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Beginning in bright pinks
In clairvoyant and celestial light
To warm your face to light your dark and dreary days
To bring forth the promise
To end your stumbles
As in such pinks as rosy cheeks.
Such pinks as the smile enclosed across sacred, aged lands
Such is pink as pink is to fade away
Pink fades to purple
And in its weakness give way to temptation of blues.
A cool refreshment
A healing jovial blend
In bounding stretches of the human imagination
Yet in the end is failed to reach
Then comes the peaks of orange and red
Swallowing the world in rages of  fire and destruction
Eating the ground in orange tinted massacre
Or perhaps this raging war is protecting, not destroying
As in the end it embraces the world in the quiet coat of blackened wool
After flares come still sleepers in its wake
And as he ember die they burst into cascades of ice and fire
Each beautiful break shattering into diamonds
Until the flecks of dust blow away in the wind
And, in its majesty, die
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Submitted on
April 4, 2015


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