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Aria Sonata WIP

Just a sketch.

When it's finished they may have more clothes
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Their relationship reminds me of Rei's and Serena's from Sailor Moon
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M-More clothes? Why not less? =D
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do us a favor and make it less clothes.please
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A wild mcdougle has appeard and has used harden :iconifyouknowhatimeanplz:
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"They may have more clothes" :iconspiderpmanplz:
Eboy4190's avatar
Looks awesome

"they may have more clothes" 
Really? Them eyebrows 
Why do they need more clothes? It's summer somewhere.
JnFProductions's avatar
Wow! They look amazing together.
d-tomoyo's avatar
Sonata my Wifu
dayamond567's avatar
Sorry, I can give permission to paint his sketches of aria and sonata, will give him credit for his work, I just need your permission
MinimoogVoyager's avatar
Pffft, who needs clothes?
silentpope's avatar
They don't really /need/ more clothes. 
TheMatrixman's avatar
Needs more tacos
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Aria looks so cool! And Sonata looks so cute!! Great job!
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