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Hullo there! Don't mind me, I'm just an amateur artist who likes to draw Halo and other things.

Favourite Visual Artist
A lot at the moment. Not going to list them all.
Favourite Movies
Marvel cinematic universe, wallace and gromit films, the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, Oblivion, Avatar, ice cold in Alex, Princess Mononoke, Iron Man and a lot of others
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor who (classic series and modern series), Anything by David Attenborough, topgear, Farscape, Dad's Army
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Phil Collins, Howard Shore, jeff wayne, men at work, queen, John Powell, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay
Favourite Books
Empire of the Seas, Ahriman Omnibus, the eagle of the ninth, the War of the Worlds, the Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit, Night Watch, Feet of Clay, THUD!,
Favourite Games
Halo 4, Subnautica, Superflight, Portal 2, Minecraft, Skyrim
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, pen, rubber, paper, computer, snipping tool, paint and whatever else I can get
Sorry about the lack of activity here lately, I have a ton of Halo-Ween to drop here but it takes a little bit to submit. I'll have it all in by the end of the week!
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Page 3 of 'Borrowed without permission' is going to be a bit late. I had a lot of stuff this week and only started it today...sorry guys. But if I try to do it all today and rush it, it's gonna look awful. My friend says it best: 'Be better, not fas
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Hello, friends and watchers. Crimson-Quill-086 here. You've probably noticed that my account has been very quiet lately...well, there are a few reasons for that. It's been a difficult time recently...and I'm not just talking about the Covid-19 crisis, or the lockdowns that resulted. Ever since I joined Deviantart, back in 2012-13, I have had a personal problem that I have struggled to get over. I won't elaborate what it was, but I was frequently depressed, demotivated and prone to procrastination. This problem really came to a head in the time period from summer 2019 to now, where I realized just how terrible this problem I had was, and how important it was to tackle it. I had also become very demotivated with my Deviantart account, over the fact that very few of my deviations received any feedback when I published them, besides a few watchers. I felt like I was just throwing them up to be lost in the endless sea of deviations that this site has. Couple that with a sudden influx of
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Hi mate. If you had been with me today at MCM London Comic-Con, you probably wouldn't have enjoyed yourself very much if you had come.

As you know, Alice decided not to attend due to self-isolation because of Covid 19 . . perfectly understandable . . so at least we know why she's not at MCM this time.

Today was the worst MCM event I've ever been too. It was dull as a brick. Half of the usual amount of attendee's never turned up, no doubt due to Covid-19 reasons clearly, and half the amount of dealer's stalls and other things normally found at MCM was not there at all.

So if you can imagine a big building being used to host a very popular Comic-Con, packed full of happy convention goers and loads of great things to see . . and than half the amount of people attending and things to see, than you end up with a building with so much floor space not being used to it's full potential, and a feeling that people have turned their backs on the event because it's become boring.

The only good thing about today was seeing a stall for the Sci-Fi store Forbidden Planet.

Sadly for me, the anime / manga retailers TokyoToys did not appear at all, that's the first time ever that I've not seen them attend, so sadly for me I never got to meet my friends, Sam and Jade, who I know from TokyoToys, at all. Last time we met was almost 2 years ago during the last MCM, Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October 2019.

Me and Tokyo Toy's Sam - MCM / Comic-Con, Oct 2017
Me with Jade from Tokyo Toys [LMCME]

Even the good ship Tardis was missing this time.

Action Man encounters the Tardis

I'm going back on Sunday with my sister. She's got the Loki actor Tom Hiddleston to look forward too.

Hopefully May 2022 MCM will be a fantastic return to form for MCM . . and hopefully the return of Alice too. She wrote a posting on her Facebook 23 hours ago.

Just found this Video filmed there this morning. Show's you how I saw it today.

I wish you and your sister a long and happy day. Sorry to hear that it was such a bust. Well, hopefully the meeting will be worth it at least.

Covid has affected many things, and a lot of people feel unsafe in the open with the new variants cropping up, and flu season occuring. In time, things might return to a...sense of normality.

Take care, and stay safe.

Hi bud, I don't know if you own an X-Box, but if you do, this Halo Master Sargent is happy to hold your controller for you ;)

I may not own an XBOX, but I do have a controller. I often daydream about this thing, but I haven't been able to find it. Cheers for the thoughts!

Hello mate. I'm afraid I may have a touch of bad news for you.

According to my sister last night, she informed me that, a few day's ago on Instagram, our dear friend Alice is sadly not going to be attending this coming October's MCM London Comic-Con event, as apparently, she wishes to continue shielding from home for the time being.

I know how much it's ment to you to meet Alice and myself, but if that is the case, than it's one we have to respect. I personally am gutted, as I've wanted to reunite with a lot of good friends, Alice herself being one of them, but I respect her wish to remain shielding from home if that's what she wants, and I'll do my best to have a good couple of day's, even if she is not there.

Course, if you are still interested in attending, than at least you have a reason to come, as I'll be there :)

So yeah, sorry for the apparent bad news, but I thought I'd give you the heads up, rather than have you show up at MCM and be told by me in person that Alice is not attending, otherwise it would feel like a wasted journey for you if you do travel from Ireland to London.

Alice / DestinyBlue at MCM London Comic-Con

Thanks for letting me know. I shall see how the year to come turns out.