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Mute!Link X Male!Reader ~ Morse Code
A/N - The third and final part of my 'communication' mini series, the links to the first two are in the description if you haven't read them already
Morse Code
You frowned as a light breeze blew through your hair, turning your head and burying your face in the pillow in an attempt to keep the annoyance away from you. You really didn't want to wake up yet.
With a small huff of frustration, you rolled over in bed in an attempt to escape further, only for a smile to grace your face as arms wrapped around your [s/t] [build] body. You snuggled into the bare chest of the man you shared the bed with as he ran a hand soothingly through your [length] [colour] [style] hair, drawing a satisfied moan from you.
"Good morning Link." You told him softly, and in answer you felt his nose pressed against yours in a brief sign of affection before his lips met your own in the good morning kiss you would have pestered him for otherwise.
Perhaps waking up now wouldn't be too bad, you considere
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 22 7
???Chase Young x Genderfluid!Monk!Reader ~ Secrets
A/N - My friend said the OC he ships Chase Young with is gender fluid and I realised I'd never seen a fic with any character for a gender fluid reader and that needed to be changed. Immediately. (Immediately in this context meaning I started this back in May and it's been sitting there unfinished ever since)
Also reader as always is 18+ because no kids. Whether the monks+Jack are aged up or not is up to you because that really doesn't factor into this one

You let out a loud cry as the kick to your stomach knocked you back a few feet, your grip tight on your weapon as you glared at your opponent, stood smirking at you nearby. This was most certainly not how your day had been supposed to go.
The Wu you and the other monks had been tasked with retrieving didn't even seem to be that important, and you were pretty sure Fung had just sent you all out here to get the arguing a reasonable distance away for a while. So why was Chase here?
In fact, you probably already knew the ans
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 11 2
Erik x Male!reader ~ the Guy with Golden Eyes 2/2
[Part 2/2]
You knew that something was amiss the moment you opened your eyes from your troubled sleep to the gloom of the Persian's spare bedroom, where he'd been kind enough to stay until you'd had some time to think. The air was denser than it should have been, darker, and you'd have known that gaze on you anywhere.
"Erik," you mumbled sleepily, honestly unsurprised that he had turned up, though you had been expecting him sooner. A sharp intake of breath was your answer from his corner, and you sensed rather than saw as he made to leave. "Wait!" you tried quickly, and felt him pause, turning to focus on you as you sat up against the headboard with a yawn, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. "Talk?" it was the only word you could manage to get your point across in your still half-asleep state, but your lover seemed to understand.
Finally, he approached out of the gloom, stepping into the cracks of moonlight that managed to fit through the heavy curtains. You patted the space on
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 6 0
Erik X Male!Reader ~ THIS IS HALLOWEEN
A/N - Guess who just remembered after weeks of sitting thinking about Halloween and wishing he could join in that he could actually write something if he wanted to XD
Modern au but events leading up are the same, purely for me not having to go and look up what it was like in the past reasons (book Erik events w/out the ending (obviously))
Also I didn't realise until now but I live for sheltered and naive and innocent Erik

