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EDIT!: AFTER MUCH IN DEPTH THOUGHT: I HAVE DECIDED TO SCRAP THIS CONTEST!~ (Due to it not getting many entrants. Sorry guys.)

Calling all pixel artists~! I am hosting an OC pixel doll contest: The task? Pixel my main OC Laura Connel in any form/Pixel style/Doll size/etc. 

There are no distinct rules (as I encourage you to be creative and expirmental. :3) The only rule is: It HAS to be pixel art. If you wish to do multiple entries, by all means. Tis all up to you. 

The main rule is to spread the journal if you do fave, or join etc

There are variants to Laura's outfits, You can choose whichever one you wish to do. 


School uniform:  Laura Connel Request Complete+Fixed by seiko
Colour Key:
Rose hair clip: Blood Red
Hair: Jet Black
Glasses: Gold
Skin: Fair
Blouse: White
Blouse Ribbon: Blood Red
Skirt: White
Leggings: Jet Black
Boots: Maroon 

or the various Gowns:  Request from CrimsonVampiress by TheOneAndOnlyQueen  request by OREYA2000 Request: Laura by Agnethamoon<da:thumb id="691594281"/>(Far right)s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/2…


First Prize: 600 :points: + Watch.

Second Prize: 400 :points: + Watch.

Third Prize: 200 :points: + Watch.

:iconanimobirb: - <da:thumb id="695122092"/>

End date: TBD (To be decided) 

© 2017 - 2022 CrimsonVampiress
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noooooo why is this closed? that makes me sad;-;.
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Because it didn't get a positive reception.  
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Is this still going? Just saw this and wanted to participate. Here's an example of my pixel art. ^^  .:Pixel art:. Seren page doll [OC] by PrettyGlare
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Wait is this really still open?
CrimsonVampiress's avatar
No..  It's not..  
I've scrapped the contest 
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Curious, it looks like her eyes are 2 different colors, and it is not added in the "color key". I see the right is red, but am unsure what color the other is.
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I want to join!
When would be my deadline so I can write it in my schedule?
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Is It Too Late To Join? ;w;
Cuz I Want To participate.
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Thank you ;w;
Also here's My Journal That I Share 
Pixel Doll Contest (Not Mine)Check The Contest Out While It's Still Early ^u^

Also Question, Is It Fine If A Do A 300 X 300 Pixel Doll Of Laura? ^^;
Cuz I'm Not Really Good With Making Smaller Pixel Dolls
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Hey hey! I'm not entering the contest as I can't do pixel art to save myself. What I will do is do an updated render of Laura Connel to give you a new rendition of your OC using all the new technologies of DAZ Studio. Cheers!
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AWww. QwQ you'd do that??  Why?? ;3; 
I really don't deserve all that time and rendering time e~e

<3 feel free to add her in any vore related renders.  
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I would do that for you. I like your OC, she's beautiful and fun to render. Of course you deserve the time to have Laura rendered for you. Once she is really dialed in I hope to use her in some vore renders.
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<3 Thank you so much~
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Tis very cute.  Added to the journal.  
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