherst

this week on: i'm fucking losing my mind again over art

there's much much more gorgeous work in her gallery but i don't wanna make this journal 47 miles long but pleas go look 
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:iconthesparrowkirathing: has incredible art and only 177 watchers and i'm like fr stunned
look? at her work ?????

Fawn has fallen near the wetfalls in the leafyfal by TheSparrowKiraThing

A safe place by TheSparrowKiraThing

The answer is somewhere by TheSparrowKiraThing

The wet rogue 1 by TheSparrowKiraThing

Leap to the stars by TheSparrowKiraThing

Yeah, I don't care, lmma climb higher! by TheSparrowKiraThing

Queen of the Arctic by TheSparrowKiraThing

i'm legit losing my fucking mind y'all please watch this person & fav and comment and alla that this art is actually godly 
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as work is completed, it is removed from this list!
if im ever missing something lmk, my brain is dumb



- that one thing with niro 
    [ sketch pinned in old discord dms ]

requests and gifts

sorry for all the bold and caps it makes it easier for me to read if it's like that
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hi drop a comment with links/thumbnails of some (or one piece) of your artwork and let me know if you'd like a comment AND/OR a critique (you don't need your critique function enabled i'll just drop a comment if it's not there)

i go hard on critiques (unless you're like 12)
i prefer to critique full/finished pieces so i can see how far you can take your work! if you don't have any full/finished works just throw me anything that isn't a sketch you did in 2 minutes.

if u want comments i'll probably just SPEW about your work in it just lettin u kno
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hi for some reason all of my images YEETED and this looks awful but i'll fix it later

(experimental) sketches {{ CLOSED }}

coloured & shaded sketches. if a design inspires me i may get crazy with it like the first halfbody example.

headshots are $6.00usd / 600 :points:

halfbodies are $8.00usd / 800 :points:

fullbodies are $10.00usd / 1,000 :points:
pose/expression: (optional)
background colour(s): (optional)
note/comments: (optional)
payment method: (points or paypal)

sketched dragon customs {{ CLOSED }}

any tribe, any colour, any pattern. the examples below are lined. these will not be neatly lined.

$15.00usd / 1,500 :points:
+ $2.00usd / 200 :points: for a hivewing or silkwing
+ $3.00usd / 300 :points: per extra tribe after 3
colour palette or inspiration image(s) or text description: (optional)
notes/comments: (optional)
payment method: (points or paypal)

lined art {{ CLOSED }}

clean art with a simple background, always shaded 

headshot/icons are $10.00usd / 1,000 :points:

halfbodies are $15.00usd / 1,500 :points:

fullbodies are $20.00 / 2,000 :points:

pose/expression: (optional)
background colour(s): (optional)
notes/comments: (optional)

paintings {{ CLOSED }}

a relatively clean painting of any character of any color and of any species. busts & fullbodies of wings of fire dragons may cost more

headshots are $20.00usd / 2,000 :points:


halfbodies are $30.00usd / 3,000 :points:

fullbodies are $40.00usd/4,000 :points:

pose/expression: (optional)
background colour(s): (optional)
notes/comments: (optional)
payment method: (points or paypal)

complicated fees may apply, the amount heavily depends on the 
character and type of commission

sketch slots:

custom slots:
1. @.prickle-pears [paid]

lined slots:

painting slots:

i take both points & usd paypal. i don't start before payment.
please use my pay link to pay, i don't rly understand invoices?

please do not repost artwork you have bought from me without proper credit & letting me know (unless it's on toyhouse)
(toyhouse credit: vantabloom)

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my pronouns are he/him please don't call me they/them anymore i'm Boy
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surprise! here's an update cxbncvm
Ok so I can't think of any additional sections that I'll like ever add in the future rn but I added some things and changed a bit in some sections. I believe this is everything text-information wise? (aside from unwritten stories & other tribe relations)

Female / Male refs coming soon!

Current Queen:
Queen Lovely

Naming Methods:
FruitWings are usually named after pleasant traits (Beautiful, Charming, Graceful,) fruits (Apple, Pear, Apricot,) birds or animals that live in forested areas (Woodpecker, Peacock, Macaw,) or trees or other plants (Oak, Maple, Sugar (as in sugar maple.))
High class dragons tend to be named pleasant traits and fruits more often than animals or plants (lowborns may be named things like Pine, highborns may be named Elegant)

Scales can be a variety of many different colours. their main scale colours tend to be duller and less colourful, but under their necks, chests, under the end of their tails, their tongues and mouths, and under their wings tend to be brighter and more vivid. Lowborn FruitWings have darker scales, while midborn and highborn dragons can be pastels and have colourful markings on more places on their bodies. Black colours can be present but tend not to be very dominant as markings on their bodies, especially in mid to highborns

Long, thinner tails, larger wings, longer horns and spikes along their spine, and an extra two horn bumps on their snouts. As well as build differences, males also tend to have much brighter scales than females; as it is tradition to court with displays of colour and dance. Their scales tend to be lighter in general, and can have colourful markings on more than the main few on their undersides and wings, such as their faces, horns, backsides of their wings, and topsides of their tails.

