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The Winner always has
the Brightest
the Strongest
the Coolest
We've always known this
Ever since we were kids
We've always
kept score
First it was with
Toys and Games
Now it's with
To grow up is to realize,
We don't have to keep score anymore.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 17 2
Forever and Always
If you have a dream to pursue
I want to help you chase it,
If you fall into a pit of thorns,
I want to help you escape.
If we argue over something,
I want us to find a compromise.
All I ask, is that you do the same for me.
Forever and Always.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 2 0
A Living Loss
My Brother, My Friend
We grew up playing together.
You were better
In every important way.
I attributed it to
The Nature of your Birth.
Now I find,
I was mistaken.
Where once I had
A Brother, a Companion,
Now I have
A Sister, a Rival.
I feel a great sorrow
At the imagined loss.
You are the same.
Yet my perception changed.
So why do I feel such loss
While still you live?
Family history recounts
Traditional sisterhood rivalries.
Why need we be foes?
We were always friends;
We fought together.
We created together.
My Brother died
When you broke the news.
A Sister born
From the flower of my shock.
Death is eternal.
Change is Temporary.
I pray for your return,
Though you are here.
Men are valued higher.
Why throw that away?
We can’t choose
Our True Natures.
But this is so sudden
For me.
How long did you wonder?
Did you always know?
When will I see
My Brother in My Sister?
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 3 2
My Love,
I was so scared
That night
I followed you home
I knew I’d taken
A BIG step.
Our friendship could never be the same again.
I was lonely.
Never underestimate the power of loneliness.
I leaned my head on your shoulder.
My world changed forever
When you asked
If I wanted to cuddle.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 5 0
At times you leave me behind
Sitting near me, you are gone
You did not choose to leave me
You journey far in strange places
Fighting battles I cannot fight
Going where I cannot follow
You sit beside me as
I await your presence
I miss you, my Dearest.
One day, you will come back
Running to you, I’ll say
Thank you for coming home
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 4 5
The Colors of Love
White is when
You meet someone and find you like them.
Scarlet is when
You can hardly talk to them.
Green is when
You enjoy spending time with them.
Gray is when
You nurture an envy for the one who has them.
Yellow is when
You glimpse them on the street.
Pink is when
You go on your first date.
Magenta is when
You share your first kiss.
Black is when
You extinguish the lights to enjoy a secret night.
Orange is when
You dispute your first disagreement.
Cyan is when
You find peace after the argument.
Silver is when
You decide you wish to stay together
Amaranth is when
You fear your decision was wrong.
Copper is when
You consider passing on your heritage.
Violet is when
You take responsibility for another life.
Emerald is when
You have your home to yourselves again.
Sapphire is when
You learn to love again.
Gold is when
You celebrate a lifetime lived together.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 2 3
One Event
My Reality
Your Reality
Their Reality
One Event
Alternate Realities
Endless Perspectives
The Same Event
Different Stories
Many Theories
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 3 17
My Touches
I sit near you.  I reach out and touch you.  
My touches carry a secret; they tell you how I wish to be touched.
Every touch is a plea.
       Every caress is a guide.
Your eyes close.  Conversation slows and stops.
I smile as my attention settles on you.  I know how good it feels.
Every touch is meant for happiness.
       Every caress meant for joy.
I read your reactions.  I can feel your energy.  
I can almost see where to touch you next.
Every touch is a reward.
       Every caress is a success.
My hands tire.  The conversation returns.  
I rest and anticipate the next time I can reach out and touch you again.
Every touch is a memory.
       Every caress is an echo.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 5 4
Love me with Gifts
A token of your affection,
I beg of you.
Gentle Feathers
Handmade Art
Sweet Chocolates
Bequeath me your presence
Bequeath me a single rose
Bequeath me a simple pebble
Your tokens are a delight.
They need only be significant to us.
Gifts can be small
Gifts can be ordinary
Gifts can be spontaneous
Items hold meaning
Items hold passion
Items hold the key
Delight me, Reveal to me,
How much you love me.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 3 0
Love me with Service
Things are always happening,
I request your aid.
Dishes in the evening
Vacuuming the floor
Sorting the Laundry
Help me with my chores
Help me with my projects
Help me with my requests
Your help is like gold,
Actions tell me what words cannot.
Assist me spontaneously
Grant me your service
Provide me some reprieve
Actions delight me
Actions sustain me
Actions fulfill me
Surprise me, Display to me,
How much you love me.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 2 0
Love me with Time
Let us be together,
I need you here.
Dinner by candlelight
Games in the afternoon
Travel for a weekend
Come Game with me
Come Walk with me
Come Exist with me
Let us do something together.
Loneliness is agony, silence cutting
Spend time on me
Give me your attention
Exist here with me
Time is shared,
Time is gold,
Time is pleasure,
Notice me, Prove to me,
How much you love me.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 3 8
Love me with Words
Tell me my worth,
I'm begging you.
Speak when I am near.
Laugh when I amuse you.
Write when I am away.
Tell me I am beautiful
Tell me I am smart
Tell me I am worthy
Praise me and I'm yours.
Your words are a balm.
Share your smile
Share your laughter
Share your words
I crave them
I need them
I ache for them
Speak to me, Tell me,
How much you love me.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 2 0
Love me with Touch
Touch me, please
I'm on my knees
Hold my body
Touch my cheek
Feel my hair
Speak to me in touches
Speak to me in proximity
Speak to me in kisses
My body is my heart and soul.
To touch one is to touch the other.
Lend me your Hand
Lend me your Shoulder
Lend me your Embrace
Consider it a Gift
Consider it a Trust
Consider it Sacred
Touch me, Show me,
How much you love me
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 2 0
Love is as a gas.
The chamber that is you
can hold so very much.
It compresses in your heart,
threatening to burst when full.
It can also subsist on little,
For even with only a small amount,
The chamber can be said to be full.
It takes a lot to become empty.
It all depends on how you view your Chamber.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 1 0
Broken Heart
A heart damaged.
A soul wrung dry.
A dream destroyed.
Every moment was a lie,
Every confidence a trick,
Every idea tarnished,
Who will polish, glue, and cherish
This heart, soul, and dream of mine?
The lines will create
A network, A map.
Outlining my life.
They make me strong
They make me unique
They make me wonderful
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 5 2
Unrequited Love
I cannot love
I know not how
I fear to love.
I wander the veil of humanity,
A boy,
A song,
A dream,
A physical and mental attraction.
Love arrives at last,
Desire springs forth,
Despair sidles in,
A letter written but never given,
A cry for love,
A cry for support,
A cry for vindication,
An intense feeling of unworthiness
Help me overcome,
A love that can never be.
:iconcrimsonsunset218:CrimsonSunset218 4 6


