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OC Fusion: Klario by Crimson-Kaizer OC Fusion: Klario :iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 13 2
Name: Palin Gruffle 
Nickname/Alias: Mr.Pirate, Gunner of Darkness, DeadEye.
Series (if any): None.
Age: 22
DOB: July 27th
Race: Baseline Human.
Gender: Male.
Blood Type: B+
Height: 5’8
Weight: 204
Physical Description: Palin is a tall and slender man, having bright. Red hair with yellow bangs on the left, tan skin tone and ocean blue eyes. He wears a black sleeveless coat with whitetails, black belted sash, dark blue pants, blue boots with small beads, a gray sleeveless shirt, green and black fingerless gloves. He sports an eyepatch over his left eye for, presumably, no reason other than aesthetic purposes and a red pendant.
Background: Palin has always had a fondness for firearms, even as a child, he was showing great interest in guns. After his family moved to America, Palin studied up on firearms and even went to a firing range a few times. On his 21st birthday, he bought his twin guns; Light Wing and Dark Breaker.
Personality: Palin takes pride in his work and his
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 9 5
Nickname/Alias: Shinning Warrior, Hero of the Meiji, Lord Susanno’o.
Series (if any): None.
Age: Unknown(presumably between he’s mid to late 20’s)
DOB: Unknown. Many pieces of evidence points to him being born between June and September.
Race: Human(Presumably baseline).
Gender: Male.
Blood Type: Unknown.
Height: Unknown.
Weight: Unknown.
Physical Description: Susanno’o is a muscular man with spiky, bright orange hair. His eyes are a dark red and he has a fair skin tone. When in battle he dawns a red gauntlet that covers his entire left arm, sleeveless black coat, blue armor chest plate, black pants, red leg greaves, and maroon boots.
Background: Born in a small town named Meiji, Susanno lived a peaceful life until his country was thrust into a war with neighboring countries. The lasted for many years and cost the lives of many people, Susanno’o family being among them. After the war, he was orphaned and with no other family left,
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 5 7
Name: Ben-Ku
Nickname/Alias: Sapphire Shinobi, Benny(only Palin and Julia call him this) Mr. Edge-nin, Akatsuchi Ben
Series (if any): None
Age: 29
DOB: October 21st
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Weight: 240
Physical Description: Ben is a taller, well-built man. He has blue eyes and hair, and a tan skin tone. His normal attire consists of a blue sleeveless shirt, under a vest, dark blue jeans, and work shoes. He wears long finger-less gloves that stop just before his elbows with silver bands on the wrist. He sports an odd looking dragon tattoo on his back that travels down to his leg.
Background: Not much of Ben’s past is known. He was raised by a shinobi clan named "Akatsuchi" and was raised in the ways of ninjutsu and decided to use this skill to make a living as a mercenary. At some point, he met Julia and aided her with a mission. Sometime after, he met and befriended Palin.
Personality: Ben is a very serious and silent man. He is always seen ver
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 3 0
MLP Next Gen Breakdown
Prince/Captain Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle
Marriage date: May 9th
Number of children: Four
Brick Book(Age:17. Eldest son), Stellar(Age:14. Eldest daughter),  Starfall(Age: 14. Youngest daughter), Orion( Age: 8. Youngest)
Soarin Highlane and Rainbow Dash
Marriage date: June 21st
Number of children: Two
Storm Rider(Age 17) Blitzkrieg(Age 13)
Spike and Rarity
Marriage date: September 15th
Number of children: One
Amethyst(Age 12)
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
Marriage date: April 2nd
Number of children: Three
PBJ(Age 16, oldest) Cherry Pie and Chowder Cheddar(Age: 5)
Macintosh and Fluttershy:
Marriage date: August 1st
Number of children: Four
Sun Kiss(Age: 19, Eldest daughter) Johnny Appleseed II(Age 17), Honey Suckle(Age 14, second eldest daughter), Marigold(Age 5, youngest daughter)
Marriage date: -
Number of children: One
Golden Oaks(Age 9)
Sunset Shimmer and Bulk Biceps
Marriage date: November 22nd
Number of children: Two
Nova Striker(Age 18), Sun Spark(9
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 13 17
Gaster One by Crimson-Kaizer Gaster One :iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 79 21
Hunter/EQG: Cast meeting
Hunters/EQG: The cast meets themselves.
H. Flash:...
EQG Flash:...Uh...H-hi?
H.Flash:...You're...short. Like, really short.
EQG Flash: Hey!
H. Flash: And scrawny...
EQG Flash: HEY! I'M NOT SCRAWNY! Check this out! [Pulls arm out of jacket sleeve and flexes]
H. Flash:...What am I...looking at?
EQG Flash: My bicep!  
H. Flash: What bicep?
Sci-Twi: Uh...
H. Twi: H-hello. Um...I-I like your glasses.
Sci-Twi: Thanks. I-I like your...uh...gauntlets.
H. Twi: Thanks...
[Awkward silence]
Sci-Twi: So, we're in agreement that this is-
H. Twilight: Incredibly weird? Oh yes.
Sci-Twi: Would you believe if I said this was the second time this happened to me?
H. Twi:...What?
(Rainbow Dash)
EQG Dash: So, let me get this straight; you can make mini tornadoes, kick wind blades, and even fly?!
H. Dash: Well, I haven't actually tried flying...yet.
EQG Dash: cool!
H. Dash: I know, right?
EQG Dash: Man, I'm awesome in that dimension!
H. Dash: We're awesome in any d
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 7 0
Hunters Interlude: Halloween
[Flash and Soarin show up at a Halloween party, hosted by Pinkie Pie, in the same type of costume; Travis Touchdown]
Both: AHH!! REALLY? Well, one of us is gonna have to go change and it's not gonna be me.
[Brief pause before they snap to attention]
Soarin: Dude, no way! I had to change last year!
Flash: And I've been waiting that long for people to see me in this!
Soarin: Come on, man! Can't you wait another year! I worked really hard on this...
Flash: Bro, you're not even wearing the jacket! The most iconic part!
Soarin: Because it's one of the Desperate Struggle outfits!
Flash: The worst one!
Soarin: Hey, take that back! I'll have you know people like the moe shirt.
Flash: Right. They probably like it as much as DS's final boss.
Soarin[Now radiating a burning/freezing aura] : First you steal my costume, then you make fun of me and now you're being sarcastic!? Oh that's it, cat-boy, YOU'RE DEAD!
Flash[radiating an electric aura] :Good luck with that. Better men then you
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 4 3
Ittai Shirogane
Name: Ittai Shirogane
Nickname/Alias: Blazing Ittai, The swift sword, Dumb-ass(Mostly by Jared)
Series (if any): None
Age: 23
DOB: March 9th
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Height: 6'1
Weight: 213
Physical Description: Despite being born in Japan, Ittai has dark skin and blonde hair, which, going by his goatee, is his natural hair color. His eyes are back and he has a muscular build. Before his signed up with Brave Swallow, he wore a simple plain white tank top, a light green, short sleeved, button-up shirt tan cargo pants and blue sneakers. After joining, he was given a suit similar to Tria's except with a white formal shirt and a purple tie.  
Background: Ittai hails from the Saitama prefecture, coming from a family of blacksmiths, he's always had a fascination with weaponry, specifically swords. At the age of eight, he created his first sword. Proud of his work, he refused to anyone buy the sword from him. At the age of twelve, he enrolled at a dojo and began to train hi
