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challenge me, if you dare

there goes another one - drew it on a stream but couldn't finish due to SAI crashing and my tablet forgetting how to proper 'tablet' - so the upload was a bit delayed :)

Jackalope and Cabal by crimson-nemesisJackalope - reference sheet by crimson-nemesis
character and design are mine and not to be used in any form by anyone else! (no editing, no rp-ing, no copying, reuploading etc.)
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Autobot or Decepticon?

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lol her tail is so CUTE!! XD along with her whole design being cute XD awesome art btw XD
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you are very observant
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I challenge you to a dance off~ 
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Aaand we get to see her gorgeous face! She's so pretty X3
I love how these portraits are turning out, they're amazing!
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I was thinking long if I actually should reveal her face and how it would look XD glad to know she turned out pretty enough ;D

Thank you!
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he look really great ^^ good work :)
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thanks ^^ and btw Jack is a girl ^^
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ups my bad XD
and you are welcome :hug:
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omg it's her face!
It's beautiful :love: 
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no problem! I love your artwork so much~ :love:
i don't get how you can do such think clean lineart :XD: ! it is really hard 
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that looks so super awesome looking so well on this =3
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 Sky: Challenged accepted!!

 XD But seriously, awesome Rabbit! X3 I really thought that was a mask, but his face! :D it's gorgeous!!

 Watch out cotton tail! Hop may just find you in the future, thought of course, Henry will be fancy as fuck. XD With his cane, top hat and monocle.
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oooh :O i didn't know it had a mask! thought it was his face xDu
great drawing C:
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