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Sonic Meme of Boredom
The Huitzilopochtlion
Tekno the Canary
SAU 01 p9, For Science part 1
The Cohort Saga V-II
- Chapter 2 – Tool of Observation - 10 years ago… Through the psychedelic skies of the special zone, a black cloud permeated everything in vision, a deafening roar cutting through all sound. The cloud swarmed towards its destination, a red cloud already forming around the series of asteroids the darkness was descending upon. The red cloud paled in comparison to the black however, and it was soon encompassed entirely, and when the dark mass moved on, the red was gone. The black cloud surged forward once more, and fell upon the asteroids in one movement, and the noise ceased. As one, thousands of small obsidian figures descended upon the s
Chavtastic Magenta
SAU 01 p8, For Science part 1
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Terra Forma Power
Crimson Darkwolfe
Cohort Saga-I-I
Planet Mobius is a diverse and varied planet, with areas ranging from blistering desert heat to freezing arctic wastelands. No area on Mobius is stranger however then the Special Zone, an infinite expanse of psychedelic psuedo-reality with an almost arbitrary landscape populated by thousands of different life forms from the mundane to the abstract. One life form, not a resident of the Special Zone, but a mere visitor, could be seen surveying the landscape from a near spherical transport craft. The exceedingly rotund humanoid in the transporter stoked his long orange moustache and leaned closer to the front of his craft to gain a better vantag
Cohort Saga-I-II
Carmen Alabaster snapped open her eyes and looked toward the still dark sky above her bunk through the hole in the roof of her hut. "Best part of the day," she sighed quietly to herself. "Solitude, peace and darkness. Shame it doesn't last…" She mused, her pink eyes seemingly glowing. "3…2…1…" "04:00 hours. Slave units, arise!" Droned a tinny voice from outside the hut. Carmen groaned and rose with the rest of the slaves in the hut, smoothing down her albino fur and her long white hair. Heading toward the door with the long file of other "voluntarily impaired workers." She knew the penalty for tardiness, as did all the other workers. "04:0
Cohort Saga-I-III
"04:00 hours. Condemned units, arise!" Blared the voice of the guard outside their hut. The guard looked exactly the same as the overseers, excepting that its head section was painted black, and it had an array of weapons adorning its right arm. Carmen and Derek stood up and were frog-marched out of the hut to the Nutrition Distribution Center, where their cuffs were magnetically activated, securing them to the wall by their wrists. As the slaves were escorted into the room and seated, Derek started to blubber like a baby. Carmen glanced over in disgust at his lack of dignity and rolled her eyes. "Condemned Units Alabaster and Tristram, you
Cohort Saga-I-IV
The Mystic Cave Zone is an expansive place. It is also very easy to get lost in. It comprises of miles upon miles of winding interlaced caverns, all almost completely covered in a mysterious ivy-like plant that even decades of pollution have failed to remove. The ivy just made navigation even more difficult, as it shrouded entrances to tunnels and pitfalls all across the zone. All in all it made the perfect hiding place for the Cohort, even though Robotnik had his slave camps and guard stations near the outside, he had no hope of penetrating the depths of the caves. Carmen, Vicktor, Crimson, Arabella and Killian had been walking for hours, t
Cohort Saga-II-I
Carmen Alabaster sighed wistfully, raising her pink eyes to the stars. It had been six weeks now since the Cohort had rescued her, and although they had all been very kind, she did not yet feel they had fully accepted her. Folding her long body in half, Carmen sat down with her back against the ivy-covered wall that disguised the entrance to the Cohort's HQ, and rested the nozzle of the sub-machine gun that she had been issued with against the floor, confident that she would know if anyone was approaching. At least the Cohort gave her the privacy that she enjoyed, her previous accommodation and profession had not exactly held the same benefit
Cohort Saga-II-II
Two months have passed now, since the "chocolate" incident, and Carmen had learnt enough skills to make a valid contribution to any mission, and had been practicing a few skills of her own. "Wanna up the stakes?" Vicktor asked, his furry face deadpan, tossing a nutshell onto the pile in the center of the table. Black whistled, and folded. Dekker smiled and did the same. Carmen looked at Vicktor, and tossed one of her own nutshells onto the pile. Arabella was sitting on the edge of the table, not paying attention and fiddling with a small detonator. Gizmo was eating his nutshells absent-mindedly. "Are you two playing or not?" Vicktor asked,
Walkcycle and Fur Shading
Snox oculus Sculpture
Commission 'Brace for Impact'
Not Enough Torches
Sonic 20th: Archetype
Build-A-York Interactive Flash
Build-A-York Interactive Flash
Bowser scribble in 16 themes
Jenna the impala
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For all the ladies out there
I am an incredible perfect specimin of MANHOOD. i have LONG golden curls flowing down to my waist, it is ever so kawaii desu. I can't BELIVE no one has snatched these golden curls up yet i mean COME ON DENNIS THE GIRL you soft but firm lover just take me with that femanine smile of yours and those tiny hands of yours. you know what they say about small hands. big tits of corse MMMMMMMM GIRLS. i can't get over these todays women, all those curvs and skin in those places. yes. women. gotta love them and there big blurborous asses of unwaverinly stright society. demanding they shave. oh how i love shaven things they are ever so un-hairy and a
This is not a Journal
Man, I need to stop ignoring that message list.
I'll get to commenting on that list eventually, I swear by the Matrix of Leadership! The comments may be hideously out of date, but... whatever. Anyway, today I have offically declared WTF kaput. =( Yeah, I can't hack it anymore. Also today, I have started a WIP pic, which I shall update from time to time. It's like watching me draw, except, ya know, not. Themes: 01-Introductions; Done and dusted. 02-Love; Begun work =D Oh, and may I just say, I LOVE the current uploading/browsing system. It's a thing of great beauty, well done dA


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Pfffft, man hugs are the best hugs.
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Come out of your hiding spot dumbass!
I miss you!
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*Pokes his head out of the cave of lurking and yawns*

Did somebody call me? =V *Hugs* Yeah I don't come to DA much anymore.
...or anywhere on the interface really, I'm still about on MSN and Y!N though! And I do still arts it up sometimes.

I'll note you my contact details, hit me up sometime. Not literally though ;P
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if u like deadpool u have 2 check out my blog!
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My god, i thought your internet days had gone the way of "old yella"?

out back with a sawn off.

good day sah!
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