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FNGR Shidesu by CrimsonGlow FNGR Shidesu by CrimsonGlow
I can see why :iconfornogr: was picked for this one, wanting to keep his feelings private until its inevitably shown that he can in fact feel emotion. Though, realistically he'd probably be more like the Spiteful personality in the game that recently came up. Either way, this is pretty interesting.

If you skip class the first day and go to the side of the school, you'll find No Good (putting his name as that because why not) smoking with his crew. He gestures to you and has you work as a spy against some bullies that have been acting up, he despises them because the teachers do nothing and no one is talking about it.

In order to get dirt on these bullies, you have to get Info-Kun to drop off listening devices in the girls bathroom at a certain time in the day. You must also take pictures of when they vandalize the bullied character in the game. If you're caught (either by the teachers or the bullies), you receive an automatic game over as your reputation goes to negative 400 making you have a game over. If you are not caught, you have coverage of the delinquents and access to the funace without question (so long as the body is covered by something).

I think this is a pretty through game mechanic, though it might make the game a bit too easy. What do you think?




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DraconicFluff Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Student Digital Artist
what's funny is how we started dating is that scene "we need to keep this private, no one can know about this-' like-holy shit this suits him so well.
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