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Japanese Candy

437 Favourites
20 brushes of Japanese Candy labels
+ 4 Origami paper background brushes for added flair.

Photoshop 7+

Please :+fav: this if you download and comment with a link to the finished piece so I can admire your work!

I do NOT require you to credit me on your artwork...that is unless you feel the absolute need; however, this does not mean that you can claim ownership for creating the brushes.

I worked hard on these brushes...the LEAST you can do is :+fav: them!
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Very nice, thank you for sharing :)
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Wow! Just in case can I use them when I create a stationary? :star:(credit considered for you deserve it!)
crimsonmansion's avatar
Yes you can make stationary with this ^_^
TyFell's avatar
I used it,It may never see DA but still,I used and will tell if I submit.
xXSapphireRoseXx's avatar
hi I used your brushes here :3 [link]
thanks! :+fav:
rain-color's avatar
I have had ALL those candys <3
Kelpietears's avatar
favd! ^_^ might use, thanks so much these are great!
Bree333888's avatar
I used it here except at first glance, I thought it was a background. <X'D
MiyukiUchiha's avatar
I used them here [link] thanks :)
DunatheHedgehog's avatar
darn, it won't work with CS2 D: but great set!
crimsonmansion's avatar
I wasn't sure if it would work for CS2, but sorry that it doesn't.

Sometime soon I may add some of the base files for download so that people can still use these brushes.
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Gumislawa's avatar
used here [link] :3
thank you! :love:
k-yamato's avatar
awwwww thank you is really good! xD
CreoleSugarFace's avatar
can I use these with GIMP?
crimsonmansion's avatar
No clue if this will work with GIMP; you can always try it and post your results though.
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use your brushes here [link]
Taftaft's avatar
i've use ur brush here [link]
Strawberry-san25's avatar
OMG!!! thats super awesome!!! I <3 it!!!!!! :D so amazing im going to Japan soon LOL so i love their culture its so awesome!!!
日本アイラブ!! & この画像も愛し!!
CreativeCaos's avatar
I surely will use them for my new agenda!! :D
When I finished it I will show youu!! ^0^

Oh god, thanks that it's for Photoshop 7 !!!
*almost all brushes are for CS+ T3T*
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