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Sailormoon! by CrimsonsArrow Sailormoon! :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 4 0 Yato! by CrimsonsArrow Yato! :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 4 0 Madara Uchiha by CrimsonsArrow Madara Uchiha :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 9 1 Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha by CrimsonsArrow Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 4 0 Levi Ackerman x Lion by CrimsonsArrow Levi Ackerman x Lion :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 4 0 Madara Uchiha by CrimsonsArrow Madara Uchiha :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 3 1 The Fullmetal Alchemist and The Priestess by CrimsonsArrow The Fullmetal Alchemist and The Priestess :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 2 0 Anime/Clock by CrimsonsArrow Anime/Clock :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 2 0 Sailormoon by CrimsonsArrow Sailormoon :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 3 0 Levi Ackerman and Wolf by CrimsonsArrow Levi Ackerman and Wolf :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 23 2 Your Lie in April by CrimsonsArrow Your Lie in April :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 2 0 Creepy doll girl by CrimsonsArrow Creepy doll girl :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 2 0
Poland: The Phoenix WIll Never Die....
((Note:These are screenshots I took from a Youtube video. I thought it was beautiful and decided to share it with you TT^TT))

Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.17 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.21 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.25 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.28 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.31 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.36 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.39 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.42 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.46 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.49 PM by CrimsonsArrow
Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 4.34.54 PM by CrimsonsArrow
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 7 3
~Requested~MarcoSNK by CrimsonsArrow ~Requested~MarcoSNK :iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 4 4
Love Bites(Final)~Death The Kid x Reader~~
A few weeks later everything calmed down. Stein was alive and well. He had managed to get immediate medical attention. Kentaro had a public execution and Spirit was more than happy to volunteer to chop his head off.
Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patty, and Kid, finished off the remainder of the Kishins that roamed the city. Many people died that night.
Kid sulked at home for weeks. Refusing to leave his room. He only went out to eat and use the restroom.
Lord Death stood before a young women with (h/l) (h/c). It was you. Alive and well. You had been for a few days keeping it secret from the others. The only ones who were aware were Lord Death and Sid. Ever since your revival, you had been scared to face Lord Death. But today you mustered up the courage and approached him.
“Lord Death…” you said not looking at him.
“Ah (y/n) you seem well. How have you been?” he asked.
“G-good...I would like to apologize for everything!” You said droppin
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 129 56
Love Bites(16) ~Death the Kid x Vampire! Reader~
You body froze as Kid kissed you. You stared wide eyed at him as you slowly felt yourself return to normal.  You were finally free from Kentaro’s brainwashing. You closed your eyes and kissed him back. Kid released your arm and you wrapped it around his neck
Kid knew what must be done. You had committed a crime after all. He deepened the kiss and brought his gun to your stomach. Tears fell from his eyes as his finger trembled.
He finally pulled away from you.
“Kid…” you whispered.
“I’m sorry…” he closed his eyes as he pulled the trigger. The shot echoed throughout the area.
Your eyes widened again as you felt it pierce your stomach. Tears fell from his eyes and fell onto your cheek.
“Thank you…” you smiled at him as a thin line of blood appeared from the corner of your mouth and trailed down your chin.
“I’m sorry…” he said again more tears dripping onto your cheek. You brought your hand up to
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 75 20


Jeff the Killer
Hush now, hush now
Not another peep
It's time for you to
They say that I'm mad
I'm not right in the head
But I'm just helping folks
Go to bed
They don't understand
But my smile is there
I love blood on my fingers
And death in the air
I'll see it forever
With unblinking eyes
Those ugly fake smiles
Those pathetic lies
Now they smile forever
And will no longer weep
They have me to thank
As I sent them to sleep
:iconakakyoak:Akakyoak 324 86
Request - Kakashi x Reader : Sensei
It was a cold, rainy day in Konohagakure and [Name] was running down the street, trying to seek shelter from the hard, unforgiving rain. She had recently passed her Chunin exam, which she was very proud of. She had not yet been given a jacket, so she couldn't use that as a shield from the rain. All of the shops and buildings were shut, so she had to run home, but she came to a halt when she saw someone appear beside her. She knew who it was immediately. It was Kakashi Hatake, the copy ninja ... and one of the teachers at the ninja academy
"H-hello Kakashi Sensei!" She said, smiling and blushing slightly
"[Name], you don't have to call me that. Come on, let's get you out of this rain before you catch a cold" He said
She nodded and he walked her home using his green jacket to keep [Name] dry. Once they arrived, she quickly hurried to get changed and got a towel for Kakashi to use in order to dry himself. [Name] gave it to him, and he gave a quiet thank you as he dried his hair as she put
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 574 112
NS - Kakashi x Reader - Training
"I know you're there, (Name)" Kakashi said, without turning around
You came out from behind a tree and he turned to look at you
"How did you know?" You asked, pouting slightly
"You breathe loud" He replied
You sighed. It was no surprise he found you ... he never dropped his guard for a second ... which was why he was so difficult to understand ... and sneak up on. You had hoped to jump him before he started your training. Of course, all of this was a secret ... and only the Hokage knew Kakashi was training you. This spot was also used to train Squad Seven ... before Sasuke left ...
"So, are you ready for your training?" He asked
"Yeah, more than ever" You replied, adjusting the headband you got from graduation
"Well then, let's begin" He said, moving his headband
The moment that Sharingan came into view, you knew Kakashi meant business. In fact, your whole body began to shake ...
"It's not fair ... you have the Sharingan!" You said, pouting and folding your arms
"Maybe so, but you can
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 719 149
Heirs to the West by YoukaiYume Heirs to the West :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 7,368 504 Kikyou by KahoI2i Kikyou :iconkahoi2i:KahoI2i 322 42 SessKag: Chalkboard by YoukaiYume SessKag: Chalkboard :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 3,946 260 SessKag: I Choose You by YoukaiYume SessKag: I Choose You :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 5,196 603 Inuyasha - Unexpected Meeting by sora-ko Inuyasha - Unexpected Meeting :iconsora-ko:sora-ko 3,205 370 Kagome by Mikkie33 Kagome :iconmikkie33:Mikkie33 390 17 Fallin by KaishaScire Fallin :iconkaishascire:KaishaScire 270 17
Admist Allusions :: Akabane Karma ::
| | × | | × | | × | |
akabane - karma
'Kisses from cotton candy lips,
with a bittersweet symphony swaying my desires.'

