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Joshscorcher Superhero AU by CrimsonGlow Joshscorcher Superhero AU by CrimsonGlow
Name: Firebrand

Codename: Night Flame

Bio: He went to a superhero movie at a drive in theater one day, the cars bussled up one after the other. He was going to go into boot camp the next week, not knowing if he'd live or die the next morning. For now he'd live it up until he could... that's what he thought at least. A chemical bomb hit the center of the theater, the gases messing with people's biochemistry. Most died, some wanted to. Another explosion happened in his car, the chemicals fusing the flames to his skin as he screamed out in agony. Everything goes black.

Beep... Beep.... beep... 

He comes to... legs broken, collarbone shattered, 3rd Degree burns. The muffled echoes of doctors and nurses talking outside pound in his ears like grenades. He notices the sun hit him, it didn't seem nearly as bright as it used to be. In fact, he could swear that he saw the perfect circle without much difficulty or shine. His burns healed rapidly, his bones healing and breaking out of the cast as if it was made of paper. What the hell? He left the hospital without much difficulty... and by that, he means that he sneaked out, away from the military forces in the hospital and the doctors.

After that day he tried to live a normal life, noticing his moods could effect the strength of fire or its admonishment. Soon he understood what good he could do, be a fire fighter, be a steel welder, but with the increased population of super villians around. He made his stand pretty clear. 

Targets: B level criminals, nature themed villains, big company CEOs and puns...

Powers: flying, fire magic, fire healing, solar rejuvenation, fire manipulation, super strength.

Abilities: military strategy, hand to hand combat, weapons expert, planning, observational skills,

During the creation of this one I had come up with so many ideas for it. I knew it had to be some kind of fire element because duh; however, it was difficult exactly what kind of costume and character he would be. I debated one a kind of jester costume then another version where it was more superman, then another one where it was Ghost Rider, another one where it was more like the Human Torch. There's a lot of characters with fire themes. Finally I decided to just go with a chaotic paragon character since Bright Idea was already the paragon paragon character. So having someone to be a batman to the superman seemed fitting.

What do you guys think about this design? What do you think of the powers? Does it work for the character or do you think that this isn't in depth enough?

Firebrand is owned by :iconjoshscorcher:

Hope you like this one.

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August 2, 2018
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