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 6 0
Hunters Interlude: Just another normal day
(Scene opens with Flash, who is about five years old, waking up)
Flash: [Yawn] Alright! Time to go wake up dad!
[Flash dashes down the hall of his home to his parent's room. He opens the door to find his parents still sleeping. Flash runs in and jumps on his parents bed]
Flash: Dad! Wake up! Wake up! [Flash jumps up and down] Come onnnnnn! Wake Up! [Flash bites Land's ear]
Solar: Hm...Land? Your son is awake...
Landslide: Before sunrise, he's your son. [Flash starts biting Land's tail] Okay, okay. Daddy's up. [Land wraps his tail around Flash ad brings him close] Hey there, kiddo.
Flash: Dad! You remember right?! What today is?!
[Land and Solar share a playful gaze]
Land: Hm...Today?  I can't seem to recall. Do you know what today is, Solar?
Solar: Nope. Totally stumped.
Flash: Daaaaaad! Stop messing around! Today is the day you show me that super cool tech!
Land: Oh right! Now...what was that tech again? [Landslide begins “thinking”] What was it again?
[Flash h
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 7 9
Bleach Final chapter Thoughts(Slight Spoilers)
While I do love the fact that Ichihime and Renruki became canon. mostly everyone is alive and well And the next gen kids are adorable children that take traits from both their parent... The over all ending felt...rushed. Very, very rushed. True we did see what happened to Juha and even learned why he want to merge the three worlds, but that too felted like it was crapped out at the last second.  Not to mentioned a mess of lingering plot lines that will most likely go unanswered. Also, the fake out with the lingering power of Juha being resolved so easily. It's still better than Naruto's and Soul Eater's by a large margin(nothing feels forced, awkward, comes right the fuck out of left field and destroys the characters personalities and development for the sake of shipping like the former and it's an actual ending and not a giant "What the fuck" moment that. for some reason, decides to talk about boobs like the latter) but I wish Kubo had more time to explain things. Still, it is a
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 8 9
A buckin' good time
[Scene opens at the sun slowly rising over Sweet Apple Acres. Macintosh and Johnny Appleseed are working in the field. Mac is pulling a wheel barrel of apples, while Johnny is inspecting a garden]
Mac:    Kay, Johnny. Yah done checkin’ on yer ma’s carrots?
Johnny: Yup! Their growing at a steady rate. (Johnny walks over to Mac)
Mac: Good. Now, pay close attention. Yer pa’s gonna teach ya how ta buck.
Johnny: Nice!
[Mac trots over to a tree, puts a basket in the front and turns around, his back legs facing it]
Mac: Okay, Johnny. We Apples have a great deal of power within our hoofs. More than most other earth ponies.  So, when buckin’ ya need be careful not tah knock the tree down.
[Mac slowly raises his left back leg and gives the tree a steady kick, causing all the apples to fall into the basket]
Johnny: Wow, pop! You’re super strong!
Mac: (Chuckles lightly with a slight blush) Thanks, Johnny. Now, why don’t you give it a try?
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 2 2
Talking with Uncle Soarin
[Scene opens with Brick Book, in his room, lying on his bed and reading]
(Knock. Knock)
Brick: Come in.
(Soarin, wearing a knapsack, walks in)
Soarin: Hey, BB! How's my favorite godson!?
Brick: I'm you're only godson, Uncle Soarin.
Soarin: Ah, right. Mind if I talk with ya for a bit?
(Brick nods. Soarin smiles, before taking a seat next to Brick)
Soarin: So, I heard you've got something of a crush on a certain mare?
(Brick blushes a deep red)
Soarin: It's cool, BB. Sugar Drop's a little cutie. Stormy said that, by the way.
Brick: Noted. But, and I truly do not mean to sound rude in the slightest, why have you come here?
Soarin: Well...I'm here to talk with you about the Birds and the Bees.
(Brick's jaw and book hit the floor)
Brick: W-What?!?! U-Uncle Soarin, while I do appreciate the offer, I believe this is the sort of conversation I should have with my father.
Soarin: Thing about that is, your dad's kinda a giant weenie when it comes to sex talk and your mom didn't fee
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 5 3
How Twilight's Kingdom Should have ended
How Twilight's Kingdom should have ended.
(Tirek just finished absorbing the Pegasus's flight)
Tirek: Ha. Now, that I have the Pegasus's flight, I'll steal the strength of the earth ponies!
???: Hey!
Tirek: Hm?
(Tirek turns to find a very annoyed looking Thunderlane)
Tirek: A Pegasus. Apparently, I missed one.
Thunderlane: Technically, three but that's not why I'm here. (Takes an offensive stance)
(Tirek laughs loudly)
Tirek: You, a mere Pegasus, believe yourself strong enough to defeat me? Hah! Such a notion is hum-
(Tirek gets cut off as Thunderlane uppercuts him, knocking a tooth out)
Tirek: (Befuddled as to what just happened) W-what-
(Thunderlane strikes Tirek in the back on the neck at a blinding speed and proceeds to utter wreck him. Striking him in the face with spinning roundhouse, assaulting his stomach with a barrage of rapid blows, kicking out the back of his fore and hind legs, charging hoof first at his neck again,  grabbing him by the tail flying upward a
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 7 2
Lil Joe
Name: Joseph Aran
Nickname/Alias: Lil Joe, Joey
Series (if any): Super Smash brothers
Age: 19
DOB: April 24th
Race: Partially enhanced Human
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A+
Height: 5'1
Weight: 125
Build: Slender, slightly muscular.
Clothes: Dark pink sweat pants and jacket, blue sleeveless shirt, blue and white boxer shorts, black and white shoes
Hair color & style: Blonde and short. Usual messy
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Tan
Background: The first child of Samus and Mac. Joe was conceived sometime after the 4th Smash tournament.  He lives with his father in Brokenly and trains to join a future Smash tournament
Personality: Joe is shown to be rather cocky, often boasting about his “flawless” skill. Anytime he would lose a match, he makes an excuse of writes it off as a fluke. His ego seems to come the his parentage, believing that he must be stronger than anyone. This aside, Joe has displayed a level of respect towards opponents his considers strong. He takes great pride
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 2 2
Name: Peanut Butter Jam Sandwich
Nickname/Alias: PB&J
Series (if any): MLP:FIM
Age: 14-17
DOB: April 1st
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'5
Weight: 185
Build: Slender
Clothes: Often wear a brown ascot
Hair color & style: Chocolate brown mixed with maroon
Eye color: Green(right) Blue(left)
Coat color: Light gray
Cutie Mark: A keyboard with purple and brown keys
Background: The first child of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. PBJ was born in Manehatten while visiting Cheese's family.  Around his 12th birthday, his cutie mark appeared.
Personality: PBJ shares several traits with his parents; he's energetic, upbeat, and friendly making friends with just about anyone he meets. He has the habit of talking rather fast, to the point where few can understand him. Despite these traits, PBJ is a responsible and reliable pony with many of his friends asking him advice on certain matters.
Power& Abilities: Skilled cook/baker. Party planner trainnie, skilled musician, Has a &
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 8 3
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Random Favourites

