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RWBY OC Template
Hey guys~! Prince here~! :iconsatoshiwaveplz:
As promised, here's the RWBY OC template I asked about to you guys~! Without further ado, let us begin~!
[EDIT]: Please be sure to credit me when you use this~!
Introduction: Give your character an interesting intro.
As the sun rises, a boy with a scarf sits on a boulder near a cliff, watching the beautiful view. When he stands up, he equips his weapons behind his back, smiles, and jumps off. [Katsuo's intro]
A young girl wanders around a small village and catches her eye from the narrator's view. She comes closer and curiously pokes at th--- H-Hey! Stop it! I'm narrating! [Patricia's intro]
Name: The name of your character. Make sure you follow Monty's color naming rules... What do you mean you don't know the rules? According to the rules, "Characters in RWBY must be: 1.) A color, 2.) Something that sounds like a color, 3.) Something that means a c
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Name: Crimson Nightshade

Nickname: Miyako, Japanese name meaning "beautiful night child” given by her Mother, Crim, 

Symbol: A black circle with three white diamonds, two white diamonds outlines, and smaller white outlines/symbols/etc. within the circle

Age: 18 years, April 2 (unknown year of birth)

Race: Human

Place of Birth: A village in the forests of Vale

Occupation: First Year Student at Beacon Academy

Team: Unknown

Gender: Female

Personality: Crimson usually displays a calm personality, if a distant one. She is a strong-willed person, a trait passed down from her mother, but it does lead to her being rather stubborn. She usually does not share much information about herself or her past to people without first knowing them for a while, after which she acts a bit more light-hearted with the individuals in question. It takes her longer to get to this point with Faunus, however, due to her troubled history with them. Crimson has a tendency to get sidetracked within her own thoughts, sometimes acting a little absent-mindedly. With groups of strangers, she usually stays quiet, but she does attempt to give advice where she can. There are certain topics that break down her calm persona, however, mainly involving her history or the White Fang. When it is broken, she displays a more ominous and creepy side, giving off a somewhat threatening vibe with the symbols in her eyes glowing dimly until she calms down. People tend to initially view her as a little odd or off putting, but this is deliberate on her part; she dislikes becoming emotionally involved with others because she is afraid to lose someone she cares about again.

Likes: Spicy/Salty/Sour food, Nature, Meditation, Weapons, Painting, Reading, Playing the piano, Music, sewing

Dislikes: Perverted men, watching people suffer in front of her, sweet types of food, crowded areas, romance movies,

Hobbies: Training, Reading, Listening to music, Meditation, Playing the piano, Creating & Mixing Dust, Cleaning her equipment,

Fear(s): N/A

Strengths: Social: trustworthy, never lies, listens to other within school and or combat, strategic in combat/class, patient

Physical: ambidextrous, adapts to her surrounding easily than others, skilled with almost every weapon, has a large amount of aura so wounds heal fast depending on how bad it is
Weaknesses: Social: emotionless at times, does not talk much, pessimistic in combat, a bit cocky in training and or combat but it rarely shows.

Physical: PTSD (post trauma disorder); when attacked for a while she "changes" in a way with her eyes turn dark reddish-purple and can't control herself; puts a burden on people who she couldn't save while in combat. She has as much experience with a single weapon making her a worse swordsman than a dedicated swordsman or worse archer than a dedicated archer. She wants to be both a dedicated archer and swordswoman.

Backstory: Crimson was born a warrior. Her mother and father were a huntress and hunter. In a small town in the forests of Vale, known to be a hunter neighborhood where many settled down for having a family among similar people, is where she grew up. As a child, she was taught how to fight Grimm, how to unlock her semblance and many more things that her parents and other townsfolk taught her. The town was full of retired huntresses and hunters who helped her train; even then, some active ones passed through to meet friends and family, dropping some hints and tricks. She learnt the basics of fighting styles as a child, but no single one really fit her perfectly at the time.

