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Eyes clamped shut behind a sea of tears
No hiding from the weight of these years

Nightmares rob sleep from the restless soul
Sins of the lover of debt and toll

No blanket can warm this frozen bed
A nest of old wounds trapped in my head

My shackles released from my steel grip
Time for the lion to wield the whip

A fire within burning peaceful rage
Erupts forth with the death of an age

Sizzling shoulders shedding my skin
Burnt long ago, still burning within

Smoldering petals of flesh and bone
Kiss the villain of being alone

With the bittersweet taste of demise
Breathing in my own ashes, I rise
As I drove across country, my life circumstances were thrown in my face with every mile of the road before me. That, combined with the solitude of a few days of driving allowed for a lot of reflection. My life is going through a massive upheaval. I know that a poem called "Phoenix" and using the "rising from the ashes" metaphor is disgustingly overdone, but it fits far too well right now. Furthermore, I honestly feel that the metaphor is often misused, referencing a comeback while playing video games or other such trivialities. When you really think of it, the metaphor of the phoenix is dark and traumatic. The old life burns from feather to bone with nothing left but ash. Then a new life begins, emerging from that same pile of ash. It rises up through the remains of the former life, being covered in it. I feel that the phoenix metaphor is not given enough reverence. As I am going through such a massive turning point in my life, one that I will probably forever look back upon as a 'before and after' moment when referencing my past, I feel that I am worthy of the metaphor. I do not expect this poem to make a lot of sense, since it very pointedly references my own past and what I am going through in such a metaphorical way that you'd only get it if you know me exclusively well. Nevertheless, I wanted to share it, and I hope that it, or this description, has perhaps provided a new perspective on the metaphor of the phoenix. 

Thank you for reading,
- CD
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Professional Writer
Lovely poem, I can see the argument for it being typical in subject but I think you added your own flair to a tried and true concept to make it stand out.
BornAngelAuthor Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
You did a great job of describing a lot of people and their transitions. I'm glad that you're getting a new start but sad for your past.
The poem sort of reminds me of Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I just finished reading it for the second or third time (and I don't normally read books twice). 
AshleyLingy Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I really liked the phoenix metaphor, personally, you made it seem more meaningful and intense with the "breathing in my own ashes" bit. Very nice!
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