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Map Symbols

I made this brush set in Photoshop 7.

There are MANY MANY brushes in this set, (more than 30) including many mountains, rivers, city markers, a compass, and the symbols for marsh, prairie, forests, hills, farmland and so forth.

All of these symbols where hand drawn by myself. Then I took a picture of them with my camera and painstakingly cut out each symbol and uploaded it into photoshop.

I don’t know if it can be converted to other programs, or how, but if you would like to convert it, please do so and post your new brush set on deviant art. Please credit me and link back to this brushset.

This is my third brush set. I hope to have many more. Watch my account for future stock and and tutorials.

To make your own brush set for photoshop 7 check out Obsidian Dawn's helpful tutorial: [link]

I have a regular art account. Please check it out if you have the time. :iconcrimsonvermillion:

Link back to this page in your deviant description.
Include my icon by writing :icon crimsonvermil-stock: (with no spaces)

You may use my stuff in prints.
You may use it off site.
No hate!

Add this to your favs if you download it, assuming it works.
Leave me a note if you like it. (It's good for your karma!)
Check out my regular account and such if you are happy to have free brushes :iconcrimsonvermillion:

If you use it off site please note me with a link, I do want to see your website/myspace/ljicons/game maps or whatever.

Have fun!
© 2007 - 2021 crimsonvermil-stock
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Oh and by the way, you can convert .abr files to .png. My lifesaver has been abrMate, takes all of 10 seconds :) In case you still didn't know. :)

Oh my god.... I absolutely adore you at the moment.

Screenshot 103

I play a game called City Skylines and in creating actual terrain maps we use brushes to "landscape". I spent hours working out the kinks in my handmade river using a circular brush. as I have been looking for more "stamped" rivers that had clean river bottoms but everyone's rivers were too "cleanly" drawn. and my own were always too black so stamped with too much force or just the opposite if I lightened them. Your hand drawn ones in this have worked absolutely divinely and fill up with water to perfection. Not only that I have now about 14 different ways to connect and split rivers and it looks wonderfully more natural. I did an extremely quick and looks like horriblness base :) It took me about a half hour to place and do water and to at least make sure it wasn't flooding but think of this as me building the Mississippi in about 1/2 an hour when earlier today half of that took me 3 :) SO again thank you for publishing this :)

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Any thoughts on "commercial use"- such as using these brushes to make maps that're part of a commercial product? For example, a D&D campaign setting.

"Provide me with a free copy" is a fine set of terms, but I just wanted to make sure. You wouldn't be the first artist to want it like that. The guy who does my fonts is the same way.
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Edit: never mind. Found the download button. :)
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Oh nice! My guy came through for me, but I know where to come when I create my next one!!! :D Thanks!!! You are so full of awesomeness! XD Haha :)
sorry for the double post, just tried it. This DOES work in GIMP, no need to convert all ABR files work in GIMP and PhotoShop. Very nice work. Thanks
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Awesome! So glad gimp works with this now. Yay! 
is there a way to convert this for use in GIMP?
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Some of my professors like "quirky" in renderings. This will be a great addition to my tools! Thanks!
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DUDE!!! This Is Soooo Freakin' Amazing!!!
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Getting into map making. Thanks for the brushes!
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Hi!!! Thanks so much for those brushes! I used them for an invitation, you can see it here if you want :) ->…
have a great day! god bless you :hug:
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Nice. I learnig to do my own map brushes.
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Thanks for uploading! While I'm looking at several resources at the moment, I'm considering using this for a course at Full Sail University. I'll let you know if I end up using it or not and link you to to the final product.
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I'm using this for an online geography class. Makes my map assignments a lot easier! I can't link back because I will be posting in my college dropbox, but I figured I'd thank you here and fav it!
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Downloading and checking these out :)
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Just what I needed, I'm so glad you made's going to be VERY useful to me for my fantasy maps.
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nice thanks.. :D
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