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Vampire King: Qadir Nagi by Crimson-Kaizer Vampire King: Qadir Nagi :iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 11 5
Name: Kamil Halkias Xenakis
Nickname/Alias: Bull Bro
Series (if any): None
Age: Appears to be 34(is actually 204)
DOB: February 9th
Race: Minotaur
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B+
Height: 6’2
Weight: 280 lb
Physical Description: Kamil is a tall, muscular, dark-skinned man. He has long brown hair, usually split into two side ponytails, orange-gold eyes and several light brown tattoos on his chest, shoulders, and fingers. As a Minotaur, Kamil has multiple bull-like traits. The entirety of his lower body is that of a bull, two gray horns, with dull silver tips, and large, floppy ears. His normal attire consists of a dark blue T-shirt and back jeans. When in combat, he dons a two piece silver armor up made of shoulder pads and arm guards, a bright red cloth and black biker shorts that go down to his knees.
Background: Kamil hails from one of the largest Minotaur tribes in Greece. He was born and raised in the mountains as the oldest of nine children (five brothers and three sisters).
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 1 0
Klario Hadegre
Name: Klario Hadegre
Nickname/Alias: Kal, Ario, Green Bit.
Series (if any): None
Age: 19
DOB: July 22nd
Race: Human-Demon Hybrid(Hedgehog Demon)
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5’5
Weight: 120
Physical Description: Klario is fairly short with a semi muscular build and a fair complexion. He wears an open dark blue vest with a gray cross, blue pants, a pale sash around his waist, long gray finger-less gloves with dark blue bands that stop a bit before the elbow and black sneakers with green bottoms. He wears a silver thin necklace with what appears to be the tooth of an animal. His most identifiable feats are his bright green hair, eyes, and pointed ears which sprout out of the top of his head.
Background: The son of a human woman and a demon man, Klario grew up in a city where the population was largely by demons. As a result, he was often teased due to his hybrid status. At ten years old, he encountered a demon named, Meila Lein, who was currently looking for a woman nam
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 2 0
OC Fusion: Klario by Crimson-Kaizer OC Fusion: Klario :iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 18 5
Name: Palin Gruffle 
Nickname/Alias: Mr.Pirate, Gunner of Darkness, DeadEye.
Series (if any): None.
Age: 22
DOB: July 27th
Race: Baseline Human.
Gender: Male.
Blood Type: B+
Height: 5’8
Weight: 204
Physical Description: Palin is a tall and slender man, having bright. Red hair with yellow bangs on the left, tan skin tone and ocean blue eyes. He wears a black sleeveless coat with whitetails, black belted sash, dark blue pants, blue boots with small beads, a gray sleeveless shirt, green and black fingerless gloves. He sports an eyepatch over his left eye for, presumably, no reason other than aesthetic purposes and a red pendant.
Background: Palin has always had a fondness for firearms, even as a child, he was showing great interest in guns. After his family moved to America, Palin studied up on firearms and even went to a firing range a few times. On his 21st birthday, he bought his twin guns; Light Wing and Dark Breaker.
Personality: Palin takes pride in his work and his
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 9 8
Nickname/Alias: Shinning Warrior, Hero of the Meiji, Lord Susanno’o.
Series (if any): None.
Age: Unknown(presumably between he’s mid to late 20’s)
DOB: Unknown. Many pieces of evidence points to him being born between June and September.
Race: Human(Presumably baseline).
Gender: Male.
Blood Type: Unknown.
Height: Unknown.
Weight: Unknown.
Physical Description: Susanno’o is a muscular man with spiky, bright orange hair. His eyes are a dark red and he has a fair skin tone. When in battle he dawns a red gauntlet that covers his entire left arm, sleeveless black coat, blue armor chest plate, black pants, red leg greaves, and maroon boots.
Background: Born in a small town named Meiji, Susanno lived a peaceful life until his country was thrust into a war with neighboring countries. The lasted for many years and cost the lives of many people, Susanno’o family being among them. After the war, he was orphaned and with no other family left,
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 5 7
Name: Ben-Ku
Nickname/Alias: Sapphire Shinobi, Benny(only Palin and Julia call him this) Mr. Edge-nin, Akatsuchi Ben
Series (if any): None
Age: 29
DOB: October 21st
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Weight: 240