| | × | | × | | × | |
Pressing her hand to the glass window, her [e/c] orbs scanned out the layout of the outside world with her lips forcefully pulled back into a tight elastic smile. All she could see was the grass frosted over with a cold ice layer, how the vehicles rushed around the town in hopes to getting to places they didn't wish to be. All she wished for was his safe return home. All she ever wanted was him to be home.
The louder the silence was, the less bearable it was to await him on a day-to-day basis. For the last phone call was cut
:iconzeixisa:Zeixisa 133 26
To Accept and Forgive (Akabane Karma x Reader)

When you suddenly got bruises and cuts that appeared out of nowhere, it's actually your soulmate's pain being inflicted on you; unless if your soulmate meant to hurt themselves on purpose to feel the pain. It will be gone once you found out who your soulmate is and accept them.

For My 5th Anniversary as an Author (September 10)
Warning: OOC
Karma stared at the razor he held coldly. How many times had he done this? Cutting and bruising himself to punish his so-called soulmate?
Oh, how he loathed that word.
He wanted to be free, choosing his own partner for life. While some people would say that this soulmate system was really good since you don't have to worry about finding the wrong person, karma thought that it was a nuisance.
After all, bruises? Cuts? Pain? Why would you choose your soulmate based on pain?
Karma wanted to be free.
He'd seen what happened with his parents.
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 438 51
Come here.. by Riki-to Come here.. :iconriki-to:Riki-to 986 39
She and Him, An Akabane KarmaxReader Love Story
A girl was walking around the grass field around Class E of Kunugigaoka. She has (h/l) (h/c) hair, and she's humming happily when suddenly she tripped over a... pair of legs?
"Wha-" the girl fell, making a loud thud voice.
"Pfft." She heard a stifled laugh. She stood up as she dusted her skirt and clothes. Falling down the first thing in the morning isn't the least bit fun. And getting laughed at doesn't help at all, really.
"Karma. I figured it was you." She said, as she plopped down beside the said red-haired boy, Akabane Karma.
The ruthless red-haired male shrugged in response. Seeing this one girl is really interesting. Nobody has ever talked to him like that (no girls, at least, and count Class E out because well, assassins, duh).
She was just a normal girl with... well, assassination skill. She said she had always liked these kind of games or something, that's why (He doesn't believe her but oh well).
But she could, as much as Karma hates to say it, knock<
:iconakabane-karma:akabane-karma 262 23
Karma Akabane X Reader: Wanted
NOTE: This story takes place BEFORE Karma was in the E class.
You let out a sigh as you stepped out of the assembly hall with the rest of class 3E after the school assembly had ended.
“I didn’t think that the name-calling and insults could get any worse than the last assembly’s, but, boy,” your classmate, Sugino, sighed. “Was I so wrong.”
“Tell me about it.” Kayano agreed, joining into the conversation. “And that teacher’s long ass speech didn’t help either, I seriously thought that I was going to pass out after standing for so long while the other classes got to sit down on their fancy chairs.”
“Fancy chairs?” you chuckled. “Kayano-san, I really don’t think that their chairs are all that fancy.”
“Yea, but that’s something that we didn’t get that all the other classes got.” The green-haired girl said, crossing her arms over her chest in irritation.
:iconthedetectivediaries:TheDetectiveDiaries 481 54



So, I have a new account, I won't delete this one for the sake of the Death The Kid Fanfiction I wrote (Love Bites) 

But, my other account is


  • Listening to: La Soldier
So, I have a new account, I won't delete this one for the sake of the Death The Kid Fanfiction I wrote (Love Bites) 

But, my other account is


  • Listening to: La Soldier


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