You clicked your tongue as you thought, staring between the three masks you had laid out on the bed in front of you. Honestly all three were far too informal for the annual masquerade but you didn't really care either way. You didn't really want to attend, seeing as Erik didn't and you'd be on your own, but you hadn't really had a good excuse when Christine had tried to convince you to go. The informal mask would be your protest. If you could choose one.
"What are you doing?" Erik's voice made you jump as your husband crawled onto the bed beside you and
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 14 3
Sidon X FTM!Reader ~ The Translator ~ Chapter 1
Chapter 1
You had never experienced relief to the magnitude that you felt it now, reaching the river near the Lanayru Tower, the first river the two of you had come across since descending Death Mountain. You had assumed that everything would feel cold after the heat of the home of the Gorons. Instead, your body seemed to have perfectly preserved the feeling of holy shit I'm burning alive and seemed incapable of feeling cool again on its own.
The river, on the other hand, was soothing as you waded into a calm area, one eye on your horses and gear, grazing aimlessly by the shore. Link had gone to claim the Tower, and judging by the number of monsters you'd seen around it he would be gone for some time, leaving you with plenty of time to recover from your most recent adventure.
You hated getting your binder wet but it was already soaked in enough sweat for it not to matter, and you thought little of your clothing beyond removing your tunic and trousers in your haste to get
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 17 8
Male!Cruella De Vil X Blind!Male!Reader ~Lifts RQ
You reached down to finish clipping the harness on [Name] (a dalmatian you had been told) as (s)he stood before you patiently, waiting for you to be done. You could hear his/her tail wagging, excited by the prospect of a walk even if (s)he was on duty at the moment.
With fumbling fingers, you searched the top of the nearby table until they came across your glasses, and you carefully slipped them onto your face. You found your folding cane and put it in the inner pocket of your coat in case you needed it at any point, before getting to your feet and gently taking the bar on [Name]'s harness, hearing the jingling of your house keys as you picked them up, along with your bag which you slung over your shoulder.
"Time to go, [Name]." You told him/her cheerfully, and your dog immediately led you through the small and tidy living room to the main hall and the front door, which you locked behind you as you exited into the hall outside your flat. You could hear a small group of people being row
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 37 9
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 12 (Collab)
Gideon X Male!Reader
The Rebel
Collab with PoetOfInsanity
Chapter 12
Note: POV Change again in this one
Gideon glanced back over his shoulder as the near-invisible Mitchell joined him, gesturing for the younger man to move on ahead and keep watch as he turned his attention back to the comms. His heart rate had been erratic at best since he'd seen you fall, and with both comms and exos down for a while the silence had been near unbearable. But the initial relief he'd felt when the systems had come back online had been drowned by fear when there was still no answer from you.
"_____, do you read me?" he felt rather than saw Mitchell glance back at him in concern as he tried again, having to hold himself back from screaming in frustration when there was still no answer from you. Where were you? You were strong - he prayed strong enough that you had survived the fall. Maybe you'd been knocked unconscious, but that left you vulnerable to the patrols - and there would be
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 2 2
Deucalion x Human!Male!Reader ~Training
A/N ~ Have some post-eyesight-restored Deucalion... sort of?
You gasped, eyelids fluttering and chest heaving under your boyfriend's skilled touch, his mouth at your throat trailing kisses along your exposed pulse point as his hands trailed down your clothed sides to find your hips. You moaned loudly, wrapping your legs a little tighter around his waist as you tangled your fingers in his dark hair. In some ways, you felt a little vulnerable like this. You were so fragile in comparison to the more powerful werewolf alpha. Deucalion felt so much more powerful than you, curled around you as he was, his heavier form pinning you to the bed you both shared, leaving you reliant on the trust you held for him that he wouldn't break you with as much ease as you knew he was capable. He knew not to bite, but other than that the two of you were discovering your limits together.
"_____," your name fell from his lips as they moved from your throat to meet yours, and you could sense his growing
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 5 5
Sidon X FTM!Reader ~ The Translator ~ Prologue
Of all the friends you had made in your life up to that point, none had ever made quite the entrance of Hyrule's champion.
You'd seen him coming a good minute or so before he actually arrived, paragliding over the the nearby hill towards you almost gracefully. You'd come to a stop in your walk to the local market in order to watch him. Graceful, controlled, silent. He dropped down, and there was a loud indignant squawk from the cucco as he caught its tail feathers by accident. A moment of complete silence, and then - you didn't even see anything coming, but one second everything was normal, and in the next the man was covered head to toe in angry cuccos. You couldn't help the burst of laughter that fell from your lips, but you ran over anyway, shooing the birds away and helping the stunned male to his feet.
He was mute.
You were fluent in a kind of sign language that was similar enough to his own outdated style that you could communicate.
That was all it took for you to
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 23 16
Male!Cruella X Male!Reader ~ Insecurities ~ Ch. 2
Curt was so engulfed in work from the moment he arrived at his office the next day that it drove out any and all comprehensible thought. So he could honestly say that the sudden appearance of an unknown young man in his doorway came as a complete shock to him, as he was moving from his own private workspace to his office. The man hadn’t noticed him yet, looking through a folder in his arms and standing in such a way that suggested that he had been waiting there for a while. His hair was [h/c] and [h/l], framing a rather fetching [s/c] face set with bright [e/c] eyes. He paused mid-step for a moment and was grateful that the stranger didn’t appear to have seen him yet as he swallowed nervously (what happened to the confident Curt De Vil he was so used to?! Although he knew the answer to that question came from one never-before-uttered word that had slipped so easily free the night before and had been echoing in his head all morning). Trying to distract himself from these tho
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 16 9
Uta x Male!Reader ~ Break (Gift)
A/N - This was a gift for my friend for finishing his dissertation, so proud of him right now <3 I don't know anything about the character and I don't watch the series, all I know is what I've been told, so apologies if he's a little ooc. Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy :3
Uta x Male!Reader ~ Break
You hummed [fave song] cheerfully under your breath, the sound drowned out by that of the printer as it spat out the invoices you were sorting for Uta for the new online part of the business (your idea, though it hadn't turned out quite as you had expected, though he had left you in charge of that area) and the squeaking of your office chair as you spun yourself round and round. Uta himself was working in the main room, so since you were on your own and your printer was known for being neither fast nor reliable, you had been left to entertain yourself.
Catching sight of a dark shape in the doorway as you spun past it you decided not to react, assuming he had only come in to
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 36 0
Erik x Male!reader ~ the Guy with Golden Eyes 1/2
A/n: loosely based on the song “the Girl with Golden Eyes” by Sixx:A.M., specifically the acoustic version, which I had on repeat when I came up with this idea. Have some darker Erik romance (same reader as the other two fics I wrote for him but before either of those) also I know I wrote Erik as having blue eyes in the lemon which he has in the film and I know he has golden eyes in the book and I don't know what colour I want to make his eyes now I probably won't even mention his eye colour why am I getting so worked up over this I'm sorry
You stirred in surprise at the sound of voices in the next room, sitting up in the bed you had been sharing with your partner for almost a month now. Waking up to Erik talking to himself in the adjacent rooms of the small subterranean house he had built himself was a common occurrence, but now (you had no way of beginning to guess the time without any hint of natural light) there was another voice added to the mix, and it  to
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 27 11
Nagato X Male!Reader ~ Yours
You crept quietly through the undergrowth of the forest, your full focus on ensuring that you were completely alone, unfollowed, and remaining as discrete as you could in the hope that it would remain that way. In the shadows of the trees you picked your way across to the riverside, to the large boulder near the waterfall that marked the entrance to your destination. Honestly you were a little relieved to see it as you got there, having only travelled to the place once and only in Pain's company, so while you had believed that you remembered the way you hadn't been completely sure of yourself.
Casting your chakra out around you in search of any other shinobi in the area, you finally hurried down the bank to the large boulder, taking a deep breath as you placed your right hand flat against the cold wet rock, the rushing water of the falls roaring in your ears as you imitated the hand sign your boyfriend had made with your other hand, directing
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 28 8
Mature content
Hannibal Lecter X Male!Reader ~ Up In Flames :iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 16 24
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 10 (Collab)
Gideon X Male!Reader
The Rebel
Collab with PoetOfInsanity
Chapter 10