Physical Description: Ben is a taller, well-built man. He has blue eyes and hair, and a tan skin tone. His normal attire consists of a blue sleeveless shirt, under a vest, dark blue jeans, and work shoes. He wears long finger-less gloves that stop just before his elbows with silver bands on the wrist. He sports an odd looking dragon tattoo on his back that travels down to his leg.
Background: Not much of Ben’s past is known. He was raised by a shinobi clan named "Akatsuchi" and was raised in the ways of ninjutsu and decided to use this skill to make a living as a mercenary. At some point, he met Julia and aided her with a mission. Sometime after, he met and befriended Palin.
Personality: Ben is a very serious and silent man. He is always seen ver
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 3 0
MLP Next Gen Breakdown
Prince/Captain Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle
Marriage date: May 9th
Number of children: Four
Brick Book(Age:17. Eldest son), Stellar(Age:14. Eldest daughter),  Starfall(Age: 14. Youngest daughter), Orion( Age: 8. Youngest)
Soarin Highlane and Rainbow Dash
Marriage date: June 21st
Number of children: Two
Storm Rider(Age 17) Blitzkrieg(Age 13)
Spike and Rarity
Marriage date: September 15th
Number of children: One
Amethyst(Age 12)
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
Marriage date: April 2nd
Number of children: Three
PBJ(Age 16, oldest) Cherry Pie and Chowder Cheddar(Age: 5)
Macintosh and Fluttershy:
Marriage date: August 1st
Number of children: Four
Sun Kiss(Age: 19, Eldest daughter) Johnny Appleseed II(Age 17), Honey Suckle(Age 14, second eldest daughter), Marigold(Age 5, youngest daughter)
Marriage date: -
Number of children: One
Golden Oaks(Age 9)
Sunset Shimmer and Bulk Biceps
Marriage date: November 22nd
Number of children: Two
Nova Striker(Age 18), Sun Spark(9
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 13 17
Gaster One by Crimson-Kaizer Gaster One :iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 81 21
Hunter/EQG: Cast meeting
Hunters/EQG: The cast meets themselves.
H. Flash:...
EQG Flash:...Uh...H-hi?
H.Flash:...You're...short. Like, really short.
EQG Flash: Hey!
H. Flash: And scrawny...
EQG Flash: HEY! I'M NOT SCRAWNY! Check this out! [Pulls arm out of jacket sleeve and flexes]
H. Flash:...What am I...looking at?
EQG Flash: My bicep!  
H. Flash: What bicep?
Sci-Twi: Uh...
H. Twi: H-hello. Um...I-I like your glasses.
Sci-Twi: Thanks. I-I like your...uh...gauntlets.
H. Twi: Thanks...
[Awkward silence]
Sci-Twi: So, we're in agreement that this is-
H. Twilight: Incredibly weird? Oh yes.
Sci-Twi: Would you believe if I said this was the second time this happened to me?
H. Twi:...What?
(Rainbow Dash)
EQG Dash: So, let me get this straight; you can make mini tornadoes, kick wind blades, and even fly?!
H. Dash: Well, I haven't actually tried flying...yet.
EQG Dash: cool!
H. Dash: I know, right?
EQG Dash: Man, I'm awesome in that dimension!
H. Dash: We're awesome in any d
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 7 0
Hunters Interlude: Halloween
[Flash and Soarin show up at a Halloween party, hosted by Pinkie Pie, in the same type of costume; Travis Touchdown]
Both: AHH!! REALLY? Well, one of us is gonna have to go change and it's not gonna be me.
[Brief pause before they snap to attention]
Soarin: Dude, no way! I had to change last year!
Flash: And I've been waiting that long for people to see me in this!
Soarin: Come on, man! Can't you wait another year! I worked really hard on this...
Flash: Bro, you're not even wearing the jacket! The most iconic part!
Soarin: Because it's one of the Desperate Struggle outfits!
Flash: The worst one!
Soarin: Hey, take that back! I'll have you know people like the moe shirt.
Flash: Right. They probably like it as much as DS's final boss.
Soarin[Now radiating a burning/freezing aura] : First you steal my costume, then you make fun of me and now you're being sarcastic!? Oh that's it, cat-boy, YOU'RE DEAD!
Flash[radiating an electric aura] :Good luck with that. Better men then you
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 4 3
Ittai Shirogane
Name: Ittai Shirogane
Nickname/Alias: Blazing Ittai, The swift sword, Dumb-ass(Mostly by Jared)
Series (if any): None
Age: 23
DOB: March 9th
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Height: 6'1
Weight: 213
Physical Description: Despite being born in Japan, Ittai has dark skin and blonde hair, which, going by his goatee, is his natural hair color. His eyes are black and he has a muscular build. Before his signed up with Brave Swallow, he wore a simple plain white tank top, a light green, short sleeved, button-up shirt tan cargo pants and blue sneakers. After joining, he was given a suit similar to Tria's except with a white formal shirt and a purple tie.  
