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For those of you who prefer my markers over my digital pen, here's your chance. The rule for multiples still applies to anyone who wishes to have more than 2 people. Paypal is still preferable but Deviantart points are also accepted. If I don't have the colors that you want, likely I'll need to charge you for that color as it takes forever to find that color and they're usually like... 10 bucks on their own; however, as consolation, I will give you a mini digital art of your choosing that I have in my collection or different sizes of the art piece you have.
Flat characters with no shading no background
13 dollars for solid color with no background and no shading. Prefer Paypal but Deviantpoints are accepted too
the first two heads are free but everyone else pays
for each head added after two heads on a picture, its one more extra.
$16 with the works
For 16 dollars you can get a foreground, background, color and characters I would prefer paypal but deviant points can work.
Thumbnail art
Thumbnail art has been something I've been doing for my own videos mostly for covers so now I would like to do the same for you. Up to 2 people or ponies are free but any more will be added 1 dollar for each head
I'll have mine w/ shading but no background
14 dollars for art with shading and color but no background (Couldn't find something I've done without a background.) Prefer Paypal but deviant points are acceptable
Background work
12 dollars can also get you a background with either shading or no shading depending on your preference

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Alyssa De Luz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I do my best to make the best art I can. My focus is usually around ponies but I also do humans, anthro, furries, and others animals.

The only thing I ask of you is to make sure to critique my art. I want to improve my style and my technique in every way I can.


I really like the look of Rarity especially with the touch of red lipstick. She almost looks she could crossover with Dexter's Laborato...



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