TohruxAmaya: Best friends by albertxlailaxx TohruxAmaya: Best friends :iconalbertxlailaxx:albertxlailaxx 17 25 You've Been Pwneappled by voissane You've Been Pwneappled :iconvoissane:voissane 50 146 Commission - Tatsuki Red Flame by Geofffffff Commission - Tatsuki Red Flame :icongeofffffff:Geofffffff 471 50 All Hallow's Eve Page 45 by Nintendo-Nut1 All Hallow's Eve Page 45 :iconnintendo-nut1:Nintendo-Nut1 261 50 Epic fight by voissane Epic fight :iconvoissane:voissane 39 93 If I were to write Twilight by Balinese-Kitten If I were to write Twilight :iconbalinese-kitten:Balinese-Kitten 14 40 KILL IT WITH DRAGON FIRE by Taralen KILL IT WITH DRAGON FIRE :icontaralen:Taralen 115 54 quick sketch by m-angela quick sketch :iconm-angela:m-angela 80 61 contract by AceroTiburon contract :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 2,141 427 DP Character Chart by KicsterAsh DP Character Chart :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 746 171 ZW2010- Family by ThatJemmaGirlDraws ZW2010- Family :iconthatjemmagirldraws:ThatJemmaGirlDraws 190 104
A DP Mary-Sue Fic
"He's Mine"
Danny Phantom was happily flying through the sky until he landed in front of his house and changed into human form. He stretched his arms out and gave a relaxed sigh.
"Finally." He said with a smile. "I have the rest of the day to finally relax."
"Danny…" a small eerie voice whispered through the air.
Danny looked around suspiciously, but didn't see anything. "I must be hearing things." He blankly assumed.
But then the voice whispered out again, "Danny…"
Danny turned to where the voice came from and gasped to see a strange figure land in front of him. It was a pretty teenage girl with long flowing white hair, golden yellow eyes, wearing a short slimming white and gold dress with a frilly skirt, and an AP symbol in the middle in the same style of Danny's emblem, long high-heel boots, and long white gloves. She also had a pair of elegant angel wings on her back.
"Uh…" Danny said, nearly speechless. "Am I being visited by my guardian angel or something?"
"Oh, Da
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Zutara Week- Family by Taco-Zuzu Zutara Week- Family :icontaco-zuzu:Taco-Zuzu 94 19 New Kid on the Block by AmukaUroy New Kid on the Block :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 1,110 501 Zutara Week - Family by happyzuko Zutara Week - Family :iconhappyzuko:happyzuko 310 61 Good morning Kushina... by omega-deviant Good morning Kushina... :iconomega-deviant:omega-deviant 1,621 240
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Greetings and Bienvenue all, and welcome to my page! I'm Crimson-Kazier~ Here's some info about me:

I'm a fairly quiet, passive and mostly calm guy. I'm not what you'd call a "people person". But, I'll treat you with respect and I'd like the same.

I am very supportive, understanding, and incredibly patient(to the point where I've been called too patient).

I will do my best to try and understand people and their troubles and(if I'm able to) help them.

I love anime/ manga, comics, and video games, so my stories may reflect this. I'm also a HUGE lover of animation in general. I greatly appreciate the comments. They are my lifeblood.

Here are 5 of my favorite animes:

1. Bleach

2. My Hero Academia

3. Rave Master

4. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Code: Breaker

5. Assassination Classroom and Hitman Reborn

My favorite non-animes:

1. Sym Bionic Titan.

2. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes/Gravity Falls.

3. Spectacular Spider-Man/Star vs the Forces of Evil.

4. Young Justice.

5. OK KO: Let's Be Heroes/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Current Residence: Phoneix,az
Favourite genre of music: J-pop,J-rock,Rock.
Operating System: Dell Laptop(formerly), Acer laptop
MP3 player of choice: Coby
Wallpaper of choice: DBZ
Skin of choice: Bleach
Favourite cartoon character: Son Gohan
Personal Quote: "Fuck Bunnies" Or some type of insult involving food and genitalia.

Main blog:

Vinyl&Flash ask blog On indefinite hiatus.
I have 224 points and want to spend them.

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EDIT: I want to thank everyone who commented here. You all have wonderful art and, even if I did chose already, it doesn't mean I won't commission you all at some point in the future.
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Name: Sato Ginrei.

Nickname/Alias: The Steadfast Blade, Mr. Gin.

Series (if any): None.

Age: 32.

DOB: May 15.

Race: Enhanced Human.

Gender: Male.

Blood Type: AB +

Height: 6’0

Weight: 220

Physical Description: Sato is a tall, very muscular man. He has blue eyes and a peach color complexion, and maroon red beard. His hair is cut short, messy and also colored maroon red. On missions, his outfit is made of a moss green Gi top, a dark green sleeveless shirt and baggy pants, light gray sandals, black and red wrist gauntlets. When not on missions, he wears a plain blue t-shirt and grey sweatpants.

Background: Sato was taken from his home at an early age by the group, Daz Lobo, in order to become the perfect assassin. He was subjected to brutal training and horrific experiments, including having his arm amputated for a robotic one. He was put through all forms of psychological torment in order to destroy his sense of right and wrong along with his free will. However, Sato’s will was too strong to break. Once he was sent on his first mission he fled from the scene without completing the mission, hiding out in a building belonging to a group known as Technis Mind. He would be found by a doctor by the name of Naila. When she discovered him, she gave him a choice; go to jail for breaking and entering or work for Technis Mind; he chose the latter. With the time they spent together, they would grow close to the point where Sato asked her out, to which she accepted.

