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Segasister Superhero AU by CrimsonGlow Segasister Superhero AU by CrimsonGlow
Name: Novella Rose

Codename: Songbird

Bio: Novella Rose was never the strongest or the smartest person in her classes. She tended to stay alone by herself with her few close friends, her destiny still floating around in the mysterious airs of college life. Her constant worry tending to keep her away from large events that involved large crowds like concerts. This time was going to be different though. She was going to be able to walk out of here on a Saturday night and party like it was her birthday. For awhile she had fun, the music bouncing lights blaring around her.


An explosion vibrates the room, a wannabe villain making a terrorist attack on the club. People panic, every moment has crushed the thrill of having a fun time and built the instinct to survive. Suddenly though, an unknown hero saves her from a collapsing wall. Since then, she's been living her life more wildly not taking a second to second guess herself.

Later that summer, she did research for her latest novel has her in the natural history museum where a necklace binds to her mind. Giving her the power of Siren's song (the power to make people do what you say through song or fall asleep.) She figured that she'd be able to help others with this power and became Songbird.

Though she thinks her costume design skills needs some work. ;P

Targets: Level D Villain, petty crimes, henchmen, some large companies.

Powers: Siren's song.

Abilities: noticing tropes, observational skills, writing, schedule keeping, detective research, Blue belt fighting.

I based her costume off of the 1947 design of Catwoman. Though maybe if I want to touch this series again I might make her different. I took a lot of the colors from her cutie mark into the necklace as well as the dress. I think what I like most about it is that its one of the few designs where I gave an anthro boots and its where an damsel becomes a hero. I didn't want her to be too big scale or flashy, maybe in the same class as say... the Defenders from Marvel.

What do you guys think about this design? What do you think of the powers? Does it work for the character or do you think that this isn't in depth enough?

Novella is owned by :iconsegasister:

Hope you like this one.

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Jojofinatic85 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018
She kinda looks like Moira from overwatch lol
Zakne Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018
Image broken... 
SEGASister Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you~!
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