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For those of you who prefer my markers over my digital pen, here's your chance. The rule for multiples still applies to anyone who wishes to have more than 2 people. Paypal is still preferable but Deviantart points are also accepted. If I don't have the colors that you want, likely I'll need to charge you for that color as it takes forever to find that color and they're usually like... 10 bucks on their own; however, as consolation, I will give you a mini digital art of your choosing that I have in my collection or different sizes of the art piece you have.
Flat characters
13 dollars for a solid colour with no background and no shading. Prefer Paypal but Deviantpoints are accepted too
+1 character per artwork
Each extra person has to pay 2 dollars.
$16 with the works
For 14 dollars you can get a foreground, background, colour and characters I would prefer Paypal but deviant points can work.
Thumbnail art
Thumbnail art has been something I've been doing for my own videos mostly for covers so now I would like to do the same for you. Up to 2 people or ponies are free but any more will be added 1 dollar for each head
Characters w/ shading
14 dollars for art with shading and colour but no background (Couldn't find something I've done without a background.) Prefer Paypal but deviant points are acceptable
Background work
12 dollars can also get you a background with either shading or no shading depending on your preference

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Alyssa De Luz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I do my best to make the best art I can. My focus is usually around ponies but I also do humans, anthro, furries, and others animals.

The only thing I ask of you is to make sure to critique my art. I want to improve my style and my technique in every way I can.

PayPal for commissions:

Each extra character: $2.00 per head

Traditional $10.00


Flat characters no background no shading: $13.00
Character shading no background: $14.00
Full commission: $16.00

I do reserve the right to reject commissions.

Thumbnail: $14.00
Background: $12.00

Video commissions:

Cover: $10.00
MLP Episode: $19.50
Movie: $19.99
1-2 Season Cartoons Review: $23.99
3-4 Season Cartoons Review: $32.50

Cartoon ships: 19.50
Comic Ships: 23.99
Movie Ships: 21.99


If I was 10 Years Old now, here's my Pokemon Team
So on twitter, a lot of people have been asking people what their followers think that they would have in their Pokemon team. So I decided since 10 year old me was very different from how I am now, I thought I'd think about what my Pokemon would be if I was 10 now. Not going to lie, my thought processes for picking things like Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh cards was purely if they were traditionally cute and adorable. So I suppose I should come up with a story on how I got each of these Pokemon huh? Here goes:

I first started in the Alolan region in Konikoni City with my parents, though we weren't originally from there, my parents started working in the shop my grand-uncle owned, selling items and playing with the local Pokemon there. As soon as I turned 10 years old, I practically ran straight to the closest Pokemon center around. I was hopeful to pick Litten or Popplilo but ended up getting Rowlet instead because everything else was taken. I didn't like Rowlet during the day, he'd keep me up during the night and then never want to fight until dusk. Though, I started to like him much more after I noticed the beautiful night skies that weren't polluted by the cities. Though it didn't help that all the gyms were also only open in the day.

I found a Eevee soon after with a cute little hairstyle to boot and Rowlet seemed to like her just fine often times snuggling up to each other to keep the other up. 
Team Skull gave me trouble every once and a while but usually as long as I hid well enough, they weren't much bother. Despite having these two wonderful teammates and a secure place in Alola, I yearned for what was beyond the waters and decided it was time to leave home. That's where I found the rest of my Pokemon.

Sneasel was trying to steal some food from my bag and fought me for it before eventually being captured. He didn't seem that eager to be a part of the team and still didn't trust me even after trying to bond. Shinx was probably one of the more eager characters of the team, ready to fight, curious and not willing to back down. At least that's how he seemed while fighting and electrocuting me to no end when we first fought. Riolu seemed so lonely by himself... he was the only one I think I never really fought, he seemed like he'd been through more than enough. I wonder who his owner used to be. Zorua was similar, she seemed to have lost her mother in the wild because I couldn't find any sign of her anywhere. Most of them get a long okay.

Riolu and Zorua are extremely competitive with each other either in fighting or with my attention. Rowlet always seems annoyed at the bickering but still likes to hang around Eevee. I still can't get Sneasel to trust me but Shinx seems to enjoy the sparring with him the most so maybe this will work out.

I hope you enjoyed that little bit of Fanfiction of what this version of me would be like as a pokemon trainer. If you want me to continue this story, please comment below and check out my other works~!

Hope you like this one!

Commissions: Emote Sign: OPEN - F2U! 

Look at my main Deviantart page for commission prices. (Paypal or Points are acceptable)

Requests: Emote Sign: CLOSED - F2U! 





If you want to see the last video on my channel,…


I really like the look of Rarity especially with the touch of red lipstick. She almost looks she could crossover with Dexter's Laborato...



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