Background: Ittai hails from the Saitama prefecture, coming from a family of blacksmiths, he's always had a fascination with weaponry, specifically swords. At the age of eight, he created his first sword. Proud of his work, he refused to anyone buy the sword from him. At the age of twelve, he enrolled at a dojo and began to train h
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 6 0
Hunters Interlude: Just another normal day
(Scene opens with Flash, who is about five years old, waking up)
Flash: [Yawn] Alright! Time to go wake up dad!
[Flash dashes down the hall of his home to his parent's room. He opens the door to find his parents still sleeping. Flash runs in and jumps on his parents bed]
Flash: Dad! Wake up! Wake up! [Flash jumps up and down] Come onnnnnn! Wake Up! [Flash bites Land's ear]
Solar: Hm...Land? Your son is awake...
Landslide: Before sunrise, he's your son. [Flash starts biting Land's tail] Okay, okay. Daddy's up. [Land wraps his tail around Flash ad brings him close] Hey there, kiddo.
Flash: Dad! You remember right?! What today is?!
[Land and Solar share a playful gaze]
Land: Hm...Today?  I can't seem to recall. Do you know what today is, Solar?
Solar: Nope. Totally stumped.
Flash: Daaaaaad! Stop messing around! Today is the day you show me that super cool tech!
Land: Oh right! Now...what was that tech again? [Landslide begins “thinking”] What was it again?
[Flash h
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 7 9
Bleach Final chapter Thoughts(Slight Spoilers)
While I do love the fact that Ichihime and Renruki became canon. mostly everyone is alive and well And the next gen kids are adorable children that take traits from both their parent... The over all ending felt...rushed. Very, very rushed. True we did see what happened to Juha and even learned why he want to merge the three worlds, but that too felted like it was crapped out at the last second.  Not to mentioned a mess of lingering plot lines that will most likely go unanswered. Also, the fake out with the lingering power of Juha being resolved so easily. It's still better than Naruto's and Soul Eater's by a large margin(nothing feels forced, awkward, comes right the fuck out of left field and destroys the characters personalities and development for the sake of shipping like the former and it's an actual ending and not a giant "What the fuck" moment that. for some reason, decides to talk about boobs like the latter) but I wish Kubo had more time to explain things. Still, it is a
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 8 9
A buckin' good time
[Scene opens at the sun slowly rising over Sweet Apple Acres. Macintosh and Johnny Appleseed are working in the field. Mac is pulling a wheel barrel of apples, while Johnny is inspecting a garden]
Mac:    Kay, Johnny. Yah done checkin’ on yer ma’s carrots?
Johnny: Yup! Their growing at a steady rate. (Johnny walks over to Mac)
Mac: Good. Now, pay close attention. Yer pa’s gonna teach ya how ta buck.
Johnny: Nice!
[Mac trots over to a tree, puts a basket in the front and turns around, his back legs facing it]
Mac: Okay, Johnny. We Apples have a great deal of power within our hoofs. More than most other earth ponies.  So, when buckin’ ya need be careful not tah knock the tree down.
[Mac slowly raises his left back leg and gives the tree a steady kick, causing all the apples to fall into the basket]
Johnny: Wow, pop! You’re super strong!
Mac: (Chuckles lightly with a slight blush) Thanks, Johnny. Now, why don’t you give it a try?
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 2 2
Talking with Uncle Soarin
[Scene opens with Brick Book, in his room, lying on his bed and reading]
(Knock. Knock)
Brick: Come in.
(Soarin, wearing a knapsack, walks in)
Soarin: Hey, BB! How's my favorite godson!?
Brick: I'm you're only godson, Uncle Soarin.
Soarin: Ah, right. Mind if I talk with ya for a bit?
(Brick nods. Soarin smiles, before taking a seat next to Brick)
Soarin: So, I heard you've got something of a crush on a certain mare?
(Brick blushes a deep red)
Soarin: It's cool, BB. Sugar Drop's a little cutie. Stormy said that, by the way.
Brick: Noted. But, and I truly do not mean to sound rude in the slightest, why have you come here?
Soarin: Well...I'm here to talk with you about the Birds and the Bees.
(Brick's jaw and book hit the floor)
Brick: W-What?!?! U-Uncle Soarin, while I do appreciate the offer, I believe this is the sort of conversation I should have with my father.
Soarin: Thing about that is, your dad's kinda a giant weenie when it comes to sex talk and your mom didn't fee
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 5 3
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Random Favourites