You could feel your body trembling nervously as you made your way through the hallways of the Sentinel base in the direction of the dorms from the mess hall, arms through of [fave flavour] ice cream. Your months of anger and hurt and anxiety had been thrown into turmoil only hours ago when Knox had informed you that Mitchell and Ilona and Cormack were on their way back from Antarctica: and Gideon was with them.
Suddenly you had no idea how you were supposed to feel. Your heart throbbed with seeds of hope with the thought that you might be reunited with the man whom you had only recently come to think of as the love of your life - seeds which you refused to allow to grow. Love him you may - the pangs of agony that still flooded your heart with each thought of him were more than enough proof of that - but this was still the man whom had betrayed you to an Atlas that was only turning into a new KVA, despite knowin
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 9 6
Mature content
Erik X Male!Reader ~ Distractions (Preview) :iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 12 14

Random Favourites

England x Reader - Overburdened
    You woke up to an empty bed. You sat up, shutting the alarm off before looking around for your emerald-eyed husband. The shower was not on and there was no smell of something burning. Thank goodness.
    "Arthur?" You called out, taking a step out of bed. Then you noted the note propped against the alarm clock. In that neat cursive writing of his, he had left you a note. He probably didn't want to wake you up. You picked it up and glanced over it quickly.
Sorry love, got called into work early. Don't worry too much, see you tonight.
    You sighed. You should have expected that as it had been happening more and more. You placed it back down, before going to your closet and quickly choosing your outfit for the day. You had no meetings today to do over video
:iconfrozencrystalrose:FrozenCrystalRose 799 215
Teacher!Levi x Student!Reader: A Lesson Or Two
"Dammit! I'm late again!" You swore as you ran towards your first class of the day. Maths. Apparently, you had a new teacher. But you were late to class... Again. You weren't so good at maths and you sure didn't like it so much either.
As you entered your cursed maths classroom, you were 5 minutes late. But you did miss home room with (teacher). It wasn't so bad since the new teacher wasn't here yet. What kind of teacher starts teaching on his or her's first day arrives late? You went to your seat and put your bag down as you took your pencil case, notebook and textbook out.
Finally, after drawing a bit and talking to (best friend), the teacher arrives. He had jet black eyes and grey ey
:iconsinnamonbby:SinnamonBby 234 57
Adoration - Soldier! Levi x Reader [Modern AU]
“I promise I’ll be back”
If there was one person in the world you would want there right beside you; who would it be?
Watching the rain patter the window panes, you pressed a hand against its cool surface. There you felt the icy sensation leech all the warmth emanated from your hand. You sighed in pleasure.
So that’s what it felt like to lose some warmth and be replaced by something else. In many ways it reminded you of your longtime boyfriend Levi. What he took away, he always gave something else (usually better) in return.
Everyone would tell you how he was a boy that would never amount to anything. He was just a stupid crook that would always squander his way through life and if you had anything to do with him that you will live the same pathetic life.
You shook your head as you pressed your head against the frosty window. “That’s not true” you whispered.
Unlike everyone else, you had trul
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 685 55
Interesting - Levi x Reader (Attack on Titan)
    The situation went from bad to worse.  Everyone was scattered in the large forest and there was a whole horde of abnormals milling around – they attacked anything that moved, be it human or their own kind.  Levi was trying to round up the small group of cadets he had found;  he had sent his team to find the others so they could regroup faster, telling them to lead them to the original meeting location.  So far, two of the seven aberrant titans had been taken down;  the remaining monsters were all larger than eight meters.
    A shrill scream broke through the tense atmosphere, ruining whatever calm the younger members of the Survey Corps had retained.  A few of them rushed to help their comrade, who was in the hands of a normal titan, about six meters.  Levi sighed in aggravation and ushered the cadets in the direction that he had sent Petra before going to assist the four cadets that had rushed towards the larg
:icontmnt-l0v3r:TMNT-L0v3r 34 4
Tomorrow will be better (Suicidal!EnglandxReader)
The sky shone bright, a brilliant cerulean to match the cobalt of the sea. Seagulls darted about in playful swoops, enjoying the sunlight on their backs and the breeze in the air as they let out cries of joy.
