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Zhoom x Male!Reader ~ Out of Your Depth ~ 01
Zhoom x Male!Water Elf!Reader
Out of Your Depth
Chapter 1
The mouthful of sand was the main thing your mind was focused on when you came to the first time round. Muffled yells you couldn't really make out, someone being dragged past you, before moments later you were being lifted from where you were face-planting the ground, hauled over someone's shoulder with about as much grace as a sack of potatoes before a dreamless sleep retook you.
The next time you came to you were moving again. These movements were less smooth than those of the snapping camel. You'd been horse-riding a couple of times before (and hated it) and you figured that was what was happening now. You were vaguely aware of your back being flush against someone's chest, strong arms to either side of you, but you didn't have time to dwell on it as you slipped into unconsciousness once more.
The third time you awoke was the final time. You managed to open your eyes this time, stinging as they were in pr
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 3 3
Zhoom x Male!Reader ~ Out of Your Depth ~ 00
Zhoom x Male!Water Elf!Reader
Out of Your Depth

You hummed anxiously to yourself, playing with the illusion bracelet on your wrist as you meandered along the dark path that led from Amityvale. The trees were drawn too tightly together for you to make out what the weather might be like beyond the dense canopy. You longed to see the sun again, but the desert? That was too much. For all the spells Warlic had cast on you to make your life a little more comfortable (and livable at all) out of the water, you fully anticipated a painful and very dry death when you did get there.
Your master was sending you to investigate rumours of the Orb of Light being somewhere in the Sandsea. Too vague to send any of Falconreach's big heroes unless something actually came of it, so you were being sent on your not-so-merry way instead. 'Expendable', Nythera had snickered as the task was being assigned to you. You had to agree with her there, but your expendable arse would most defini
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 5 0
Alucard x Male!Reader ~ Mistletoe
A/N - My (late) piece for Christmas 2018 because I've finally been watching Castlevania on Netflix and I love all of the characters, really.
I feel like I should mention, I do love Trevor, he's just so much fun to make fun of that I can't help myself.

"Are you sure there's nothing you can do to warm things up? I thought you were supposed to be a magician." Trevor's whining cut through the stillness of the brisk winter air around the trio, and Alucard let out a long-suffering sigh, trying to ignore them in favour of the snow crunching beneath the wagon wheels, or the rabbit creeping through the undergrowth nearby, anything but them. He had to admit though, his companions provided a welcome distraction from the task at hand.
"I could always set you on fire, that would do the trick," Sypha replied drily, earning herself a frustrated growl from the taller man. "Baby."
"It's not my fault, my coat is in Gresit," Trevor grumbled, his mind clearly moving on to ot
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 31 19
Mute!Link X Male!Reader ~ Morse Code
A/N - The third and final part of my 'communication' mini series, the links to the first two are in the description if you haven't read them already
Morse Code
You frowned as a light breeze blew through your hair, turning your head and burying your face in the pillow in an attempt to keep the annoyance away from you. You really didn't want to wake up yet.
With a small huff of frustration, you rolled over in bed in an attempt to escape further, only for a smile to grace your face as arms wrapped around your [s/t] [build] body. You snuggled into the bare chest of the man you shared the bed with as he ran a hand soothingly through your [length] [colour] [style] hair, drawing a satisfied moan from you.
"Good morning Link." You told him softly, and in answer you felt his nose pressed against yours in a brief sign of affection before his lips met your own in the good morning kiss you would have pestered him for otherwise.
Perhaps waking up now wouldn't be too bad, you considere
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 35 29
???Chase Young x Genderfluid!Monk!Reader ~ Secrets
A/N - My friend said the OC he ships Chase Young with is gender fluid and I realised I'd never seen a fic with any character for a gender fluid reader and that needed to be changed. Immediately. (Immediately in this context meaning I started this back in May and it's been sitting there unfinished ever since)
Also reader as always is 18+ because no kids. Whether the monks+Jack are aged up or not is up to you because that really doesn't factor into this one

