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adoptable _180921 (OPEN)

auction ended with no result so this fella will be available for a set price of 135€ :3 

drew this before my vacation and colored it yesterday to text out my new tablet - lines are traditional, colors digital :D owl-inspired char with some pretty claws and slender feet. Has very good audios and will hear people talk shit a mile away - then come running to smack them over the head for being rude. 

also did some sketches since those reactions/expressions were on my mind all the time while drawing this char - I imagine they can turn their head at least 180° and also hunch it down to the shoulders:
Adoptable 180921 Additional Doodles by crimson-nemesis

the traditional black/white linework can be send via mail for an additional 10€ for tracked shipping and handling. Insured shipping only if requested and additionally paid for. Due to my current workload I'll not be accepting any additional work for this char - if that is requested, owner has to apply for commissions slots once they open. 

preview of the original traditional linework  Adoptable 180921 Lines Preview by crimson-nemesis 

if you take part in this auction/ if you buy this design you automatically agree, and are bound to the rules and conditions below:
Bullet; Blue buyer receives a digital full res version without text watermark as soon as payment/items arrived. The bunny logo remains.
Bullet; Blue Additions or alterations to the design can be made for an additional price but need to be negotiated individually. I have the right to refuse any changes or additional work.
Bullet; Blue if you buy you can do with this design/character whatever you want, except copying extensive parts of the design for other chars or altering the design without my written consent
Bullet; Blue you are not allowed to resell or trade or alter/edit this artwork. You may resell/trade the character but not this artwork - if you want to resell/trade the character you'll have to draw the char on your own and sell your own artwork of it.
Bullet; Blue if you sell or trade this character, inform me of the new owner so I can keep track
Bullet; Blue if you consider selling or trading this character, you need to talk to me first for I might want to buy them back or trade them for artwort
Bullet; Blue this design is meant for private use only
Bullet; Blue you are not allowed to claim that you created this design
Bullet; Blue you are not allowed to remove or crop my signature or my bunny logo
Bullet; Blue if you buy this design and want to reupload it, please give credit (link to the original upload and link to my profile) - if you reupload full body, use a watermark for protection!
Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to reuse single aspects of the design and color sheme for future works of mine 
Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to use this design for portfolio purposes or print purposes for sale  for my own profit (not the single image alone but with other designs in artbooks or the likes - simply as showcase of the designs I created - credit for owner will always be given)
Bullet; Blue adoptale can be put on hold (several weeks till months) and can be paid in installments for normal bid and autobuy
Bullet; Blue I reserve the right to cancel any auction or sale
Bullet; Blue all personel data exchanged for this transaction has to be handled confidential and may not be shared with any third party

mixing payment methods is possible - for example, paypal, amazon wishlist, gamekeys and so on ^^ I will also trade the character for older adopts of mine

you can find me here as well (though I'm most active on DAand twitter):
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Hoot hoot

I love how he looks like an owl but not in a very traditional way, rather just a design hint or two

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He is gorgeous ♡♡

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bid here: