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I will totally add a proper description tomorrow... or not.... um... yeah...

For now - basically, I only formally decided to enter this OC tournament run by the :iconevo-obsessed-club: and :iconthebrotherhoodclub: today - thus my entry is a little rushed...

Intro comic: [link]

EDIT: (8th August) - here's: the proper description you ordered... as bulleted important points for your convenience:

About his powers:

:bulletblack: Henry currently cannot control the ability to change only part of his body at a time - he therefore does not try it very much

:bulletblue: When he transforms his clothing gets left behind - he often gets tangled in his clothing after he transforms and will not change back until he's somewhere he's not gonna get caught in the nude...

:bulletblack: Henry will transform as a reflex if he is spooked or in obvious danger (as stated above...)

About his personality and such

:bulletblue: Henry is a genuinely nice person - he just likes to live on the lighter side of life

:bulletblack: Henry is an only child

:bulletblue: He's a bit of a flirt but isn't really as obnoxious as he can seem

:bulletblack: would much rather have fun than do work so improvises and tries makes his work fun... sometimes ends badly but is also effective in getting him to actually do work

:bulletblue: his personality is comparable to that of bobby and co. (eg the episode "joyride")

:bulletblack: He uses his powers at any convenience, mostly so he can be extra sneaky, or to get attention from cat lovers...

:bulletblue: despite being feline in nature, Henry does not eat seafood - he's a fan of live fish and in fact keeps a couple of black goldfish as pets

:bulletblack: he has always wished he had younger siblings and so enjoys being able to act as a brotherly figure at the mansion (in both a cool show-offy way and a caring way)
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Eye color? black?
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I can't remember what colour I originally made his eyes but most recently Ive been drawing them as a darker blue-grey colour. The center image in the bottom row of this:… is probably closest 
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I like it! Thanks! I have him in a mini movie comic with him. :)
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Yo roomie~ What's up!
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Lol, obnoxious smiley. xD
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
I love the power and his name! He seems like a lot of fun. :)
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A KITTY! I think my character will probably like yours more in kitty form. She's not a people person. Cool power ^^
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o: This charrie sounds cool. WHEN DID YOU DO THIS, HM? 8D
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mmm.... i did the drawing of him aaages ago... like start of october or something...? but finished the profile up quick the day before i submitted this ;P
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