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Introduction of Character

Name: Arabynn Fotiá

Nickname:  "The Crimson Drake"

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Half Human/Half Faunus

Symbol: (This is the characters Emblem, for example, Weiss is a snowflake glyph, Ruby's is a rose, etc. Tell us what the symbol is for your character, and define it's meaning and connection to your character)

2 broadswords intertwined over a raging fire. This emblem represents Arabynns passion and skills with a sword.

Affiliation(s): Beacon Academy

The Character’s Appearance

Height: 6ft 2 inches

Weight: 188 pounds

Eye Colour: Pale Green

Hair: Long, messy crimson hair that is tied in a pony tail that goes down to his neck

Complexion: Slightly tanned 

About The Character

Status: Active

Occupation: Hunter


Handedness: Right

Clothing: A sleeveless shirt which is under a jacket with long sleeves. He also wears baggy jeans with a belt, as well as, trainers

Outfit Colours: His sleeveless shirt is black, jacket is crimson red, jeans, as well as the belt are black, and finally, the trainers white.

Physical Characteristics: Arabynn has a very handsome face with a deep scar that runs along his right cheek. He has fully defined muscles all around his body from constant training as well as, a fully developed 6 pack. 
As he is half Dragon Faunus, he has a few traits that show this, for example, when angry, his eyes become slits, he also has very sharp nails, and has dragon wings.


His only accessory is a red diamond shaped necklace that he keeps on him at all times.


 Arabynn is a very confidant person, he his brave, smart, and a master on all forms of fighting. However, like everyone, he isn't without flaws, for example, he can be very flirty when he sees someone attractive. He is also very quick to anger and will destroy anything that angers him.

Fear(s): Water, losing people he cares about.

Likes: Spicy food, weapons, and seeing kids happy.

Dislikes: Bullies, discrimination, seeing women or children cry.

Habit(s): Makes women feel uncomfortable with his flirting

Fatal Flaw(s): He is quick to anger.

Strengths: Enhanced durability, enhanced strength, and has incredible sences

Weaknesses: He has a terrible fear of water and can't fight properly when near it.




Weapon Name: "Lone Avenger"


Weapon Description: "Lone Avenger" is a claymore sword. The blade is 5ft long with the hilt being 1ft. The metal is made out of Diamond, so that is durable against anything. The hilt however, is made out of obsidian so that the handle won't break either. There is also a trigger on the hilt that will cause the claymore to snap into twin broadswords, however, this can only be used once as a trump card.


Relationship With Others

Reputation: Is a bad ass in the eyes of men and a pervert in the eyes of women

(How people view your Character in General)

Friends: Unan Vertel and Quinton Giallo

Team: Team AQUA

Enemy(ies): Adam Taurus

The Character’s Abilities

Agility:   6/10

Swordsmanship:    10/10

Long Range Accuracy:   0/10

Defense:   7/10

Offense:   9/10

Aura:  7/10

People Skills:   5/10


Special Skill(s)/ Semblance:  (For example, a Faunus has Night Vision (skill), Pyrrha controls Polarity(semblance), etc)

 Arabynns skills are his incredible senses, this includes, perfect sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. His semblence, however, allows him to cover his entire body in scales, which act as a shield for him. This shield is capable of deflecting weapons that focus slashing. This includes, Ruby's Crescent Rose, Blake's Gambol Shroud, Jaune's Sword and more.


Brief History: (Must be at least 200 words / 2 paragraphs)

 Arabynn was born and raised in Menagerie. His parents were both respected hunters/huntress. At the age of 7, Arabynn began physical training with his mother and sword wielding with his father. At age 8, his family met the Belladonna family as guests, this is where he met his first friend, Blake Belladonna. However, 2 years later, his family had to move to Atlas due to an important mission given to his parents. Unfortunately, a week later, Arabynn was visited by James Ironwood who informed him of his parents death during their mission and how they were murdered by The White Fang. Overcome by depression, Arabynn ran away to travel the world as he swore to become stronger in the name of his parents. 
During his travel, he met his 2 friends Unan and Quinton who he took with him to travel and become stronger with. 5 years later, they all entered the Mistral Tournament to test their skills. Quinton made it to the quarter-finals, with Unan making it to the semi-finals, coincidentally both losing to the previous tournaments winner, Pyrrha Nikos, who in also beat Arabynn in the finals after he gave up half-way in the match even though he was beating her. It was for this achievement that the earned the nickname, "The Crimson Drake" 

Trivia: Arabynn doesn't know this, but at the age of 15, he caught the attention of Cinder Fall.

I would like to thank SoloZerker for this layout as he/she is the original owner.