You let out a loud cry as the kick to your stomach knocked you back a few feet, your grip tight on your weapon as you glared at your opponent, stood smirking at you nearby. This was most certainly not how your day had been supposed to go.
The Wu you and the other monks had been tasked with retrieving didn't even seem to be that important, and you were pretty sure Fung had just sent you all out here to get the arguing a reasonable distance away for a while. So why was Chase here?
In fact, you probably already knew the ans
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 13 5
Erik x Male!reader ~ the Guy with Golden Eyes 2/2
[Part 2/2]
You knew that something was amiss the moment you opened your eyes from your troubled sleep to the gloom of the Persian's spare bedroom, where he'd been kind enough to stay until you'd had some time to think. The air was denser than it should have been, darker, and you'd have known that gaze on you anywhere.
"Erik," you mumbled sleepily, honestly unsurprised that he had turned up, though you had been expecting him sooner. A sharp intake of breath was your answer from his corner, and you sensed rather than saw as he made to leave. "Wait!" you tried quickly, and felt him pause, turning to focus on you as you sat up against the headboard with a yawn, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. "Talk?" it was the only word you could manage to get your point across in your still half-asleep state, but your lover seemed to understand.
Finally, he approached out of the gloom, stepping into the cracks of moonlight that managed to fit through the heavy curtains. You patted the space on
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 9 0
Erik X Male!Reader ~ THIS IS HALLOWEEN
A/N - Guess who just remembered after weeks of sitting thinking about Halloween and wishing he could join in that he could actually write something if he wanted to XD
Modern au but events leading up are the same, purely for me not having to go and look up what it was like in the past reasons (book Erik events w/out the ending (obviously))
Also I didn't realise until now but I live for sheltered and naive and innocent Erik

