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There she was, challenging me the way she always did. I knew she was frustrated with me. She constantly dared me not to hide, to show more than what was on my surface. She was constantly fighting to pry me open like the clam I was. Her blue eyes were clear as ever. She was demanding that I explain myself. However, no words came to mind as to why I had said it. The feeling in me, though, was not one of guilt or regret, but rather relief that she finally heard it from my mouth rather than guessing at it as she had done for the last few years. I knew that a part of her was angry at me. After all, we had strung her along in many directions, fed her half-truths, and pitted ourselves against each other. Poor Mikomi was always caught in the middle, and was always the one to get hurt. She was dedicated to King, we all knew that, but only I seemed to see the ache in her eyes when she saw me. She hated herself more than anything for falling for both of us.

I never helped it either, her pain. Rather I tended to throw her for loop after loop, before retreating my emotions away and making her doubt herself. And yet, here she was again. I knew the look in her eyes. She knew how I felt about her, and she knew how she felt about me. The look in her eyes now was the determination and assurance. However, she wanted the same from me. She wanted me to say it. Yet in all my years, and especially since I had met her, words had long began to lose all meaning for me, forcing me to take action.

Perhaps, that was what drove me to do it.

In a mere moment, I moved forward and leaned down to press my lips against hers. She was warm, and soft, and her lips were a perfect example of that. She stood on her toes to force us both deeper into the kiss and brought her arms up to wrap around my neck. She did this to ensure that I didn't kiss her and disappear, as I had done many a time in the past. This was her way of forcing me to face the truth with her. I raised my hands to slide down her arms, around her shoulders and eventually found her sides. This seemed to be what she wanted as she took a deep breath and we began to plant more kisses on each other's lips. My hands grew daring, though, and I found them sliding down slowly along her sides. From her ribs, to her waist, and as one found its place on her hip, the other snuck around to the small of her back and pulled her closer. A jolt shot through me as I realized that there was no more space between her hips and mine. I knew she felt the same because the both of us seemed to want to be closer, yet felt this was somehow forbidden. There was no shame in me, however, to admit that the fact it felt forbidden made me want it all the more.

I removed my lips and began to nuzzle and kiss along her neck, and as I did so, she twitched with the desire to pull away. I knew it tickled her, but we both knew it was sending waves of desire through her body for more. She began to give weak trembles in my arms, knowing full well that in this department, she was completely unwise. Her innocence alone was enough to tell me how far her endeavors had ever taken her, but adding to that, I knew that she had not made any moves on me, or even King, especially as her knowledge of this was limited.

I felt a sick pleasure at her innocence and my hands immediately responded. They slid down, over her derriere, and found her thighs, and with one quick motion lifted her off the ground and held her in my arms. She took the queue immediately and wrapped her legs around my waist to hold herself up. I found myself trying to decipher if it was my supernatural strength that was the cause, or if she really was just that light, due to her size, but holding her up was hardly a feat.

Her arms relaxed, with her hands moving to my hair, and I looked up at her eyes. The bright blue screamed with so many thoughts, her fear, her desire, but behind all of it I could see one thought. One idea that she was no longer afraid to hide, a simple word; Yes. And with that invitation I lowered my face to kiss against her upper sternum and allowed my hands to move from her thighs to her rear. I took two steps forward and pinned her against the door with a soft thud. She let out a tiny whimper of pain from the impact, but instead of feeling remorse, I reveled in it. Especially as it seemed to excite her rather than hinder her. With my hands free to move about, now, I placed both hands against her side, each thumb only inches away from the edge of her breasts.  As my kisses landed along her collar bone, she leaned her head back. It was now that I realized how deep her breaths were, and her chest was rising and falling so much, it was as if she were purposely trying to tease me into moving further south. Her face was bright red, and I felt her body temperature rising. She was practically hot to the touch. My skin only rose a little, as I was dead after all, but she seemed to enjoy the cold feeling of my finger tips on her hot skin, rather than shying away from it in discomfort. One area in particular that I seemed to notice was my lower stomach where she was resting. The entire area between her legs was a hot fire, burning at my clothes. Upon realizing this, I felt a tension grow beneath my zipper, and I knew she noticed too. This seemed to kick start something in both of us. She fumbled nervously, trying to reach the edge of my shirt, and rather than watching her struggle pathetically, I reached down and just pulled it off me. She then toyed with the straps of the black tank that was hiding beneath my shirt. I only thought it fair at this point to pull down the light purple jacket, which revealed bare shoulders. The rest of her thought was still protected by a tank top of her own.

