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So, :iconbloodlover1: is currently doing free commissions and has a limit of two per person. He's doing this to gain a bit more popularity, and quite honestly I'm surprised he doesn't have more popularity already because he is VERY skilled. He's got an excellent understanding of anatomy, His shading is realistic. And his eye for color is impressive.

Anyway. I put in a request and after seeing the AMAZING job he did, I asked for another.

Currently, the only stipulation for the free commissions is that you spread his name, and I told him, I was more than happy to help.
So, here I am, whoring out his name for him.

Here is the amazing work he did. I asked him to draw Zack. Gave him a few references and he recreated his image quite well into these two pictures. One just a lineart the other a digital color.

Request art: Zack (Digital) by bloodlover1 Request art: Zack (traditional) by bloodlover1

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So, as stated before. I openly take requests, art trades, whatever you can think of.

Just go ahead and leave a comment or message me.

I take well to questions, so don't be shy.

I'm doing this to help me improve my skills. So, if anything, you'll be doing ME a favor
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  • Watching: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
No. I'm NOT asking which one is better.

I'm asking which should I do more of? Should I just use colored pencils to color my work? Or practice more with photoshop?
  • Watching: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
I'll openly take requests.

As long as the requester is fully aware that I am of limited talent. (Thus why I am taking requests. I hope to improve my skill)

I also cannot GUARANTEE that I will be able to finish them. I get very easily distracted and do have work. Art is my hobby not my profession.

Thus why I will not charge.

But I will always do my best. :)
My last one was too old

I felt bogged down since I hadn't drawn for like two years... I needed a fresh start