You clicked your tongue as you thought, staring between the three masks you had laid out on the bed in front of you. Honestly all three were far too informal for the annual masquerade but you didn't really care either way. You didn't really want to attend, seeing as Erik didn't and you'd be on your own, but you hadn't really had a good excuse when Christine had tried to convince you to go. The informal mask would be your protest. If you could choose one.
"What are you doing?" Erik's voice made you jump as your husband crawled onto the bed beside you and
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 16 3
Sidon X FTM!Reader ~ The Translator ~ Chapter 1
Chapter 1
You had never experienced relief to the magnitude that you felt it now, reaching the river near the Lanayru Tower, the first river the two of you had come across since descending Death Mountain. You had assumed that everything would feel cold after the heat of the home of the Gorons. Instead, your body seemed to have perfectly preserved the feeling of holy shit I'm burning alive and seemed incapable of feeling cool again on its own.
The river, on the other hand, was soothing as you waded into a calm area, one eye on your horses and gear, grazing aimlessly by the shore. Link had gone to claim the Tower, and judging by the number of monsters you'd seen around it he would be gone for some time, leaving you with plenty of time to recover from your most recent adventure.
You hated getting your binder wet but it was already soaked in enough sweat for it not to matter, and you thought little of your clothing beyond removing your tunic and trousers in your haste to get
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 29 17
Male!Cruella De Vil X Blind!Male!Reader ~Lifts RQ
You reached down to finish clipping the harness on [Name] (a dalmatian you had been told) as (s)he stood before you patiently, waiting for you to be done. You could hear his/her tail wagging, excited by the prospect of a walk even if (s)he was on duty at the moment.
With fumbling fingers, you searched the top of the nearby table until they came across your glasses, and you carefully slipped them onto your face. You found your folding cane and put it in the inner pocket of your coat in case you needed it at any point, before getting to your feet and gently taking the bar on [Name]'s harness, hearing the jingling of your house keys as you picked them up, along with your bag which you slung over your shoulder.
"Time to go, [Name]." You told him/her cheerfully, and your dog immediately led you through the small and tidy living room to the main hall and the front door, which you locked behind you as you exited into the hall outside your flat. You could hear a small group of people being row
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 49 9
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 12 (Collab)
Gideon X Male!Reader
The Rebel
Collab with PoetOfInsanity
Chapter 12
Note: POV Change again in this one
Gideon glanced back over his shoulder as the near-invisible Mitchell joined him, gesturing for the younger man to move on ahead and keep watch as he turned his attention back to the comms. His heart rate had been erratic at best since he'd seen you fall, and with both comms and exos down for a while the silence had been near unbearable. But the initial relief he'd felt when the systems had come back online had been drowned by fear when there was still no answer from you.
"_____, do you read me?" he felt rather than saw Mitchell glance back at him in concern as he tried again, having to hold himself back from screaming in frustration when there was still no answer from you. Where were you? You were strong - he prayed strong enough that you had survived the fall. Maybe you'd been knocked unconscious, but that left you vulnerable to the patrols - and there would be
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 4 2
Deucalion x Human!Male!Reader ~Training
A/N ~ Have some post-eyesight-restored Deucalion... sort of?
You gasped, eyelids fluttering and chest heaving under your boyfriend's skilled touch, his mouth at your throat trailing kisses along your exposed pulse point as his hands trailed down your clothed sides to find your hips. You moaned loudly, wrapping your legs a little tighter around his waist as you tangled your fingers in his dark hair. In some ways, you felt a little vulnerable like this. You were so fragile in comparison to the more powerful werewolf alpha. Deucalion felt so much more powerful than you, curled around you as he was, his heavier form pinning you to the bed you both shared, leaving you reliant on the trust you held for him that he wouldn't break you with as much ease as you knew he was capable. He knew not to bite, but other than that the two of you were discovering your limits together.
"_____," your name fell from his lips as they moved from your throat to meet yours, and you could sense his growing
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 6 5
Sidon X FTM!Reader ~ The Translator ~ Prologue
Of all the friends you had made in your life up to that point, none had ever made quite the entrance of Hyrule's champion.