I then turned and in a very quick flash brought both of us over to the unnecessarily over sized California king sized bed. She remained around my hips, though now we were sitting on the soft comforter. The relief was clear on her face, as this position made several things easier. This time, when she went to remove my shirt, she was able to reach, and it didn't require fighting any restraint. The action revealed my faintly toned muscles, but more so than that, the pearly white X across my abdomen. The sight would always peak her interest, but today seemed an exception and I knew it was due to her preoccupation with the events unfolding. I again only saw fit to toy with the edge of her tank top. Once again, behind the many emotions in her eyes, I saw the invitation to continue, the demand that there be no restraint between us. And with that, I pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it away. The sight of her smooth skin sent a wave of excitement through my body, and down south. I pulled her body against mine and I heard a soft shudder as my cold skin pressed against her hot flesh. My lips found her skin again, and hers found my forehead. She planted distracted, but tender kisses on my forehead as I pulled the straps of her bra down from her shoulders. The lacy white bra rubbed irritably against neck and chest as she took deep breaths.

As her hands made their way down to my shoulder blades, pulling me as close as she possibly could, my hands reached around and unclasped the bra which, in only a few seconds, I had immediately grown to hate. Though, sexy and flattering on her body, it was a barrier that I wanted out of my way on my journey around her soft body. A her breasts spilled out of their cage, they rested round and succulent against her chest, her body had never looked more perfect to me in any dream or fantasy as she looked now. The freedom and the low temperature of my body reacted with the sensitive skin on her breasts, and her nipples quickly became plump with desire. I took this opportunity to spin us around and flung her down onto the bed. She sank into the comforter and quickly, my body rested on top of her, sinking her further. One hand found its place on her chest as my mouth began to kiss the skin between the plump, round orbs. My lips moved over and before long, I found myself teasing her nipple very lightly with my tongue. This sent her head first into desire, and she gasped with pleasure. The feeling of my fangs rubbing lightly against her pink areolas didn't seem to bother her, but rather excited her, and overcome with the addiction for more, she took a deep inhale and arched her back, forcing the breast into my mouth. At which point my lips began to suck gently as my tongue danced and flicked against the hard nipple. With each flick, she seemed to twitch with pleasure. My hand played with the other nipple, pinching every now and then and pulled lightly. Her hands gripped at my bare back, holding me as close as I would allow, seeing as it was my strength against her, and honestly, I won.

I let my hand wander down, off her breast, onto her flat stomach and down further. I managed to unbutton her pants and unzip them in one quick motion with one hand, and pulled away from her succulent chest only long enough to pull the pants all the way off her legs.  She adjusted them ever so slightly, as if trying to hide the wet spot on her panties, but it was a pathetic endeavor. I could already smell the excitement coming from her lacey white panties, long before I even took her bra off. The scent was sensual and it took every ounce of my will to not plunge into her then. However it was only fair to ease her into this, even if it meant that my throbbing member had to wait.

I toyed with the lace panties, rubbing her open lightly through the fabric. She blushed in such a sweet and vulnerable way as I continued to play, and I felt her give weak little trembles as my lips planet cool kisses across her lower stomach, right above the lacey edges. My hands began their work in pulling the panties off of her legs, leaving her completely open to me, leaving her completely unguarded. My lips planted one more kiss on her hip before I rose back to her breast and continued where I left off. Eventually my fingers plunged into her slick heat. She let out a weak moan of pleasure and arched her hips upward, as if trying to force my naughty fingers further.

At this point she was beginning to press her finger tips into my shoulder blades, not yet using her nails. I certainly enjoyed this, and as I continued to work the flesh there, she arrived to her first orgasm. She pulled me against her as it happened and I felt her hot body press against my cool skin. I couldn't handle it any longer. I practically ripped my pants off of my body and gently, but as quickly as possible without hurting her, plunged into her. Finally, the throbbing, and almost painful, hunger for her hot opening could descend into pleasurable thrusts.