Tend to have generally shorter horns and spikes, smaller wings, thicker tails, and larger, stronger talons. They are slightly larger than males.

Any colours, but different classes have different shades (elaborated in Appearance section)
lowborns tend to have earth tones, and highborns tend to have pastels, however.
They may have any patterns on their body that may be deemed natural by normal standards (gradients, spots, stripes, etc. Just no very specific and wildly unrealistic designs such as a heart pattern along the wings or star shapes under the belly.)
[insert colour palette examples]

Abilities & Natural Traits:
FruitWings have an extremely acute sense of smell, significantly surpassing the scent ability of most if not all other tribes. Brighter parts of their bodies can be flashed as a distraction (quick opening of wings, curling their tails, standing on their hind legs to expose brighter belly, etc.) Female tails are very powerful and can knock a full grown dragon unconscious at full power. Natural coloured (non-beauty bred) FruitWings can camouflage very well in their natural habitat. This is especially true for females. No other known natural defenses.

All sorts of fruits. They are generally herbivores, but can be forced into an omnivorous or even carnivorous (see Myths and Taboo section) diets. Their teeth are able to chew meat, but their stomachs have a hard time processing it if it's added very suddenly to their diets.

Control is based on monarchy. Each queen may decide to control her kingdom differently, but throughout the generations, FruitWings have usually been ruled by limited monarchys. (Royalty and nobility are in control, not strictly the queen or a constitutional monarchy where monarchs are symbolic and not actually rulers.)

Currency and Trading:
Sun Coins are the most commonly used currency. They are made of copper, silver, and gold. 1,000 sun is called 1 sol. (there is no "sol" coin, it's only a word for an amount, such as 1 "million" dollars is for 1,000,000 dollars)
[insert image ref of sun coins]
Lowborn FruitWings trade fruits and other foods, tools, and crafts with BurrowClaws for ores, metals, and crystals. Highborn FruitWings buy the ores, metals, and crystals from lowborns and distribute products made from the material to the rest of the kingdom.
Lowborn FruitWings tend to barter amongst each other more often than use coins to purchase things from one another. Lowborn FruitWing communities can be small enough for only minimal use of sun coins or only direct item trading. Highborns almost never directly trade products for other products in formal or business environments.

FruitWings populate temperate rainforests, for the most part. Lowborns live in the true (non-heavily deforested) forests in hamlets or villages, and mid to highborns have a town and city built in areas that have been deforested. Lowborns build cottages and small houses out of natural resources found nearby such as logs, rocks, and clay. Midborns may use the same materials, as well as cobblestone, but of higher quality. Highborns tend to use stone, brick, and cinderblock for their homes. They are fairley modern and usually only lowborns will live among trees. Their territory is rather large.

- The first day of the new year, FruitWings thank the sun, the moon, the ground, and the sky for their lives and the gift of fruit and beauty. The day is filled with music, dancing, and feasting. When dusk comes, there are fire displays in the sky of either dragons dancing in the air with fire or fireworks launched.

- The sun is believed to be the main giver of their tribe's fortunes, and any dragons with markings on their bodies that vaguely resemble an image of the sun are said to have luck in their blood.

- Deceased FruitWings may be buried with their favourite fruit. If the fruit plant grows from the place they were buried, it is believed that the deceased dragon has been reincarnated as the newly grown plant.

A (currently unnamed) festival held in once in the beginning of every new year. (Described in Religion section)

All precious material gained from trading with BurrowClaws must be recorded and reported accurately. Cannibalism is illegal. (for some reason it isn't illegal in any state but Idaho in America?) Standard/general moral laws apply (do not assault, murder, steal, etc.) Other than those, are no specific laws related to the society that aren't standard in most others. Smaller things such as carnivorous behavior or petty sacrilege are considered taboo, and not illegal or punishable by law.

Enemies, Allies, and Relationships:
No current wars or battles. FruitWings are overall a peaceful tribe, and are unlikely to get involved in any anyways. No current alliances or enemies. Semi-allied with Burrowclaws, who's territories border their own. They are a trading partner. (See Currency and Trading section)

Ranks/Class Differences:

Workers and soldiers. Great at cooking, art, crafting, and building. Usually the most genuine of dragons, as this class tends not to be as focused on looks as the higher class dragons. Live in the outskirts of the kingdom among the trees, on the ground in small, camp-like villages, or in simple housing. Tend not to use money, and will usually barter. Darker colours, blend into natural surroundings well.

Middle class. Usually live fairly comfortably. Tend to have jobs that require a specialization as a career. Colours can vary widely, but aren't as dark or as light as highborns.

Usually born into wealth. They tend to care a lot about their looks. These are the richest and most beautiful of dragons. Not only are the males gorgeous, but the females are colourful and elegant as well. Some love to bedazzle their scales with clothing and jewelry to display their style or wealth, and some may remain naked to keep the focus on their scales.