Personality: Sato is a man of few words, only speaking if he needs to and is rather straightforward, to the point where he has been called blunt. During his time Daz Lobo, he gains insight into the path of an assassin and decided he did not want to take lives, instead deciding to protect life. He lacks any memories of his life prior to being taken by Daz Lobo, however, this does not bother him, and he apparently has no desire to retrieve said memories.

Power& Abilities: Sato’s physical condition has been greatly enhanced by Daz Lobo. He is superhumanly strong, fast, agile and durable. He is able to lift/press 10 tons at maximum, run at 8 miles an hours, survive falls from great heights and withstand blows from an equally strong foe, and can perform amazingly complex acrobatics with ease. Sato is a master of swordsman, mastering the art on kenjutsu. He is capable of combating multiple blade-wielding foes at one with minimal effort. His robotic arm is equipped with a Taser, a grapple, a blade located on the right side of the forearm, and a nozzle which dispenses knock out gas. However, his most arguably powerful skill is his unbreakable willpower. A trainer at Daz Lobo commented on his willpower during their “lessons” how he managed to resist the brainwashing.

Equipment/Weapons (if any): Katana. Cybernetic arm.

Hometown: Unknown.

Nationality: Presumably Japanese.

Orientation: Hetero.

Tattoos or scars: One left eye.

Allegiance: Good.

Unusual features: Robotic Arm.

Occupation: Bodyguard for Naila.

Hobbies: Caring for a bonsai tree, talking with Naila, learning new things.

Likes: Naila, Technis Mind, mangos, poetry.

Dislikes: Murder, Daz Lobo, Pineapples, smut.

Family: Unknown family (long since deceased).

Character relationships: Naila(Girlfriend), Technic Mind(employers) Deacon(friend).

Preferred Voice actor: Josh Keaton(English) Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese).

Theme song: Stardust Memory ~Place of Promise~  by Kanako Kondou.


Strength: 5(Super-human)
Speed: 6(Slightly above super-human)
Agility: 5(Super-human)
Durability: 5(Super-human)
Intelligence: 4(Average)
Willpower: 10
Overall: 35

Personal Quote: “I don’t see myself as a hero or a warrior of justice, I’m just doing what I think is right.”
Sato Ginrei
Hm...another oc with a robot arm? It's like a have a fascination with these or something...

But yeah, Sato. Talk about a back burner Oc. I made this guy years ago but couldn't think of anything to do with him until now.

Hope Y'all enjoy. I've got another dozen or so coming up. Including a few fandom ocs. 

Edit: Forgot the preview image. Sorry. 

Edit 2: fixed a spelling error.

Edit 3: Changed the voice actor. Trust me, it'll make sense later.

Edit 4: New preview image. Art by :iconrandomutau:

Edit 5: Added physical description, changed a stat and swapped the voice actor.
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Name: Meila Lein

Nickname/Alias: Snow-head. Leppy.

Series (if any): None.

Age: 160(Appears to be in mid-20).

DOB: May 18.

Race: Human-Demon Hybrid(Snow Leopard).

Gender: Male.

Blood Type: Unknown.

Height: 5’9

Weight: 112

Physical Description: Meila is a thin human-snow leopard demon hybrid with a light peace complexion, turquoise eyes, and light grey hair. He is dressed rather gauntly, wearing a yellow bear t-shirt, pale blue jeans, blue and yellow sneakers with stars; several multiply color wristbands, multiple chain necklaces, and a silver belt. He has large leopard-like paws in place of normal human forearms and pointed ear sprouting out of the top of his head.

Background: Meila is the protector of his hometown, Snowbank. He believes himself to be the strongest fighter in the demon continent; easily defeating anyone foolish enough to try and attacked his home. It wasn't until his encounter with a human by the name of Julia did he taste defeat. Broken and depressed, he abandoned his duties as protector, passing them over to his sister. One day, he decided to seek out Julia and challenge her to a rematch in hopes of restoring his confidence.

Personality: Prior to his defeat, Melia was a very confident and arrogant demon, boasting about his amazing strength and power. While he was proud of his status, a part of him did find it dull at times, being frustrated at the fact that he could not leave the town. He enjoys combat, challenging both demons and humans in his free time. It is presumed that the only reason he took up the role as protector was to fight against powerful foes. After his defeat, his personality shifts; his pride has been shattered to the point where he refuses to challenge anyone and eventually passed the role as protector to his sister. He becomes slightly obsessed with finding and beating Julia, working under the reason that doing so with make him a better fighter and a hero his town can truly cheer for.

Power& Abilities: Meila possesses several superhuman capabilities (strength, speed, agility, etc) and enhanced senses. He can track a target for several miles with little difficulty. He has razor sharp claws able to rend stone and weaker metals with ease. He has shown to be an exceptionally skilled hand to hand fighter from years of protecting his home and training he received during his youth. Meila relies heavily on his speed and agility in combat, using his superior agility in junction with his speed and claws to confuse and overwhelm his enemies. Meila has shown some skill with ice and snow magic, able to create a mini snow storm, icicles and can freeze foes. He also has a limited amount of shadow magic, able to control his own shadow and use it in varying ways.