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Greetings and Bienvenue all, and welcome to my page! I'm Crimson-Kazier~ Here's some info about me:

I'm a fairly quiet, passive and mostly calm guy. I'm not what you'd call a "people person". But, I'll treat you with respect and I'd like the same.

I am very supportive, understanding, and incredibly patient(to the point where I've been called too patient).

I will do my best to try and understand people and their troubles and(if I'm able to) help them.

I love anime/ manga, comics, and video games, so my stories may reflect this. I'm also a HUGE lover of animation in general. I greatly appreciate the comments. They are my lifeblood.

Here are 5 of my favorite animes:

1. Bleach

2. My Hero Academia

3. Rave Master

4. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Code: Breaker

5. Assassination Classroom and Hitman Reborn

My favorite non-animes:

1. Sym Bionic Titan.

2. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes/Gravity Falls.

3. Spectacular Spider-Man/Star vs the Forces of Evil.

4. Young Justice.

5. OK KO: Let's Be Heroes/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Current Residence: Phoneix,az
Favourite genre of music: J-pop,J-rock,Rock.
Operating System: Dell Laptop(formerly), Acer laptop
MP3 player of choice: Coby
Wallpaper of choice: DBZ
Skin of choice: Bleach
Favourite cartoon character: Son Gohan
Personal Quote: "Fuck Bunnies" Or some type of insult involving food and genitalia.

Main blog:

Vinyl&Flash ask blog On indefinite hiatus.


Name: Naila Tress

Nickname/Alias: Genius Neko, Kitten, Ms. Know at all

Series (if any): None

Age: 29

DOB: December 3rd

Race: Enhanced Human

Gender: Female

Blood Type: A+

Height: 5’8

Weight: 102

Physical Description: As a normal human, Naila possessed an athletic build and had a black skin tone. Since her transformation, however, the body has been covered with yellow fur. Her eyes are a light violet, with her pupils being slit. Naila's hair was originally dark brown but turned dark violet once she underwent the transformation, her bangs often hanging in front of her face.

She often wears a purple jacket vest, dark blue sleeveless shirt, dark blue shorts, and purple wristbands. When working on an experiment, she dons a lab coat and a pair of glasses.

Background: Little information is given about Naila’s life before Technis mind. What is known is that she’s a certified genius with several bachelor’s degrees (genetic science, biology, and robotics) and graduated with highest honors. Afterward, she and a small group of her friend deiced to use their brilliance to help improve the world, and thus formed Tehcnis mind. The first few years of TM were difficult as they were not widely established and as such had few (if any) test subjects. When a gene enhancer was created, Naila tested it herself and transformed into her present form.

Personality: No one would argue that Naila’s greatest trait is her brilliant mind. It was because of her brilliance that Technus Mind came into being. It is because of this that Naila takes great pride in her intelligence. Along with it, she possesses a vast thirst for discovery and knowledge because, by her own admission, she does not know everything. Aside from this, she is someone who can display compassion and empathy.

Power&a Abilities: As stated above, Naila is a genius holding a masters degree in genetics, biology, and robotics. She is one of the leads scientists at TM, and much of her works have gotten worldwide acclaim. Due to the faulty gene enhancer, she was transformed into a human/jungle cat hybrid which increased her speed, agility, and senses to a super-human level. She also gained retractable claws and razor-sharp fangs.

Equipment/Weapons (if any): Claws, fangs and other various bits of weaponry created by Technis Mind.

Hometown: Seattle, Washington.

Nationality: African American.

Orientation: Hetero.

Allegiance: Good.

Unusual features: Jungle cat-like appearance.

Occupation: Founder and head scientist of Technus Mind.

Hobbies: Reading, playing tennis, caring for strays, oil painting.

Likes: Psychological dramas, Caesar salad, oolong tea, noir crime novels, radio drama.

Dislikes: Cheap horror novels, chicken salad, alcoholic beverages, TV, computer games.

Family: Unnamed family.

Character relationships: Sato(Lover), Technus Mind(Employees)

Preferred Voice actor: Tara Platt

Theme song: "Science Fiction"-BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma OST


Strength: 4(Can lift about one ton)
Speed: 10 (Is as fast as a cheetah)
Agility: 9 (Far surpasses the fine Olympic level athlete)
Durability: 5(Can take a few hits from superhuman opponents)
Intelligence: 10 (A certified genius)
Thirst for knowledge: 10
Overall: 38
Personal Quote: “If it's for the pursuit of knowledge, it's worth the risk.”
That OC I've mentioned numerous times is finally here!

