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Firebrand Saiko by CrimsonGlow Firebrand Saiko by CrimsonGlow
I like how this one turned out! :iconjoshscorcher: looks like he's about to wreck your shit with JUSTICE!! Probably running around the corner reaching out for you and then smacking his face into a wall because he's skidding so much.

You meet Firebrand on the first day of school before class in the back of the school as he talks about the promise of a new order among the faculty and students. He is constantly on patrol after you get away with the first murder and so you must find a way to evade your capture. You can do this in a two ways, by bribing less loyal members of the Student Council (with things like pictures of panties, money or cigarettes) or by being part of the Student Council. If you join, you'll be able to get closer to Firebrand himself and evade capture since you have intell on what the council will do next. If you bribe someone, you'll be able to get help from them to dispose of the body.

If you're caught, its immeadiate game over.

This one was a little harder, maybe not as romantically inclined as some of the other ones but I think it fits. What do you think?




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ponymiku Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice, Also, while this may seem like a nitpick, you might have spelled Saikou wrong. Sorry. I'll stop being a spelling nazi.
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