Equipment/Weapons: Backpack filled with various items. Claws.

Hometown: Snowbank Town,

Nationality: Demon Continent citizen.

Orientation: Hetero.

Tattoos or scars: One on his chest from his fight with Julia

Allegiance: Chaotic Neutral.

Unusual features: None for his race.

Occupation: None; Former Protector of Snowbank.

Hobbies: Fighting, making ice sculpture.

Likes: Winning, sweets, stormy weather.

Dislikes: Losing, sour food, clear weather.

Family: Allura(younger sister).

Character relationships: Julia(Rival) Zedd(mentor).

Preferred Voice actor: Todd Haberkorn

Theme song: Wild Child by Moumoon


Strength: 7(Super-Human)
Speed: 9 (Far above super-human)
Agility: 9 (Far above super-human)
Durability: 6(Slightly above super-human)
Intelligence: 5(Average)
Ego: 10
Overall: 44

Personal Quote: “Woo-hoo! This is gonna be stellar!”
Meila Lein
My very first adopted Oc. Got him from  :iconyellowmiracle: thanks again!

The only thing I don't own is the art.

Edit: forgot a word.

Edit 2: Added physical description, nerfed him some and made him a hybrid.
Name: Julia Shirosaki

Nickname/Alias: The Strongest woman in the world, Vermillion Fang, Slayer of 10,000, Red Mom.

Series (if any): None

Age: 42

DOB: November 11

Race: Human (Half Japanese, half American)

Gender: Female

Blood Type: O+

Height: 6’0

Weight: 210

Physical Description: Julia is a tall woman with a muscular build. She has fair skin, dull green eyes, and Tuscan red hair, usually tied in am upwards ponytail. She wears a sleeveless lime green top, black wristbands, white and black pants, greyish/purple high heels, and a flowing purple coat. She tends to carry her sword the right side of her waist, along with a small, light brown gourd.

Background: For as long as she could remember, Julia’s family have always lived by the idea of “Might for Right.” Power used to protect the weak and defenseless. She would dedicate her life to protecting those who could not, training every day to archive the necessary strength.

By the time she reached 20, she had become known as “The Vermillion Fang” due to her amazing skill with a sword and how her red hair would flow during battle.

At age 24, she travels to the Black Country and returned virtually unscathed. A feat very few have managed to achieve.

At age 28, she became known as “Red Mom” due to her protecting an entire village of people from a mercenary force. Single-handedly. Which also earned her the name “Slayer of 10,000.”

At age 30, she traveled to Snowbank town and was challenged by their Guardian, Meila Lein. After a long, gurgling battle, she defeated him.

At age 31, she began to form a group dedicated to protecting others, which would later be known as “Shining Cross”

At age 38, Shining Cross member roster expanded too roughly 300 members.

Presently, she has departed SC in order to find someone known as “The sleeping king.”

Personality: Julia’s main trait is her desire to protect the weak by any means, even if said means are against the law. She comes off as a very motherly and caring person, always trying to gain an understanding of other people and only opting to use violence as a last resort. She has an amazing amount of will and drive to achieve her goals. Another noteworthy trait is Julia’s careless and, at times, destructive tendencies. Such as cutting holes in walls as opposed to simply using the door, falling asleep in dangerous locations (a railroad, for instances), or attempting to take highly dangerous or vicious creatures as pets. Julia is very sensitive about her age, having been known to snap on people for referring to her as old or a hag.

Power& Abilities: Despite being a baseline human, Julia is known as the strongest woman in the world due to the great physical might she wields, all which came from years of intense and extreme training. All of her physical attributes are the peak of human condition, possibly beyond, and vastly surpass many other baseline humans. Due to the many of the feats she has pulled off, various people have confused her for a superhuman.

Julia is a master swordsman. Able to wield her blade, Sun Breaker, with an unparalleled skill, grace, and power. She is capable of deflecting bullets, slice through highly durable minerals, and has even used it in various other ways. Even without her sword, Julia has shown to be an expert in several martial arts (Judo, Jujitsu, and Karate). Many have theorized that Julia’s abilities stein not from dedication and intense training, but magic. Julia, however, has denied these claims, stating her skill in the arcane arts is far below average.

Equipment/Weapons (if any): Odachi named “Sun Breaker”.

Hometown: An Undisclosed area in the Kansai Region.

Nationality: Japanese/American.

Orientation: Hetero.

Tattoos or scars: Multiply from all the years of combat.

Allegiance: Chaotic Good.

Unusual features: None.

Occupation: Leader of Shining Cross.

Hobbies: Singing, Sunbathing, collecting various helmets.

Likes: Sweet and/or spicy foods, reptiles (Specifically snakes), upbeat people.

Dislikes: Heights (has a fear of them) spiders, being called old or a hag, those who abuse their power.

