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Frigid Supervillian by CrimsonGlow Frigid Supervillian by CrimsonGlow
Name: Frigid Winds

Codename: Cold Stare

Bio: Growing up in a relatively harsh enviroment, his alcoholic father beating him and his manic depressive mother berating him for ever being born, Frigid tended to go about on his own. His sunglasses being the only solace from other knowing the harsh beatings he endured everyday in that house. He never really did look people in the eye, it almost seemed impossible for him to do so. But then he just had one punch too many in the face and he dared look into the eye of the beast. "KILL YOURSELF", Frigid exclaimed with tears in his eyes and blood from his lip. 


The gunshot echoes... His mother screams as she drops down on the floor. "Everything is fine," coldly assured Frigid, looking her in the eye. Something twisted happened that day. What was once a draft flowing through the house felt like a blizzard on their skin. No feeling, no heated conflict... it was exact and calculating. Ever since then he got by with the confidence and swagger of someone who could never be touched. How fitting. Manipulating anyone and anything that could be had. He got what he wanted and he wasn't afraid to to use it to his every advantage.

Targets: Weaker minded than him (most people with a select few), anyone of power, everyday people. 

Powers: Mind Control, ice touch

Abilities: manipulation, smoothing talking

This was pretty easy to work on actual. Especially since the original design looks pretty fitting for a villain character already with the trench coat and such. I think what was more difficult was coming up with the backstory and how to go about it. I think I went pretty simplistic but I still think that it packs that same punch that is needed for this kind of backstory. Deckard wanted him to be more like Killgrave from Jessica Jones so I put that in but I didn't know Killgrave's backstory so I went with a mix of Killgrave and Lex Luthor.

What do you guys think about this design? What do you think of the powers? Does it work for the character or do you think that this isn't in depth enough?

Frigid Breeze is owned by :icondeckardspade:

Hope you like this one.

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Triforce-Treasure Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconmrfreezeplz: <Let's kick some ICE!
GinKadia Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018   Digital Artist
Ooooooo, multi coloured braid. <3
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