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I love the winter solstice; it means the days are going to get longer again!!!  I find it SO hard to be motivated when i get off work and it's all dark. My brain just goes, "Time for bed!"


I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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Sup!? Hi, my Zelda friend! :la:
CrimsonSunset218 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018
Hello!  I'm sorry it took me so long to reply.  I forget to come back here as often as I should in the summer time.
I saw your Master Sword.  It looks awesome! Where did you get it?  Is it metal or plastic?  Did you make it?
FantasyFeathers Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Um, it's full metal. the handle needs a pit of work. but it is full on Metal. I didn't
make it, i got it from a Flee Market in Maryland. it cost a lot, but it was worth. 
And Thank you, it means lots.

Also it's ok, my reply was a bit longer then it should've been.
CrimsonSunset218 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2018
That makes your Master Sword SO much cooler!!!   I'm glad to hear it won't break just because you accidentally bumped into something with it. 

I hope you have a merry christmas!
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Hello, how are you doing? I hope you're having a good day :)
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I am doing well, thank you.  It's been snowing today, so work has been slow.
How goes your "research"?  Learning anything from the games you're playing?  ;)
Hablade Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018
You're welcome, and I'm glad to hear it :) That sucks, but at least you can take it easy today.
Well, I've learned from Crypt of the Necrodancer that I have bad rhythm, so there's that, haha. Aside from that, just little things like how Shovel Knight teaches you its mechanics and the like ^^.
CrimsonSunset218 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018
*grins*  Sweet.  That sounds like fun!
What gaming systems do you play on?  I've played Wii/Gamecube, SNES, Game boy, and 3DS. I am a devoted fan of The Legend of Zelda, and I don't play much else.
I've been meaning to try Shovel Knight, but I keep forgetting and I do other things.
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Good news: Congress just revealed that they plan to pass a bill that would save net neutrality. Yes, you read that correctly.
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Cool beans!  Thank you!  :D
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