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Lara Croft: Guardian of Light

My Lara Tribute to the new downloadable Tomb Raider title: Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light
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I just love it
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It's the little details that make me love this!
Lara888's avatar
Me loves this :3 (the face and hair is just godly!) Good to see some good TR art.Im sick of this whole XNALara porn =.=
Also Im playing GoL atm :D very good game.You can't see it in trailers.I thought it will be rather lame but Im glad that I was wrong.Though I hope the next "Lara Croft" will be made in a traditional view.
Sarkanybaby's avatar
Well, GoL isn't a Tomb Raider, but ironically that's the closest so far from Crystal Dynamics. And that's the only CD Tomb Raider-like game I'm interested in. XD
herofan135's avatar
Terrific work! Love her hair! :D
JamieFayX's avatar
what system? what game do you need to get it?
CrimsonArtz's avatar
It should be available for download on the XBox marketplace...;)
LavinceLara's avatar
I love this one! :heart:
CrimsonArtz's avatar
Aw! Thank you! ;)
LavinceLara's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:
crimsomnia's avatar
This is awesome! Fantastic work! :clap:
CrimsonArtz's avatar
Thanks so much! Glad you like; and awesome username! Obviously! ;)
crimsomnia's avatar
Haha thanks, yours as well :D & you're welcome! :)
whiteknight222's avatar
Nice back shot it's just great.
MrsDeGoeysCreations's avatar
Love it, I just love women that kick butt, this is awesome!Coloring is perfect and the weapons are drawn beautifully! She's tuff but still gorgeous!
CrimsonArtz's avatar
The best combination! ;) Thanks!
Jedd-the-Jedi's avatar
I love the dynamic turn of her head, her confident stance and the hair blowing in the wind; even though she is standing still in this drawing, it's very dynamic.
CrimsonArtz's avatar
Aw cool, thanks very much! ;)
demacrado-ensueno's avatar
Wooo, my youth-heroine! Am totally loving her boots :D
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