And she's a furry! :D

Edit: New preview image. Art by :iconrandomutau:

Edit 2:  Gave her a proper Physical description. 

Edit 3: Fixed up a few things.

Edit 4: Design change mostly due to colors being unappealing with the last one. Also, she doesn't have sandals and her hair is longer.

Name: Sato Urasami.

Nickname/Alias: The Steadfast Blade, Mr. Ura.

Series (if any): None.

Age: 32.

DOB: May 15.

Race: Enhanced Human.

Gender: Male.

Blood Type: AB +

Height: 6’0

Weight: 220

Physical Description: Sato is a tall, very muscular man. He has blue eyes and a peach color complexion, and a maroon red beard. His hair is cut short, messy and also colored maroon red. On missions, his outfit is made of a dark green Gi top, a dark blue sleeveless shirt and baggy pants, dark blue boots, gloves, and wrist guards. When not on missions, he wears a plain blue t-shirt and grey sweatpants.

Background: Sato was taken from his home at an early age by the group, Daz Lobo, in order to become the perfect assassin. He was subjected to brutal training and horrific experiments, including having his arm amputated for a robotic one. He was put through all forms of psychological torment in order to destroy his sense of right and wrong along with his free will. However, Sato’s will was too strong to break. Once he was sent on his first mission he fled from the scene without completing the mission, hiding out in a building belonging to a group known as Technis Mind. He would be found by a doctor by the name of Naila. When she discovered him, she gave him a choice; go to jail for breaking and entering or work for Technis Mind; he chose the latter. With the time they spent together, they would grow close to the point where Sato asked her out, to which she accepted.

Personality: Sato is a man of few words, only speaking if he needs to and is rather straightforward, to the point where he has been called blunt. During his time Daz Lobo, he gains insight into the path of an assassin and decided he did not want to take lives, instead deciding to protect life. He lacks any memories of his life prior to being taken by Daz Lobo, however, this does not bother him, and he apparently has no desire to retrieve said memories.

Power& Abilities: Sato’s physical condition has been greatly enhanced by Daz Lobo. He is superhumanly strong, fast, agile and durable. He is able to lift/press 10 tons at maximum, run at 8 miles an hours, survive falls from great heights and withstand blows from an equally strong foe, and can perform amazingly complex acrobatics with ease. Sato is a master of swordsman, mastering the art on kenjutsu. He is capable of combating multiple blade-wielding foes at one with minimal effort. His robotic arm is equipped with a Taser, a grapple, a blade located on the right side of the forearm, and a nozzle which dispenses knock out gas. However, his most arguably powerful skill is his unbreakable willpower. A trainer at Daz Lobo commented on his willpower during their “lessons” how he managed to resist the brainwashing.

Equipment/Weapons (if any): Broad Sword. Cybernetic arm.

Hometown: Unknown.

Nationality: Presumably Japanese.

Orientation: Hetero.

Tattoos or scars: One left eye.

Allegiance: Good.

Unusual features: Robotic Arm.

Occupation: Bodyguard for Naila.

Hobbies: Caring for a bonsai tree, talking with Naila, learning new things.

Likes: Naila, Technis Mind, mangos, poetry.

Dislikes: Murder, Daz Lobo, Pineapples, smut.

Family: Urasami family (long since deceased).

Character relationships: Naila(Girlfriend), Technic Mind(employers) Deacon(friend).

Preferred Voice actor: Josh Keaton(English) Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese).

Theme song: Stardust Memory ~Place of Promise~ by Kanako Kondou.


Strength: 5(Super-human)
Speed: 6(Slightly above super-human)
Agility: 5(Super-human)
Durability: 5(Super-human)
Intelligence: 4(Average)
Willpower: 10
Overall: 35

Personal Quote: “I don’t see myself as a hero or a warrior of justice, I’m just doing what I think is right.”
Sato Ginrei
Hm...another oc with a robot arm? It's like a have a fascination with these or something...

But yeah, Sato. Talk about a back burner Oc. I made this guy years ago but couldn't think of anything to do with him until now.

Hope Y'all enjoy. I've got another dozen or so coming up. Including a few fandom ocs. 

Edit: Forgot the preview image. Sorry. 

Edit 2: fixed a spelling error.

Edit 3: Changed the voice actor. Trust me, it'll make sense later.

Edit 4: New preview image. Art by :iconrandomutau:

Edit 5: Added physical description, changed a stat and swapped the voice actor.

Edit 6: Hooo boy! Big time edits here. First, new design! I wasn't really happy with the colors on the old one. Also, I felt he should be a bit bulkier. Second, last name change. No real excuse here. Just felt like changing it.
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