You'd seen him coming a good minute or so before he actually arrived, paragliding over the the nearby hill towards you almost gracefully. You'd come to a stop in your walk to the local market in order to watch him. Graceful, controlled, silent. He dropped down, and there was a loud indignant squawk from the cucco as he caught its tail feathers by accident. A moment of complete silence, and then - you didn't even see anything coming, but one second everything was normal, and in the next the man was covered head to toe in angry cuccos. You couldn't help the burst of laughter that fell from your lips, but you ran over anyway, shooing the birds away and helping the stunned male to his feet.
He was mute.
You were fluent in a kind of sign language that was similar enough to his own outdated style that you could communicate.
That was all it took for you to
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 30 18
Male!Cruella X Male!Reader ~ Insecurities ~ Ch. 2
Curt was so engulfed in work from the moment he arrived at his office the next day that it drove out any and all comprehensible thought. So he could honestly say that the sudden appearance of an unknown young man in his doorway came as a complete shock to him, as he was moving from his own private workspace to his office. The man hadn’t noticed him yet, looking through a folder in his arms and standing in such a way that suggested that he had been waiting there for a while. His hair was [h/c] and [h/l], framing a rather fetching [s/c] face set with bright [e/c] eyes. He paused mid-step for a moment and was grateful that the stranger didn’t appear to have seen him yet as he swallowed nervously (what happened to the confident Curt De Vil he was so used to?! Although he knew the answer to that question came from one never-before-uttered word that had slipped so easily free the night before and had been echoing in his head all morning). Trying to distract himself from these tho
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 17 9
Uta x Male!Reader ~ Break (Gift)
A/N - This was a gift for my friend for finishing his dissertation, so proud of him right now <3 I don't know anything about the character and I don't watch the series, all I know is what I've been told, so apologies if he's a little ooc. Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy :3
Uta x Male!Reader ~ Break
You hummed [fave song] cheerfully under your breath, the sound drowned out by that of the printer as it spat out the invoices you were sorting for Uta for the new online part of the business (your idea, though it hadn't turned out quite as you had expected, though he had left you in charge of that area) and the squeaking of your office chair as you spun yourself round and round. Uta himself was working in the main room, so since you were on your own and your printer was known for being neither fast nor reliable, you had been left to entertain yourself.
Catching sight of a dark shape in the doorway as you spun past it you decided not to react, assuming he had only come in to
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 38 0
Erik x Male!reader ~ the Guy with Golden Eyes 1/2
A/n: loosely based on the song “the Girl with Golden Eyes” by Sixx:A.M., specifically the acoustic version, which I had on repeat when I came up with this idea. Have some darker Erik romance (same reader as the other two fics I wrote for him but before either of those) also I know I wrote Erik as having blue eyes in the lemon which he has in the film and I know he has golden eyes in the book and I don't know what colour I want to make his eyes now I probably won't even mention his eye colour why am I getting so worked up over this I'm sorry
You stirred in surprise at the sound of voices in the next room, sitting up in the bed you had been sharing with your partner for almost a month now. Waking up to Erik talking to himself in the adjacent rooms of the small subterranean house he had built himself was a common occurrence, but now (you had no way of beginning to guess the time without any hint of natural light) there was another voice added to the mix, and it  to
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 30 11
Nagato X Male!Reader ~ Yours
You crept quietly through the undergrowth of the forest, your full focus on ensuring that you were completely alone, unfollowed, and remaining as discrete as you could in the hope that it would remain that way. In the shadows of the trees you picked your way across to the riverside, to the large boulder near the waterfall that marked the entrance to your destination. Honestly you were a little relieved to see it as you got there, having only travelled to the place once and only in Pain's company, so while you had believed that you remembered the way you hadn't been completely sure of yourself.
Casting your chakra out around you in search of any other shinobi in the area, you finally hurried down the bank to the large boulder, taking a deep breath as you placed your right hand flat against the cold wet rock, the rushing water of the falls roaring in your ears as you imitated the hand sign your boyfriend had made with your other hand, directing
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 30 8