She whimpered more in pleasure than pain as my thrusts went from soft and slow to faster, and more violent pumps. As I thrust harder on her soft human body, her voice went from a weak whimper to a desperate wail. The sound of it excited both of us. Her open sex began to drip its hot wetness all over the bed, and I adjusted several positions to find which one sent me deeper into her. We both found one we seemed to enjoy and it was almost criminal, the amount of pleasure between us, as we indulged in one another. At one point, the greedy hunger in my became unbearable. I found myself grabbing her legs and pushing them up over my shoulders, and forcing them down as I returned to me thrusting, her knees virtually crushing her shoulders with my weight upon them. This allowed me to aggressively slam deeper into her. At this point she began to dig her nails into my back. With one particularly strong thrust, she scratched her nails up my back, over my shoulder, and down my arm. The trail of open wounds and slow blood flow ceased immediately as my skin healed behind her nails. As much as I enjoyed the animalistic nature of her violent outburst, I also felt a desire to put her in her place. I grabbed her upper arms and pinned them against the bed, using my full weight and my strength to keep her arms from lashing out in a craze of hunger again. In both shameful defeat, and sincere remorse for the scratch, her hands merely gently held onto mine, her fingers tenderly gripping my arms.

By now she had reached another orgasm and the sound and feel of it fed my desire for more. I continued my repetition and had been clearly hitting a spot that she certainly enjoyed. The thrumming of her heart had been pounding on my eardrums since before we started, but the more we continued it teased more than just my hungry erection. I leaned my head down, the scent of her hot body mixed with the sensual vanilla, enticed a different hunger in me. My mouth watered at the thought; A very rare desire to taste the blood beneath. Mikomi had been bitten before, yes, however never by me. Not even King had dared taste her. She was a special blood, a rarity. She was a damn walking drug for vampires. The fact that she had only been bitten perhaps five times in her life was a shock to us all. Especially as the scent alone was tantalizing. The feel of my cold breath on her neck sent shivers down her sensitive body, and little bumps rose on her arms, and a shuddering whimper left her lips. It was almost too much, and both heads were exploding with ecstasy. As she arched her hips against me, desiring more and more pleasure from me, her hot wetness sucked my over the edge. I exploded in a paralyzing orgasm, emptying a hot load into her. I knew she didn't desire to pull away as she, too, was sent into yet another orgasm.

I couldn't fight it any longer and my fangs sank into her skin, and a taste unlike anything I had ever even dreamed exploded into my mouth, and I began to greedily suck at the red delicacy. I could see now, how her blood (hell her scent alone) could be so addictive to those with less will power than I had. The taste of it excited me and thrilled me so much, I even began to harden again inside her. I pulled out and flipped her over. She cooperated like the good girl she was and raised her soft rear, propping her back end up on her knees. She glanced over her shoulder, trying to see me, and I assumed she was too eager to wait any longer. I obeyed her unspoken command and immediately began to thrust into her from behind. She let out a corresponding moan to my thrusts, which were hitting a new spot for her one that clearly she enjoyed.

She tilted her head back as far as it would go, all from the pleasure she was receiving from my strong member. I couldn't see her facial expression, which was the only downside to this position, however watching her hands reach out desperately for a pillow to crush in her grasp and hearing her sensual whimpers made up for it. It amazed me how she could convey her ecstatic pleasure without even looking at me. My cock was certainly more sensitive after unloading a large climax into her, however the overall feeling of domination over her, and the accomplishment of so many events tonight sent me into a second wind of erections. I didn't last as long, but after a powerhouse of furious arousal, our epic fucking came to an end as I let out another climax into her. She collapsed first, her face half buried into the pillow, little strands of hair sticking to her forehead from the sheer sheet of sweat. I collapsed beside her, looking over her face as she took deep breaths, and tried desperately to catch her breath. I reached over and brushed her hair out of her face and over her shoulder. I leaned up, using my arm as a stand as I lowered my head to plant soft little kisses on her bare shoulder. Her eyes opened, finding mine and a soft smile trickled across her lips. I grabbed a light blanket from the edge of the bed and pulled it over her, I was sure she felt over exposed now that the sex session had come to an end. I fell over, onto my back and immediately the realization washed over me that I was exhausted. Being a vampire, the feeling of exhaustion was very rare, and I felt a sudden disdain for my lack of stamina. She took this as an invitation and scooted herself over, resting her head on my upper arm. I felt both uncomfortable and awkward, as well as a desire to wrap my arms around her and refuse to let go.
Othello (the male) belongs to :icon69th-corpuslullaby:
Mikomi the female belongs to me.
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