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While trying (and failing) to draw eyes looking down, I started using references and a mirror and ended up with quite a few sketches. Instead of letting them go to waste stuffed in a folder somewhere on my computer, I decided to make this reference sheet and upload it here. Hopefully someone might find it useful :D

And I apologise for any typos. I checked, but didn't double check XD

Thanks to everybody who has faved this! c: Theres too many of you to thank individually XD
Also, sorry for not replying to comments, I'm on this account now: =Rozzers so I won't be logging in here much anymore. c:
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It's true that the eyelids change shape as the eyeball turns in various directions.  Good observation!  BUT! You haven't made use of it, completely.  Look at the eyes on the left and right of the center pair - see how on both pairs the inside eye (the one near to the central pair) the shape of the lids is a mirror opposite of its partner?  In fact, however, because of the nipple shape or bump on the front of the ball over the iris, the lid will raise around the iris and, so, stretch straight across from the far corner.  Therefore, the lisd shapes will be the same, not opposites.  This is something cartoonists know and make use of all the time.  ( For example, look right < L < , look left > L >  where the dot of the pupil goes in the opening of the >)