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RobRae ship child by CrimsonGlow RobRae ship child by CrimsonGlow
I know that I'm probably one of the few people that actually ships Raven and Robin together... and I've tried shipping Starfire and Robin but then the Raven arc comes up and I'm clenching my chest in pure fangirliness~!!! Starfire and Robin do have their chemistry but... I can't help it!! Despite the fact that a lot of people only remember that Robin was pretty harsh, dark, and obsessive in the show; however, after getting over his obsession with Slade, he's actually really easy going.

He knows how to have fun, he's easy going, determined, and a really cool person. So hearing the they need someone to cheer each other up... always makes me cringe a little bit. But to each their own right?

Gregory Bruce Roth-Grayson, aka Falcon, was raised in a relatively normal home of two superheroes. He takes his job just as seriously as both of his parents though he tries to keep it a secret from them. Greg often sneaks out to go train with Jason Todd and Damian Wayne while making sure to learn how to use and maintain control of his magic. He focuses on his studies the most and usually ignores the opinions of his parents that he should go out and socialize more often.




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hello doter *is droling*
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The Raven arc did have me questioning who Robin was going to end up with. Love the dude's look, it's great!
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