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Maybe it would give me more incentive to actually draw things more often...

But I'm not even sure what I would draw, or who the hell my target audience would be. What would you guys like to see/be willing to pay money for? Ponies and pony comics? Sexy humanized ponies and R34? Non-pony things? Would people be upset if I occasionally drew things that might not be to their tastes? tbh there are some things I've refrained from drawing just because I'm worried about that. Could I make separate Patreons for people who want to see one of those things but not the other?

Maybe I should make a poll for this or something...
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:iconcrimsonbugeye::iconsaysplz:I'm gonna draw something every week!!



Forget I said any of that! There's no way in hell a lazy-ass guy like me is gonna bother to do that!! I guess that shows how much a promise from me is worth. Never expect anything from me ever again!!(I'll still draw, but don't expect anything from me on a regular basis..!!)
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I know it's a bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

From now on I promise to upload at least one drawing per week. Even if it's just a crappy sketch!! If I don't put myself under some kind of pressure I'll never get anything done. I wrote my 10,000 word dissertation in two weeks and still got a good grade, so I guess I work better under pressure. If I don't upload at least one drawing a week I'll... I'll release all two of my shiny pokemon out in to the wild!
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On top of being lazy and still looking for a job, I also realized that over the last year or so I have actually hated the shit out of drawing.

It took me a surprisingly long time to figure this out!! 

It kinda hit me when I realized that I would look for any excuse not to draw, how I would sometimes literally work on something for a few minutes a day and then go and play video games. It doesn't help that I'm obsessive compulsive, and often check over the same thing over and over again. I also save. MILLIONS OF TIMES. It's a serious problem, even back when I was like 8 I would save my pokemon file a crap load of times before turning it off. 

Recently, I have been thinking about how important it is that you have fun while drawing. Lots of people have probably been through this, right? I will change my attitude towards drawing, and I'll try to have more fun and not get caught up in excessive planning. If you're having trouble drawing, then have a long hard think about who you're drawing for and why, and whether or not you're enjoying yourself. And if you're hating it, then be honest with yourself and admit it! That doesn't mean you have to give up. Just try doing things differently. 
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Aya Drevis is so cute I want her as my daughter

And I would be a good father instead of a batshit insane scientist 
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Sorry for the lack of stuff lately, but I have been trying(barely) to get a job. Oh who am I kidding I've just been playing video games. Recent games like Wind Waker HD and Pokemon X have had me rather distracted, and I suddenly started playing the Corpse Party games. Well, I've pretty much finished them all now, so I'll try to get more drawings done soon. 

Also, I would really like to try making a pony RPG. Does anyone know any good programs for making sprites/pixel art?  
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To be more organised I have made a new safe for work tumblr [link]

Now there won't be random porn mixed in with safe for work stuff :)
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Earthbound/Mother 2 just came outta nowhere on the Wii U virtual console

Also I got Paint Tool Sai, that line tool is really useful!
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I have been curious for a while now about paint tool SAI, and manga studio. I know that quite a lot of people use a combination of some or all of them, but I'm just not sure why that's necessary... I imagine each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, but is there anything you can do in one that can't be done in the others? All of my drawings so far have been done in Photoshop CS3... Which I feel is rather outdated, which is why I'm considering getting paint tool SAI and manga studio; I can afford them both, but I'm just worried about whether or not it would be worth it... 

Should I try new things, or stick with things that are outdated but still satisfactory? (because I am so indecisive I face this problem in many areas of life, like whether or not I should replace my ipod touch which is many years old and has a battery life like crap...)
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I finally decided to make a tumblr account [link]

I wanted to put a link to my deviantart page from there, but I'm having some trouble; I went to customize, then tried putting the link in the description, but when I click the link, it just says "The URL you requested could not be found" T_T

Anyways, I will probably post NSFW drawings there, sometimes...
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Please help me write my dissertation by filling in this short survey!!

I'm writing about how the video game industry is in trouble because of the availability of cheap smartphone games(like Angry Birds and stuff). Casual gamers who aren't that concerned with the quality of games and simply want something to play around with while commuting are now buying dirt-cheap games on their smartphones, which is more convenient for them, but has harmed the sales of retail video games. I mean, why should people bother buying a 3DS or a Vita when they have something that can play games as well as do a lot of other stuff?  This is bad news for companies like Nintendo, but could be advantageous for third-party developers who release their games across pretty much all platforms(consoles, handhelds, smartphones, PC etc.).