  The town was prosperous for many years, until... Until that day. The day the village went into shambles, the village she once grew up in was gone, destroyed, and vanished. When she was nine years old, a group of Faunus from the White Fang - including one of its more extreme captains - assaulted the village and began to slaughter, burn and steal things from every single man, woman, and child until nothing was left of their village, all the while trying to persuade the faunus of the village to join with them and capturing them to convince them of their error ways if they refused. This was to show Vale how the White Fang have been treated throughout regions; by attacking such a prominent area, they could gain attention and simultaneously take out many people powerful enough to do something to stop any future plans.

  The captain commanded his men and women to start attacking the village. All of the huntresses and hunters, one-by-one, fell to their death from the surprise assault of the White Fang, and from the Grimm attracted to the conflict, attacking mindlessly against both parties. Crimson’s parents fought against the captain himself, an aura-trained and powerful opponent, as Crimson helped to try to hold off the Grimm and White Fang.

  Watching for what felt like hours of combat in her village, Crimson could only look on as the leader of the White Fang slowly weakened her parents, before cutting them down. Crimson had to cover her mouth to prevent her cries from ringing out, falling to her knees as her father looked at her hiding spot in great pain, “We love you, so much. Stay strong with your head held high. Never give up and never forget your...village. Crimson. Remember…we are always….here for... y-y-you…..” Seeing her father shut her eyes for the last time, Crimson let out her shout of grief, grasping at her training weapon and charging forward at the captain, who merely smirked at the sight, grasping his sword and slicing the blade deep into her. With a sigh and a shake of his head, the captain simply walked away from the child's attempt at revenge, leaving her wounded and unable to move next to her parents, as the White Fang continued to raze the village and the Grimm ravaged the remaining survivors, black smoke filling the air from the fires and the defeated beasts.

  For an unknown time after, Crimson drifted in and out of consciousness, with grief clouding her foggy thoughts, only remembering one thing she promised to herself; ”That... captain… h-he will pay... for what he did, and so... will the whole White Fang." Finally succumbing to her injuries, her sight faded to black.

  Her next conscious moments were waking up in a city; not Vale itself, but far larger than the community she was used to. She had been found by a group of hunters looking to clear out Grimm from the local area, who had seen the smoke and rushed to the village, only to find it destroyed. Everyone else had already fled or been killed; it was only by pure chance they found Crimson in the ruins of her home, clinging on to life.

  With no relatives to go to, Crimson was placed in the city's orphanage, hidden away from the media who would no doubt question her on the downfall of the village. She found herself locked in a state between grief and anger, none of the prospective parents both wanting to adopt her and able to deal with her. However, one day, a member from a strict tribe of hunters came through; rather than hate Crimson for her flaws, she instead saw Crimson's potential. The woman adopted Crimson, and took her to the tribe. She was trained almost non-stop; originally, it was the one thing that distracted her from her depressed state, but as it continued it became a challenge. To bring out her true potential, to let Crimson use her anger to put everything she had into her training and prevent her new family from being harmed... and to avenge her old one.

  However, the woman who adopted her saw that there was still one thing Crimson was missing, and that was the ability to work with others. The now teen had come far in her training, but while not socially inept (being around people constantly), she had never properly connected with any of her fellow trainees in the group. Instead, to further fuel her growth, but more importantly for her to understand the importance of teamwork and for friends to bring her out of her sadness, she was told to enter a hunting academy. Crimson had no qualms about this, for it would let her continue to learn more, and give her an opportunity to learn more about those monsters that had killed her parents. With her new weapons, forged with assistance from the clan's blacksmith, she passed the Beacon entrance test and joins the First Year. While a lot of people know about the destruction of the village itself, only a few people in-the-know with more confidential news know about her survival of the event, but she is free to disclose it to others herself.