Random Favourites

Thranduil x Reader: Warmth
*** Meleth- My love, or Love

:bulletpurple: Thranduil x Reader: Warmth :bulletpurple:

(F/n) was cold.
Though it wasn’t the kind of freezing sensation where you shivered and turned blue. But rather, the odd feeling of an internal frost of the soul.
Physically, she was fine. . .  But on the inside, the woman was on the brink of breaking down. Her emotions played viciously in her groggy mind, making her begin to shake as her panic attack hit her full force.
It had been a dream, that had caused her to awake in a cold sweat and near panicky state. A simple, and disturbing replay of what her life had been like before she was thrust to Middle Earth.
Before she had traveled between the worlds, through the crack of time and ancient magic, the mortal woman had lived a life of drudgery and stress. And now as she laid in the gloom of her chamber, the past taunted her relentlessly.
It had only been four years since she
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 208 60
Gabriel x F!Reader - The Worst That Could Happen
(A/N: Not flagged as mature, but we all know where Gabriel ended up. If you DON'T know where Gabriel ended up, then this is a SPOILER WARNING and you're agreeing to read this at your own risk in both cases!)
You glanced around the small motel room, looking for something to do. You'd decided to go on a impulsive road trip.
As a result, you were now staying in some kind of small town with nothing to do. You'd already eaten at a restaurant a few blocks away, bringing some pie back for dessert later if you got hungry. You'd taken a shower. You had decided against going out and trying to find something interesting in town; any bars or nightlife would probably just bore you.
The room was fairly barren as well. Standard room, two beds. Empty desk. A few desk lamps. Coffee machine that you didn't even want to trust. Nightstand, the pie you had yet to eat inside a to go box. Your duffel bag in the corner. A small television that you doubted even worked. But you decided to test it.
You shrugged.
:iconskyphoenix13125:SkyPhoenix13125 31 7
Romania x Bullied! Reader
The floors gleamed bright white, shiny and freshly polished, offering a reflection of the cracked tile ceiling.  White washed walls stretched out in endless hallways, ringing with the sound of running feet.  A lone figure ran through the empty corridors, pace quickened by fear.  The small (h/c) sent a panicked glance over her shoulder, rounding the corner quickly.
She tripped over her own two feet, slamming harshly into the wall. Sliding down, her knees met the floor as she exhaled in relief, hearing no footsteps in pursuit.
Her uniform was ripped and dirty; stockings torn to reveal scrapped knees, jacket muddy with thick dark silt.
Shakily, she peered around the corner, hoping anxiously to see no one. "Boo!" Her scream echoed down the hall as she fell forwards, smashing her delicate face against the hard tiled floor. "Woah! Sorry! Didn't know you would scare so easy..."
A foreign voice reached her ears as strong hands lifted her up to face the unknown individual. A clot
:iconaggressivefangirling:AggressiveFangirling 41 21
you bring joy [canada]
The sun’s light made a contact with your face, but your eyes did not open. You enjoyed the warm embrace of your boyfriend on this cold, yet sunny morning in Canada. Your nose was freezing so you tucked yourself deeper in the blankets thus you were warmer and safer from the coldness. The silent snoring next to you predicted that you have only like less than 10 minutes to make breakfast. Don’t ask how you knew that, it’s just that every time you went to make breakfast and surprise Matthew in bed, he would sneak out of the sleep-giver and snatch some more orange juice from the table. When you asked why he does that, he answered that he just simply can’t stay in bed without you.
You were in love with him from the moment he said that he just want someone to notice him. This made your heart break, but also made his one beat with joy. There was someone. Someone that will stay. Let’s just say that every time you looked into him you would see fields filled with pur
:iconvictenstein:Victenstein 20 12
England x Royal!Reader: Duties
    As the oldest child of two daughters of the king and queen of England, I was one of the most important people in the entire country (right after my parents). Not only that, but I had men lined up for me, right at my feet. For most people, this was a fantasy. For me? It was a nightmare.
    While I enjoyed being a young lady that was wanted by even the most attractive young men, it was exhausting. My parents talked of marriage as though it didn't matter at all how I felt about the subject. I had young men over almost every week. My parents sized all of them up, wanting the absolute best: great with money, very attractive, and being able to start a family.
    Today was another one of those days. Another young man was sitting on one of our couches, looking like he was about to piss himself. It was almost funny, if he hadn't been asking for my hand in marriage. The living room had become more of a conference room: my mother and father sat on either side o
:iconthewritingartist0203:TheWritingArtist0203 82 3
Gentleman or Not? (England x Reader)

~England x Reader~
(Hetalia Fic)
You were america's best friend. Sure, he was obnoxious at times...he was also an idiot at some times too....not to mention that he can get a little annoying....BUT you were able to see past this and you two became besties!!
You've heard about all of the countries from him, but you've never got to meet them which means you don't know what they look like, which could be a problem. 
There you were, at one of the world conferences accompanying Alfred. You sat down and watched as more and more countries piled into the room. They all looked so cool!!
You shifted a little and the chair felt a
"The hell?" you moved around on the chair a little more to see what was up with it until a quiet and soft voice spoke up, "Um, excuse me...but can you get off of me?" 
"WAH I'M SORRY-America?" you stood up and looked at the guy who looked almost exactly like your bestie.
"Why does everyone
:iconrawrimaotaku:RawrImaOtaku 28 4
England x {Country} Reader | Family Time
Family Time
A/N: This will include England x Reader + Chibi/Child America.
{Name} was awoken by her sleep due to the sunlight shining into the room, specifically on her side of the bed. The bed which she shared with her husband who she had met when he was on a voyage to discover new lands, he had claimed she was too beautiful to not be accompanied and was taken on adventures to new countries with him. Though she wouldn't call it taken, that's what her elder brother, Sweden had deemed it as, being Åland Island she was governed over by Sweden along with Finland, though see didn't see it as governed, more like raised by and protected.
"Morning love." England, also known as Arthur Kirkland had woken up due to his wife hiding from the sunlight, she'd placed her head on his chest and pulled the duvet over her head.
"God morgon." The woman had responded while Arthur removed the duvet from her head, almost falling back to sle
:iconstargazingfromspace:StarGazingFromSpace 10 0
Feelings|Mewtwo x Scientist!Reader
"Hey are you feeling today?" You asked the Legendary calmly, though it seemed kind of forced because of how nervous you were.
Your coworkers, as well as the lead scientist, were behind you, observing your interaction with their creation: Mewtwo. You've worked on many projects regarding Mewtwo in the past, but unlike those Mewtwos you met, this one in particular seemed incapable of feeling...anything, not even pain. He didn't hate humans, nor loved them. He was...neutral to them in a sense.
"To be honest, Miss [l/n]...I'm not sure how I feel," he answered quietly.
'Just as I predicted..' You sighed. Even though Mewtwo was genuinely polite and never disobeyed, it apparently wasn't enough. The lead scientist wanted him to feel something, and so many tests have been run to try and get him to feel pain, joy, anger...but they all failed.
With you as their only hope, you were assigned to have one-on-one talk sessions with Mewtwo to see if he'll "open up" t
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 342 25
Mature content
Bar scene (Male reader x Gabriel) :icondrade666:drade666 50 16
Mature content
Playing (Gabriel x Male reader) :icondrade666:drade666 38 1
Mature content
dark nights and whisky :icondrade666:drade666 49 10
Mature content
full moon fever (Dean x Male werewolf reader) :icondrade666:drade666 159 52
Mature content
Unexpected (Dean X Male!Reader) :icondrade666:drade666 146 35
Mature content
A gentle touch (Gabriel x Male! Reader) :icondrade666:drade666 85 26
Mature content
Bond (Gabriel x Male angel! reader) :icondrade666:drade666 148 22