My argument is that smartphone games are cheapening the video game industry, so I have made a survey to find out about peoples' spending habits when it comes to buying games, taking into account factors such as: how often do people play games, how often do they buy them, what do they play them on, and how much are they willing to pay for them?

I will be really grateful to everyone who fills this thing in. It's only nine questions, so it should only take a minute!! Oh yeah, and question four asks how much you are willing to spend on games; since I am in the UK, the answers that can be selected are in pounds(), but if you use a different currency, then you can just go to google and type something like "how much is something dollars in pounds".

lol I imagine that most of the people who will carry out this survey will be bronies, not that I have a problem with that. Still, if anyone knows of any other good way I could distribute this thing, please tell me :)

Click here to take survey

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Season 3 is over!!! D:

I actually didn't really mind Twilight becoming an alicorn. What DID bother me was her becoming a princess... mostly because she had pretty much no say in the matter and has never once throughout the entire series expressed the desire to become a princess. Funnily, this contrasts with her personality in FiW, where Twilight ruthlessly pursues her goal to be a princess, until she finally gets Luna to hand over her princesshood in exchange for some bad advice on how to be more sexy.

I know I mentioned something about starting a tumblr rp blog but I guess I don't have the time after all... ;_; I will someday though...

I also got a new laptop, and it's much faster and more powerful than my old piece of crap. It has windows 8, which I hated at first, but I guess I'm somewhat used to it now. At least I can play Minecraft and other games.
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Okay, I think I got the hang of how to use tumblr now, so I'm thinking of starting an ask blog or a few... Does anyone have any tips? I mean, how many questions should I answer, and how often?(but I guess I should decide this stuff myself so that it fits in with my life, huh) Also, I know that you can post nsfw stuff on tumblr, but is there any kind of content filter? Or does one simply post porn and it appears on the front page for everyone to see?

Anyways, I hope to get started on some rp sometime soon(but as for ponies, I have no idea who I should rp...).
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Just moments before the new year I finished reading the horror manga "Uzumaki", which I decided to read all in one go out of curiosity, and I'm regretting it, because now my mind is full of fuck... and spirals. What a way to spend the end of 2012. D: Maybe if I rewatch Gurren Laggan my image of spirals can be redeemed.

Anyways, happy new year everybody!!
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(Admittedly, I haven't read many fanfics...)

I just finished reading "Background Pony" today, and.... I has a sad :(

I has such a big sad that I better draw something funny to cheer myself up before I kill myself...
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I just noticed recently that I have now got over 1000 watchers! Which I find surprising considering that I have uploaded so few things. I regret to say that I probably won't be uploading much for the next half a year or so either; I'm on my final year at university, and I don't really give a shit about studying economics, but I want a degree to fall back on in case I fail at my dream of becoming a comic artist(I probably gave the impression that I've been studying hard over the past few months, but really I've just been procrastinating like hell 8D). Anyways, after I get it out of the way I hope to draw a lot more stuff. :)
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So I went to the London MCM expo just last weekend... And I can't say I had a great time there... I've been there three times now, and every time I go, I just feel overwhelmingly self-conscious(and I'm not even cosplaying anyone. If I did I'd probably die). Maybe it's because I'm a pretty reserved guy, but I have never quite been able to fully embrace the Otaku culture; I still feel weird and uncomfortable when I see dakimakura and mouse mats with boobs. O_o Am I taking it too seriously? Or maybe I'm just normal, lol.

Anyways, one day I'd love to get a table and sell art or something. Once I get used to the atmosphere there and become a more well known artist.
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I have been here for quite a few months, but I haven't submitted nearly as much stuff as I would have liked to by now. I'm on holiday at the moment, and I don't have a job or anything. I have so much free time, but I'm still so slow!!! I would like to start taking commissions/requests at some point, but I'm so damn slow I'd probably never get them done :( I would also like the quality of my drawings to be at a more professional level. I have drawn everything so far with my cheap bamboo tablet, and I'm considering buying a Cintiq 12WX; being able to draw on an actual screen will probably enable me to work a hell of a lot faster than with my current crappy thing. I could afford one, but I'm also a bit reluctant to spend crap loads of money on stuff when I have student loans to repay. Not sure what to do...
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I spent the last week or so trying to get rid of a shitty rootkit that somehow invaded my computer(HOW!? It's not like I went on a bad website or anything). It wasn't helpful, considering I had exams during the last week as well.

Anyways, I asked for help on the MajorGeeks forums and got rid of it the next day. The guys on there are awesome, and I recommend that anyone who has malware problems go to them!!