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Jasper Sunobu by CrimsonGlow Jasper Sunobu by CrimsonGlow
I still can't believe that he won over Will but they're both pretty hammy, I wouldn't put it past them. The hands were a little difficult for me to do. In the sketch they looked good, then I inked it and it looked weird, then I drew over it and it looks weirdly okay ish? I don't know. I think I should've had more references. I will say that :iconjasperpie: 's color scheme works really well with the uniform.

You probably meet him after Kokona Haruka (place whoever you want as that character here) is arrested for murder. He decides that it would be a good way to start a play that he's been writing based on these events. He occasionally flirts with you as you work together acting on the stage of the drama club. He then finds out that some of the props from back stage have been stolen and tries to confront everyone on staff. You then have the choice to frame someone else for the body that's in one of the trunks by putting the murder weapon in their locker or kill Jasper burn the body. 

What do you guys think? I didn't put too much thought in this one but maybe you guys can think of something better.




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Now all we need is Harmony Dancers!
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Hope he reinforces and insures his doors, cause the ladies are gonna be busting them down after thisLoud House - Howard rimshot A Loud House - Howard rimshot B 
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