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Disciplined pg5

Sorry this took so long, i was going to upload it last night but my computer decided to do a software update when i had my back turned. And because everything in my life is so simple i didn't save it beforeFlippin' Tables As for Longarm's face in the bottom corner, I was like   Squee!  the entire time drawing it :D 

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Longarm: It's okay Bumblebee, I'm here.

Bumblebee: I want to go home... Please Longarm...
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Longarms face in the bottom right corner: probably the ONLY pure thing you'll see in this ENTIRE comic😔
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Still love it tho😙

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Squee! Blushing Strongarm!!

Yeah, with sweet bee, who wouldn't blush? :D
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Oh my god longarm's face XDDD
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I ship it. So damn hard.
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That last panel, is so cute! How can you resist a face like that?!
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I saw something like this in a manga don't remember which thou
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poor bee.
but lol longarm XD
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I love your expressions. <3
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Longarm's face...:iconsqueeeeplz:
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