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Waterfall Slums

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You can see process shots here:…
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Stunning !!!
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This looks like concept art for an awesome video game.
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Thanks! I am aiming to be a concept artist
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я просто обалдела...
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That is so well done and very beautiful!!

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is there a story to this? 
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Not really, its just an idea that I had in my head. 
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well it looks really cool. Like usually you see these sorta slums spread out over the ground, but maybe there's some reason that they're not allowed to spread out across the beautiful forests, and they're forced to build up in these delicate towers of poverty.
It is gorgeous! I'm interested in what went through your mind went you draw this? Plsssss.... <3
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I wanted to make a piece that involved waterfalls, that's how it got started. Then I thought there could be some really big structures being a part of the waterfall or utilizing it for a water source. After I drew the sketch the idea for a tower of slums kinda just popped into my head so I went with it :) At first it was just going to be really big waterfalls but I ended up making a cliff side with smaller ones. Hope that helps, wasn't anything crazy 
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This is absolutely gorgeous! +fav 
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You're very welcome!
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Wow! This is gorgeous. Thank you for this masterpiece!
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