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Bright Idea Hero by CrimsonGlow Bright Idea Hero by CrimsonGlow
Name: Bright Idea

Codename: Lite Bright

Bio: Born with power to bend light, Bright Idea was always playing tricks on her parents even as a child with peekaboo, to which she often would hide for hours not having anyone know where she was. With parents of similar abilities, she was able to learn quickly to harness her power, even when she abused it to trick others at Hide and Seek. She is the best at Hide and seek. Do not try to play her at Hide and Seek, you will lose.

One day after a long day of cosplaying at a convention, she noticed someone was stealing someone's vendor hall money from the artist alley. Without thinking she sprang into action, running and tackling the person just before they could make it out of the building. Her invisibility coming in handy when beating her opponent with moves indistinquishable to the naked eye. It took a lot out of her though so as a last stitch attempt to save the robber, she shot out a beam of light which blinded the robber. However, as soon as her beam hit the blinded robber, he blindly took out a gun and shot it hitting a passerby in the process.  

She stayed with that passerby until they woke up promising to herself that she would never let something like that happen again. That she would user her powers to help others. She knew she had the right idea... but it just needed to be a bit brighter.

Targets: Evil doers who focus their efforts in the dark.

Powers: Light beams, flash bombs, invisibility

Abilities: Blue belt in Karate, mental restraint, quick thinking, sharp wit, puns, analysis, and a BA in Light Spectrum Sciences.

This was THE MOST DIFFICULT CHARACTER I HAVE EVER DONE!!! If you know me, I am not someone who makes light... fluffy characters. Characters who are not villians, antiheroes, or just dark and edgy to begin with are kinda hard for me to do. That's why this was so important for me to do because I need to learn to make paragon characters that aren't well...edgy and more funny and light. As fun as antiheroes and villains are, you can't have a entire world filled with them otherwise there's no light to balance out the dark and no differing ideals that could easily make this world feel more like a force for good and not a Zach Schinder film.

What do you guys think about this design? What do you think of the powers? Does it work for the character or do you think that this isn't in depth enough?

Bright Idea is owned by :icona-bright-idea:

Hope you like this one.

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TEW58 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
May our heroes light our way to a brighter future.  Our A-Bright-Idea.
Rancor-Palmach Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
She looks fantastic! Great work CG
A-Bright-Idea Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
I'm so happy with this superhero version of my character! Both the visual design and the backstory! :D
Thanks so much for putting the effort into making it shine! :giggle:
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July 15, 2018
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