Sebastian & Phoenix Nightshade (Mother, Father); Status: DEAD; Cause of Death: Murdered in combat
Siblings: N/A
Best friends:

Weapon Names: Weapon Names: Corrupted destiny (Long Bow), The Blades of Judgement (Complete set), Broken Promise/Destiny's Song (Swords)

Weapon Storage Forms: on leg-weapon-blade-hilts that hold the swords, one on each leg

Weapon Primary Forms: Two black long-bladed swords with black Dust barrels for blade infusion with white engravings on its blade

Weapon Forms/Transformations: To use a ranged weapon, the swords combined become into a bladed-bow for ranged/close combat weapon with dust infused arrows

Dust incorporation into the weapon: Each sword has a dust barrel, they infuse with their bladed with whatever dust is equipped into their barrels. In addition, all of the arrows in her quiver have multiple different arrow-tips equipped onto them and each have different aspect that can be changed later with whatever she wanted to switch them out. The quiver revolves for whatever arrow she wanted to use..
Dust Arrow aspects:
Red- Fire
Blue- Water
Cyan- Ice
Green- Nature/Wind/Air
Brown- Earth
Purple- Gravity

Weapon History: Forged with assistance from the clan's blacksmith that knew Crimson very well who also helped with her weapon design and some of the weapon crafting

Semblance Name: Midnight’s Vail
Semblance info: The ability is very flexible and can be used in many different ways, but at its base, it is the manipulation of shadows. The basest form of attack would be bolts of shadow that can vary in size and amount of shots. The energy can be shaped into tendrils, slash-like waves, used as a weapon, and barriers, though all is made from shadow, either aura-made or existing. It also has the ability to possess items to be used in combat, such as possessing a hook and trying to hook an enemy to a wall. Said energy can be used for non-combat purposes as well. Crimson has deft enough control over these that she could form them to a creature that could be used for both combat and non-combat uses. Dust can be used to grant minor effect to the shadow constructs, or can be used with a construct in physical contact with Crimson for a greater effect.

A key enhancer is the availability of darkness/shadows. A lot of darkness, such as a dark park with only streetlights around or shade from trees, will allow the user to draw on it to enhance their abilities, such as more bolts without reducing their power, or their summoned creature being more powerful. On the other hand, if there is a lot of light, a plaza at noon on a sunny day, then the user has little extra power to draw on, thus leaving them with the shadows they can create themselves with their Aura, as well as what few are left around.

Aura Color/ limitation: The color of her aura is a lavender with hints lilac/dark purple/and crimson red. She had a large mass of aura from training for many tears in her lifetime. During her training she has developed a sixth sense to detect different Grimm types, and nearby people and their aura. The aura amount that she has helps heals any of her wound but she at times in the process of healing she wounds leave scars. Crimson uses about 10-15% of her reserved aura that ties with her physical stamina making herself exhausted/weary/fatigued. The range of her semblance is about 50-100 feet around her from any area. Some of the more simple attacks/ranged attacks/and or shields for around 4-5% but some uses of her shadows to grab someone of wield a weapon of shadows uses a larger amount of her stamina.

Fighting Style Name: The Guardian Discipline

Fighting Style Info:
History: A group of the first Hunters and Huntresses created the Guardian Disciplines long ago. These styles reflected upon the weapons of the Guardian Masters: Sword, Dual Swords and Staff. These three different weapons created the three different styles named after the three masters. Ashen for dual swords, Onyx for swords and Ivory for staff users. Since then, the Guardian Disciplines have evolved and changed and different variations of the Disciplines that have been created.

Training: The training involved for the various Disciplines vary. The Basic Forms are easy to learn within five months of practice. However, the Advanced and Master Forms are much harder to master. It usually takes 2 years to use the Advance Forms. Then, it takes even longer for the Master Styles to be learned. Most students do not even attempt the Master Forms, but those who do are considerably stronger than most in the Disciplines. While there are some users known to blend from one style to another, most students under the Disciplines truly are inclined to just one style. Most training begins at the age of ten and most do not pass the Advance forms until age 13. However, there have been special cases.

Onyx Forms
Basic Forms: The Onyx style refers to one-handed sword techniques, but can be applicable to sword and shield users as well as two-handed sword users. The Onyx basic forms can be translated into any of these styles, as it is simply learning sword cuts as well as simple defenses with the sword.
Advance Forms: In the Advanced Forms, we see the splitting of the styles. Single sword, one-handed users rely more on acrobatics as well as speed to deal with an opponent and the moves.