Family: Kenta Shirosaki (Father), Rebecca Shirosaki (Mother)

Character relationships: Leader of Shining Cross. Ben Ku(Friend). Palin(Friend).

Preferred Voice actor: Colleen Clinkenbeard (English) Yuko Kobayashi (Japanese)

Theme song: Spirit of Fire by Toa Yukinari


*In terms of baseline humans*

Strength: 10*
Speed: 10
Agility: 10
Durability: 10
Intelligence: 7
Sense of Justice: 10
Overall: 57

Personal Quote: “My power is meant as a weapon to protect those who can not! And if necessary, I will use it end you’re life!”
Julia Shirosaki



BLARHG!!!!!!!! >:U

Edit: Found a song I fell fits her. May change if I find a better one.

Edit 2: Forgot to space the part between her personality and her background.

Edit 3: New preview pic. Art by :iconrandomutau: If I haven't made this clear, allow me to be blunt:





Edit 4:  Gave her a proper physical description as well. 

Edit 5: Had to fix some more errors. 
Name: Ashley Dario

Nickname/Alias: Azure Date, AD

Series (if any): None

Age: 26

DOB: October 14

Race: Enhanced Human

Gender: Female

Blood Type: O+

Height: 5’7

Weight: 145

Physical Description: Azure is a tall Hispanic woman with Olive green eyes and possessing a slender build. Her missions outfit is made up of a Denim blue sleeveless shirt, dark blue dual belts, red pants, black boots with silver greaves, and light gray and purple arm wraps. When not on a mission, she wears a simple blue t-shirt and jean shorts. Azure's most defining trait, her hair, is carnelian red and is insanely long, traveling down to her legs. It is styled in a ponytail and has a metal arrow tied to it.

Background: Azure's powers manifested at a fairly early age when she used her hair to save her brother from getting hit by a car. She spent the next few years improving her abilities, mainly using them for personal gain. By the time she reached the age of 19, she’d become a proficient thief; even managing to make a living off of it. Eventually, she took the name Azure Date to hide her identity.

Personality: Azure is a fun loving woman who draws great joy from her occupation. She is a thrill seeker, taking on many seemingly impossible jobs for nothing more than fun. In addition, she is rather cocky. Not only sporting a near constant grin but also treating most of her more challenging missions with a lax attitude. One of her biggest traits is her determination and willpower, refusing to allow anyone or anything stop her from reaching her goals, even willing to use her own beauty to manipulate others. Despite all of this she does have a code of honor when it comes to stealing; she will only steal from those she sees as being worse than herself.

Power& Abilities: Azure has the ability to control every inch of hair of on her body. She can grow it out to form various tools, weapons, and additional limbs, alter its color for jobs that require her to be undercover and even change its density to make it either a highly effective long-range cutting weapon or a powerful defensive barrier. She can use this power to make the hair to certain parts of her body, like her arms or legs, into armor, claws etc.

The anchor she wears at the end of her ponytail acts as a limiter to restrict a majority of her power. However, if needed, she can weaponize it, using it as a makeshift flail. She also possesses enough strength to lift and swing the anchors, which weighs roughly five tons, with amazing accuracy and skill.

Aside for her superhuman powers, Azure is an incredibly skilled acrobat combining it with her thievery to infiltrate any establishment with ease. Her thievery skill is, without a doubt, the most noteworthy of her skills. she has stolen from 20 dozen different people and at least 15 museums without leaving any trace of her presences. In the event that she cannot use her power, Azure is proficient in several forms of hand to hand combat, including Karate and knife fighting.

Equipment/Weapons (if any): Her hair, a small dagger along with various other tools.

Hometown: Unknown.

Nationality: American.

Orientation: Bisexual.

Tattoos or scars: None

Allegiance: True Neutral

Unusual features: Absurdly long hair.

Occupation: Freelance thief.

Hobbies: Oil painting, playing the harp, Watching and making fun of cheesy soap operas.

Likes: Money, “impossible” jobs, Cesar salad.

Dislikes: Being broke, being tricked, children, and pork.

Family: Thomas Dario (Older Brother)

Character relationships: Credo Markils (Colleague) Palin Gruffle (One-time partner).

Preferred Voice actor: Luci Christian(English) Toa Yukinari(Japanese)

Theme song: Sakura Rock by Cherry Blossoms

Strength: 5(Can lift/press at least five tons)
Speed: 6  (Slight Above Average)
Agility: 8 (Easily Olympic Level. Possibly beyond).
Durability: 6 (Slight Above Average)
Intelligence: 5 (Craft and has a keen eye).
Thievery: 10
Overall: 40

Personal Quote: “Impossible, huh? Eehehehe. Sounds like a good time~!”
Azure Date
Somehow...I managed to crank other oc. Don't ask how.

Also, no theme song...again.


Art made by :iconmegstermemester: Thanks again~!

Edit:  Got a song for her!

Edit 2: Fixed some errors, gave her a proper description, and fleshed her out a bit more.
Name: Palin Gruffle 

Nickname/Alias: Mr.Pirate, Gunner of Darkness, DeadEye.

