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Steampunk Goggles Tutorial

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My Steampunk Goggles Tutorial, replicated from my blog post on my Cosplay, Comics & Pop Culture site @ The Neo Tokyo Project [link]

Check out the blog entry [link] for more details.

If you like my work, please do follow me on Facebook @ [link] too! ^_^

My blog is in the running for the Singapore Blog Awards.

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SoulTroll729's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial! I'm new at cosplay and I love Steampunk and this is very helpful to me so thank you very much!
SilentForMyOwnGood's avatar
Hello, I would like to make some goggles exactly like this. Most of them are displayed in a plastic case, so I can't really get a good look at what I want to buy. I don't have time or money to buy and test out a bunch of different goggles.
Could I please know what exact pair of goggles you bought ASAP?
Otherwise I'm not sure how I'll pull off my cosplay before the end of the month.  Sad dummy

Thank you for reading!
Crimson-Shirou's avatar
It's just a cheap pair of $2 swimming goggles from a discount store.
Rococospade's avatar
Beautiful work and a great idea. Thanks for sharing!
Skye-Rhyder's avatar
1. That's unfair!
2. I liked the blue.
Titanium-Alex's avatar
This is awesome! I'd love to try it :D Better think of how much money I'm spending though, I have a bunch of family birthdays and stuff coming up xD
anastassia-bear's avatar
This is awesome!! Trying tomorrow. Thanks!
RedMeg's avatar
This is a great tutorial, thanks for putting it up!
iamnotafreak1's avatar
Sorry for being that one asshole to bring homestuck into this, but this really helped me for how I'm going to make Steampunk!Sollux goggles. Those ones look really cool. This was really helpful! :D
Crimson-Shirou's avatar
Hey, glad it was of help, Homestuck or otherwise. :)
iamnotafreak1's avatar
I thank you for this. Lol. :D
xNovenusPrimex's avatar
Cool!!! I can't wait to try this, I just have to get the stuff for it!!! It looks like fun!cc
Crimson-Shirou's avatar
Hope you have a great time building it! ^^
Bekybooo's avatar
Thank you so much for this, I really needed to know how to make some goggles for my cosplay and this (without the cogs) is pretty much exsactly what I need!! Thank you so much <3 xx
Crimson-Shirou's avatar
No worries! Glad you liked the tutorial!
Vinagewritess's avatar
Thanks, I shall make them soon! since I live where they sell Swimming goggles all year long, I can finally have those goggles <3
Jaytess's avatar
i would just turned one red and kept the other one blue :D

but thanks so much thats awesome! OuO
Emmi-Kat's avatar
I think I love you. :stare: I'm definitely going to use this!
ARC-20017's avatar
Thank you for making this... that's all I can say in words
mrsmyrnin's avatar
thanks this is really helpful because at my age its kinda hard to get a job to get money to buy expensive steampunk goggles XD
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