Myths & Significant Events of the Past:

The Cannibal (MYTH/STORY)
Summary: A FruitWing named Spindle became a carnivore by forcing himself to eat only meat and never fruit. Eventually, he went insane and cannibalized other FruitWings. Eating meat is now taboo and heavily frowned upon, especially by higher class dragons.

The Ugly Queen (STORY)
Summary: A queen hatched only a son before she suddenly died. The prince was recommended many beautiful high-born dragons to become the new queen, but ran off. He met a very lowborn FruitWing at one of the outskirt villages of the kingdom. Though she was very ugly by FruitWing beauty standards of the highborn, he fell in love and brought her back to the kingdom to marry her. They ruled the kingdom together. This was the first time that lowborn blood was bred into the royal bloodline, as well as the first time that a king and queen shared the power of the thrown. The tradition of a king and a queen sharing royal power that was passed on by natural death or willingly giving the throne to the heirs stuck for a few generations, until it became background noise as the fair ruling was drowned out by new royalty who wanted to bring back the fight for the throne. Ruling in peace and fairness had not returned since then.

The Erasing of Magic (STORY)
Summary: An animus was discovered in a lowborn village. A capture was attempted so that magic blood could be mixed with royalty, giving the royal more power, but whether the dragon died or escaped is unclear. Since then, discovered animi were not allowed to live or have children, depending on the discoverer's willingness to allow an animus to live. Most of the story has been lost, so many details are unclear.

Chameleons (MYTH)
Summary: Some dragons long ago were hatched with the ability to slightly shift their scale colours as a chameleon would. No other information available.

Known Animus Dragons:
None. Animi were not allowed to have children for many years to prevent the gene from carrying on into current generations. (See Myths & Significant Events of the Past section for The Erasing of Magic story)

FruitWing Taboo:
- Eating meat or becoming carnivorous
- Hatching a child that is axanthic, leucistic, pibald, albino, or melanistic, or being one yourself.
- Hatching a child that is an animus or being one yourself

Being LGBT+ is generally widely accepted in the FruitWing society. The only part about being LGBT+ that is frowned upon is the inability to breed and combine the traits of higher midborns and highborn dragons when couples are of the same sex, as beauty and hatching beautiful children is very important to highborns.

Being transgender, nonbinary, genderfluid, or any other non-cis gender out there is only an issue when it comes to pronoun use. Males and females have obvious body differences, so one will have to directly correct pronoun usage, as it is usually difficult to present as the opposite sex. Transmale (female to male) FruitWings can, however, wear bright, colourful, or horn-extending accessories to present as male. Some mid or highborn jewelry is meant for either males or females as displays to attract mates or to beautify themselves, but trans/fluid/nonbinary individuals can wear either to give hint that they are not cis, as well as help their own gender dysphoria.

It is usually rude to discredit one's gender no matter the societal class group. LGBT+ are not a largely oppressed group in the FruitWing kingdom.

Other Stuff I Don't Have A Section For:
- Some FruitWings are polyamorous, and it is not unusual or uncommon. Some dragons may have a single clutch with multiple partners. Polygamy is legal, and groups of dragons may marry or a single dragon may marry multiple mates (given that the other mates acknowledge it.)
- Eggs are usually put into groups and are hatched and raised together. Multiple dragons may be the guardians to a group of dragonets, acting as their parents. It is common for communities to raise groups of dragonets together. Sometimes a clutch's polyamorous group of parents may raise all of them, and sometimes the dragonets and their caretakers are not related at all. Not all FruitWings are raised by a group, though. Some may be raised by monogomous parents or even a single parent.
- Female FruitWings can use their powerful tails to hit trees and bushes to knock ripe fruits from them.
- They can chirp as well as chuff.
- Fruitwings can deeply growl to show affection. This is common for related or mated dragons to do, and is usually done by lowborns and sometimes midborns. If a highborn does like to show affection this way, they usually will not do so in public or in the presence of others than who it's directed at (unless directed at a very young dragonet/hatchling to comfort them. As a way of comfort, consider it the dragon version of humming your child to sleep.)
- Low and midborns take a lot of pride in family. Royalty does as well, but tends to be in a less sincere, loving, familial manner.
- family tend to have very similar colours and/or markings. Unique markings can be and are often passed down many generations and possessed only by that family line. If two dragons have similar colours or markings in a way that may suggest that they are related, they're only instinctively pulled towards them in a familial manner rather than romantic (if they have any interest at all.) Dragons related by blood also smell similarly. (Natural "you're just family to me"/friend-zoning to avoid inbreeding. :^) )


Made by: Crionym
Owned by: Crionym
Previous owners: None
Status: Closed
Trade/buyable?: No
Number of fullblood tribe members made:list
Number of hybrid tribe members made:list
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occasionally i need to practice a style before i let others commission it from me
also sometimes i just feel like drawing but don't have anything to draw
n sometimes i need 2 warm up b4 i do a big commission/big piece 

comment your characters (any species, i'm in the mood 4 wolves n stuff right now but do whatever)
& i might eventually pick them up 2 practice with

feel free 2 specify things as if ur getting a commission like expression n stuff i guess :0

this journal will always be here i just won't always be doing these atm. throw those characters at me man
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i do
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