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With absolutely no power comes no responsibility.
Membership has no privileges.

You can print them out and give them away or put a copy on your facebook but DO NOT SELL MY STUFF! Heh. 

This stemmed from this FB post. 

I am thinking of taking several minutes today or tomorrow to make a geek card template with "punch card" slots for comics, RPGS, Console Games, PC games, Board games, Fantasy Movies, Books, Sci-Fi Movies, Books, Etc. I am not sure what all categories to put on it. 
TV shows. 
Board Games 
RPG Games

AGGG too painful. I took a geek test and I don't think I am up to this task. No punchcard but I can bash out a geek membership card for you to take out and have torn up when you don't know who Franklin Benjamin Richards is or how to say Shithead in Klingon.

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