Arthur Kirkland stared down past his feet. He was wearing a pair of  particularly good shoes today, which was quite unfortunate. But it was a special occasion, and he wanted to change his routine up a bit.
Right under his feet was a long metal rod to support a certain bridge. He hated it, hated the bridge with a passion.  Every single day, he would turn up the radio of his car to combat the steady hum of traffic as he passed by to go to work. The decorative spires of metal that jutted out from the bridge hadn't bothered him at first, but as time went on, they felt like prison bars.
A little past the rod was an unsuspecting seagull. It was content, preening its wings and relaxing in the shade of the bridge. Arthur almost envied its simplicity of mind: the bird was too stu
:iconleggles:leggles 42 28
Memories(Teacher!England x Student!Reader) Part 11
When you woke up the next day, your throat was sore and you couldn’t stop coughing and sniffling. And once again, the tissue box became your best friend.
Since you woke up pretty early, you decided to start the day with a warm cup of tea to soothe your aching throat. You decided not to go to school for at least two days – enough time for you to get back on your feet and get your dress for Halloween tailored.
Putting on the oversized sweater your aunt gave you last Christmas, you went to the kitchen and started warming up water for your tea.
You liked the sweater that you were currently wearing. However, you only wore it at home when it got cold or on Christmas. It was very soft and warm, red, had some snowflakes and a cute deer on it. This particular article of clothing always made you remember the (f/c) hoodie which was also given to you by your aunt. Not only was it (f/c) but it also had a really cool moose with sunglasses on it!
You giggled, remembering your birthday par
:iconsleepy-corinne:Sleepy-Corinne 32 28
Jealous PrussiaxReader Drabble
“Hey, Liebling?”
A very grumpy, “Why are you ignoring me?”
You hummed as you turned your head to look at your boyfriend, who had a very obvious pout on his face.
“What is it, Gil?”
Said albino huffed rather obnoxiously and crossed his arms. “You were ignoring me.”
You snorted faintly. “I was not.”
Gil whined and dropped his arms. “Yes you were! You weren’t listening to me!”
“I was reading, Gil. You know I don’t always hear things when I’m reading.”
Gil huffed again and went over to fall onto the couch with his face in your stomach. You shook your head in amusement but let him do as he pleased.
Once he was comfortable, he continued speaking in a very grumpy tone. “Why do you always pay more attention to your books than to me…”
Laughter could be heard in your voice. “Are you jealous of my books?”
A very pouty, &
:iconbluerose269:bluerose269 285 13
Hetalia x Reader - Overburdened
    You sighed, placing down your paperwork down on the table before rubbing your eyes. Your country, (C/n) just loved giving you paperwork, didn't they? You swiveled around in your chair, as you looked around the study that you shared with your husband. It was a large spacey room with one large, long, light brown desk with enough room for both you and him. Grinning slightly, you closed your eyes, rubbing them.
    The sunlight of the early morning streamed into the room, giving it a natural, luminous look that made you feel free, despite the paperwork. Books in both the languages of you and your husband filled the large bookcases lining the wall. The walls were a creamy colour and the curtains that surrounded your curtain was white.
    Around the room, there were pictures of your husband and his friends, you and your friends, but the main picture separating you and your husband's work area was your wedding picture. You looked at your laptop,
:iconfrozencrystalrose:FrozenCrystalRose 436 186
Hetalia Switzerland x Reader Stay With Me SongFic
~Stay With Me~
Listen while you read~
Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love 'cause I'm just a man
"Im leaving for the plane now." The beautiful woman infront of him said as she finished putting on her jacket. She turned to him as he sat up in bed, and pulled a shirt over his toned chest.
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?
"You know how to make me stay. Its not to late Vash." She said cooly, with a subtle hint of longing. Of course he knew how to make her stay, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. You see, Vash was a man of very little words and never spoke of his emotions at all costs. So when (Y/N) said she couldn't keep putting her heart and soul into a relationship without an 'I Love You' tossed in here and there, he never could say those three l
:iconlozlove14:lozlove14 55 17
Mature content
AU Prussia X DepressedBulliedReader-Your Savior 1 :iconanimaniac102:animaniac102 91 175
God Only Knows [Contest] [Thief!EnglandxReader]
Author's Note: This is a entry for a contest; this is a reader insert with Thief! England (Hetalia) on the songfic "God Only Knows" by MKTO. Enjoy, comment, and I hope you enjoy!

