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a piece of cake

finally after a seemingly endless livestream it's done - centre is off, perspective is off and sure there are a lot of mistakes I'll just notice in a couple of hours but right now i hardly care, cause my everything hurts horribly from so many hours ongoing drawing ^^

fanart for Diablo3 anniversary .... so many hungry chibis and only one piece of cake, who you think is going to get it?

I got a lot of references from friends and watchers and am very grateful for everyone offered to me, sadly I couldn't use all of them ^^; (I'll link DA accounts if available, the other's have facebook but I don't think it's a good idea to post that around here)
Witchdoctor - Rezana :iconthe-greengoblin:
Mage -Bhaal from :iconbhaal999:
Monk - Lycia from Daniela
Demon Hunter - Phex from Andreas
Barbarian - Zyrano from Peter
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I want to hug them all... Especially Auriel. I have phase on her

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Auriel, most definitely since she can grab it with her Alm'aeish (don't know how to spell it sorry) 
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Lol!!! Both of them so cute!!! For one piece of cake XD
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it make you wonder were mathreal is while this is happeing
crimson-nemesis's avatar
probably reaping some fields :D
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I think he just took the cake!
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I can only imagine what there saying. 

Imperius: "I shall be the one to have it. you will not deter me Nephilim!!"

Tyreal: "I am Justice itself, therefore I deserve the cake." 

Diablo: "Watch as I devour this final piece! In the end, all that you get is the sound of my laughter!".

I bet itherael gets it cos he can just slow down time, steal the cake, loose the others to wander the libraries of fate looking for him and leave them to get lost... :-B
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Dude in the upper-hand right has it... you can see his arm... his stare is holding... all it takes is one 'swipe' and he's got it!

.............. then run like hell. And gobble, gobble, gobble fast.

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Awwwww yiissss, over 16 hours of stream <?> but it was fun to watch *u*
And image turns great!
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i wonder who gets the cake at last
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oh my.. it look so amaznig :clap:
AweXoX's avatar
so viele details.... :heart:
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and the colors are wonderful again...

and this far I don't really spot any mistakes XD
Bhaal999's avatar
Wuhuuuu!!! Sieht ultra geil aus *-*
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*steals the cake*

oh wait.. now i got angry forces of heaven and hell after me! D: *runs for dear life*

(xD great pic, Crimson)
Bluemist562's avatar
*grabs cake from you* love the art Crimson! 
There, saved your life gotta go!
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( lmao.. when did i type that comment? Ouo )
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D'aww! This is adorable <3 :D
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:iconwoohooplz: Einfach nur Glorious !
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Also, ich find das Bild echt einfach episch und knuddelig zugleich. xD
Das sieht wirklich nach verdammt viel Arbeit aus udn ich huldige dir dafür, dass du es durchgezogen hast und so ein fantastisches meisterwerk gezaubert hast. x3
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amazing work :)
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