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I just want to wish you all a happy new year, I hope you all have a wonderful 2019. I do intend to hopefully be writing more this year, but we'll see how that goes. My new years fic will be being written tomorrow afternoon and then I have Ryan's very late birthday present to work on so hopefully you'll enjoy those for the moment. Other than that I have lots of ideas for fics, it's just actually writing them that would be the issue XD

Anyway, we'll see how things go.

I love you all and I hope to see you all next year :3

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Behind Your Mask (Uta x Reader)
Requested by Yasmeeeen ! :)
Because of you, I can laugh, smile, cry, and dream whenever I need to, however much I need to. Because of you, I know I never have to be afraid of being judged or left behind. Because of you, I never need to worry about this ugly face of mine. Because of you, I will forever know I am loved.
You stood at the front of the crowd, your hands joined with Uta, who stood across from you, wearing his usual expressionless face. You shifted your feet as your dark, blood red dress fluttered around your ankles. You glanced for a moment, at Yomo, who stood beside the two of you, his eyes closed, deep in thought.
“(Name),” Yomo said finally.
You inclined your head to indicate that you were listening.
“Do you take Uta to be your lawful wedded husband?”
There was a sharp intake of air from everyone in the room. As the silence dragged on, you inhaled softly,
Accept You (Hideyoshi Nagachika x Reader)
Requested by totorooooooo ! :)
More. More. More.
You feasted hungrily, not paying any heed to the blood that covered your clothes and hands. You bit down into the human arm, relishing in the blood that splattered onto your face. You licked your lips, sighing in contentment.
So delicious…
I want more.

This taste...this was excruciating to ignore during the day, where you were just a normal college student who attended Kamii University.
You stopped, releasing the decapitated hand, which dropped limply to the floor with a thud. You backed away from the body, falling to your knees and staring up at the darkening sky above.
What am I doing?
I promised myself that I would control it.
For him.

A blonde haired boy flashed into your mind, his hand raised in greeting and his smile brighter to you than even the sun. He was the only one who cared for you, cherished you.
You jolted and your kagune dissipated into th
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Thank you for all fo the generous faves on Prince of the Wild! I'm glad to see you're enjoying the story and I hope you enjoy the last few chapters over the next few weeks.
Crimson-Ward Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Honestly, I should be thanking you, that story is amazing, you had me hanging on every word and I loved it. And it's so well written as well and really really awesome :D
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That is very high praise, especially coming from one of dA's main gay Male Insert writers! I'll be sure to do my best on these next few chapters.
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Oshawott Surprised Happy Plz APH Italy Roll Squeal 

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