Ashen Forms
Advance Forms: With the basic known movements of attack and defense learned in Basic Forms, Advanced adds much more unique dynamics into the mix of attacks. Now, the user must train their body to use a much more athletic approach in their combat. Now, a new move in introduced into the mix. Dual Kata is a series of X-Slashes, whirlwind like movements and other moves designed to overwhelm an opponent with incredible speed and power, continuing to pound on their defense until a hole is force open in which the user can dispatch their foes.
Master Forms: This is where the Ashen style is known for, the Dual Reverse Grip. It is a powerful and quick style, much like the Master Reverse Grip form of the Onyx Forms. This allows the user to adopt a more aggressive approach as he is able to run and slash much easier as well as to rush an opponent. This style and its moves, however, are incredibly difficult to master. They use more physical movement and incredible dexterity as well as total mastery over the Advanced Forms as the techniques in Master often link with the moves of the Advanced Forms.
The major move is Ashen's Storm, an extra set of moves that are added to the beginning and end of the Dual Kata starting with a reversed slash and a series of blows and at the end of the Kata is a reversed X-Slash. It is known to be a powerful Kata.

Physical Appearance: Crimson is about 6’1 without her shoes and around 6’4 her boots/heels and weighs about 132.4 pounds. Her blood type of hers is AB. Crimson's is mainly left-handed but she is also ambidextrous in many things. Her measurements for her bust, waist and hips are 40/29/33 in inches. Her eye color is a violet-lavender with hints of a grey-silver but within battle and or out of combat at a rarity her eyes shows a strange symbol with a light purple outline around. Her eye color is a violet-lavender with hints of a greyish silver shade, but within battle and, rarely, out of combat, her eyes show a strange symbol that fills the iris. The symbol was a trait passed down from her mother genetically, and while she does not know why she or her mother had it yet, Crimson was able to unlock these eyes when she gained her semblance. The symbol is one small and one larger moon that connects to a large check mark. This state gives Crimson a boots in her semblance when in high levels of stress within battle, giving her the ability to create shadow from thin air rather than using existing sources. Her skin color is very pale and on parts of her body, she had multiple different tattoos that are quite small. Some are two red wispy flowers, few arrows, and a raven, one that says stay strong with a feather that falls apart into black birds that makes an infinity sign and a few others that spreads around her body. Her hair drapes about medium length that hits around her shoulders that parts straight down the middle with mid-length bangs that drape to the right with a rare strand of hair that falls in front of her eyes. The color of her hair is a purple-black with hints of blues and silvers. Her complexion is very pale with a few scars all over her body including one distinct scar that covers parts of her face and chest region.

Outfit: Crimson wears a lilac/light-purple “short-ish” dress with dark purple sleeves that stay on the forearms that has lilac-purple fabric that drapes to about the elbow. She usually wears a black ribbon that ties around her neck that lays on near her chest. Her armor that she had is a black metal with a purple tint. The pieces include arm/gauntlet kind of armor, knee guards with the same metal, whole leg guards that end at the mid-thigh. Connected to the arm-gauntlets are deep purple gloves, and on the leg guards there are spikes on the back of her calf. On the back of arm gauntlets, there is an arrow quiver on the back of her leg calf. It has a spiral barrel at a part of the quiver that holds arrow tips with different dust aspects and 25-35 light compact arrows. If not in use at had meld within her arm/gauntlet, some of the arrows that she has throwing knives/needles that forms with from the arrows. She also has a dust pouch, within the pouch carries the main dust types and some mixed dust that someone in her village made for her that is neatly categorized between types/element/etc. and a few combat essentials.

Theme song:
Quote: “Young or old, good or evil, it's all the same to Death. There is no death worse than another that is why death is so fearsome. Your age, your personality, EVERYTHING: It's all meaningless in the face of death”

Artwork: {Credit to Artists}

Give Credit to creator of the art/fighting style/semblance/music/and some other included things.
        This is my original RWBY character. Please do not judge me on my grammar but I would love is some comments/some critics on parts. Comment down below on any of your thoughts and etc. Bai~


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