           "I’ve always said, I could never fall,         
           Because I love them all"

                “Hey Arthur!”
                “Hello, love.”
                “Good morning Arthur!”
                “Good morn
:iconanxnymous:Anxnymous 93 20
I Swear I'm Up to No Good (England X Reader)
I Swear I’m Up to No Good (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
    A/N: Hey guys!! Yeah, I know its been over 3 weeks and I'm terribly sorry TT^TT The reason why was becuase it took a week for my computer to get fixed, then mid-terms came along and slammed me into no return (I'm still alive though XD) and then I got writer's block DX It's like the world doesn't want me to write or something because I literally started at least seven new reader-chan inserts (one of them being the third Act to Everlasting Mission) and I COULDN"T FINISH THEM!! My brain was like Nope! you can't write or come up with any ideas what so ever... -__- that was my life until now that is. :3 ANY-way, here's a funny reader-chan insert after all most of my have been nothing but feelz lately so I thought why not have something happy for once! ^w^
    So please do enjoy and don't be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank you!! :tighthug:

    Knocking on a c
:iconkibbles518:Kibbles518 395 238
England x Male!Neko!Reader (Request)
                                  England x Male!Neko!Reader (Request)
             A/n: I'm really sorry guys for making you wait so long for stories, it's just school takes up all my time, and when I get home I have to a bunch of stuff or I have homework, but I promise starting tomorrow I will, and I mean it, I will at least write a few stories, I hope you guys aren't mad at me.
             It was Halloween and you decided to stay home this year, why because since everyone knew you were a neko, they'd bother you every year and ask you to go trick'or'treating, and of course you'd always refuse them, you'd even turn off all your lights so people wouldn't bother you.
             You were laying in your bed when you
:iconk-chann:K-chann 145 12
Surprise at the Con (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
Surprise at the Con (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
    A/N: Whelp here I am! Alive and well! Maybe not the well part but meh whatevs… Anyway, so sorry for the delay and for my disappearance. I have just been slammed with soo many different things and projects here at college so I barely had any time for anything including sleep. So I thank you for your patience’s and just to let all of my peeps know, I am going to have the third act for Everlasting Mission up next. That one is at the top of my list right now so just wait a liiiiittle longer and it will be there. =3= So further ado, I give you an entertaining/fluffy reader-chan insert. Please do enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank you!!!!!! :3
    Light hitting your sleeping face you groaned not liking how it was blinding your tired eyes oblivious to the fact you were being shaken awake. Sighing you qu
:iconkibbles518:Kibbles518 182 27


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