Series (if any): None.

Age: 22

DOB: July 27th

Race: Baseline Human.

Gender: Male.

Blood Type: B+

Height: 5’8

Weight: 204

Physical Description: Palin is a tall and slender man, having bright. Red hair with yellow bangs on the left, tan skin tone and ocean blue eyes. He wears a black sleeveless coat with whitetails, black belted sash, dark blue pants, blue boots with small beads, a gray sleeveless shirt, green and black fingerless gloves. He sports an eyepatch over his left eye for, presumably, no reason other than aesthetic purposes and a red pendant.

Background: Palin has always had a fondness for firearms, even as a child, he was showing great interest in guns. After his family moved to America, Palin studied up on firearms and even went to a firing range a few times. On his 21st birthday, he bought his twin guns; Light Wing and Dark Breaker.

Personality: Palin takes pride in his work and his weapons, spending several hours cleaning them after every battle. Palin has been referred to as a "go with the flow" type of man and is very laid back. He doesn’t press issues further than they should be and while he, at times, offers a helping hand, he knows when to back off and usually lets people solve their own problems.

Power& Abilities: As a baseline human, Palin possesses no superhuman powers. He is, however a highly skilled marksman, being able to shoot incredibly far distances with expert precision, accuracy, and skill. He’s also a highly skilled acrobat, able to perform numerous acrobatic feats to near perfection.

Equipment/Weapons(if any): Two custom-made IMI desert eagle pistols named “Light Wing and Dark Breaker.”

Hometown: Bellhole Town.

Nationality: Romanian. 

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Allegiance: Neutral.

Unusual features: None (presumably).

Occupation: Mercenary.

Hobbies: Relaxing, going down to the firing range, customizing his armory.

Likes: Guns, women.

Dislikes: Sword, cats.

Family: Unnamed parents.

Character relationships:  Ben-Ku(friend and occasional partner), Julia Shirosaki(friend).

Preferred Voice actor: Steven Blum.

Theme song: “Break” by Junichi Suwabe.


Strength: 2(Average human)
Speed: 3(Physical) 9(Firing speed)
Agility: 6(Near Olympic level)
Durability: 2(Average human)
Intelligence: 4( Slightly above normal human)
Marksmanship: 10
Overall: 17* [Does not include firing speed].

Personal Quote:  ”Smooth Shottin'. "
Another revamped OC profile because I'm not working on anything else right now.

Art is by :iconbalichan01:

Edit: Fixed some errors.
Name:  Deacon Lancet

Nickname/Alias: D-Tech, Deck.

Series (if any): -

Age: 18

DOB: September 17

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Blood Type: O+

Height: 5’2

Weight: 115

Physical Description: Deacon is a short, black teenager with yellows eyes, a lean build and messy, medium length black hair with dyed blonde bangs. His normal attire consists of a black button up shirt, bright green t-shirt, blue pants with a stylized line on the legs, blue shoes, red wristband, and goggles.

Background: Deacon lived a relatively normal life. He had a strong interest in robots and machines always tinkering with any machine he could get his hands on. Eventually, he started to design and develop plans for his own robotics, specifically limbs. One day, during a presentation, an earthquake happened and Deacon was pinned by a steel beam. The beam crushed his left arm, rendering it completely useless. After he was rescued, a mysterious group called; “The Technis Mind”, offer to replace his lost arm with an enhanced version of his earlier design under the condition that he works with them. Deacon hesitantly accepts.

Personality: Deacon possesses a great sense of wonder and intrigue, always trying to solve or figure things out. He’s a hands-on kind of person preferring to understand how even the smallest details of anything he takes apart. He is a big fan of superhero comics as they were a big influence for him in his interest in robotics (along with mecha anime). He’s rather adventurous and has a strong moral center.

Power& Abilities: Deacon is a baseline human and as such, has no superhuman powers. He does have a great intellect and skill with machines, having made designs for artificial limbs and his own goggles. Prior to joining Technic Mind, he had no skill in combat or acrobatics. His skill has improved slightly, able to hold his own in a one on one fight. His left arm grants him enhanced strength, able to lift/press 2 tons with it and possesses various weapons housed within it.
Deacon’s goggles have a wide assortment of uses including;

Night Vision
Infer red
A long-range Scope

They also have a built-in alarm and clock. Deacon also added a scanner to search the surrounding area for any abnormal lifeforms.

Weapons (if any): Various gadgets in his robotic arm.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Nationality: American

Orientation: Straight

Tattoos or scars: Several scars on his left arm.

Allegiance: Good

Unusual features: Robotic Arm.

Occupation: Researcher/Mechanic

Hobbies: Building things, taking things apart.

Likes: Superhero comics, mecha anime, discovering new things.

Dislikes: Anti-heroes, gory/pervy anime, criminals.

Family: Mrs&Ms. Lancet (parents)

Character relationships: Elisa(Friend), Credo("Friend") Technis Mind(Employers)

Preferred Voice actor: Robbie Daymond

Theme song: Under Construction (NiGHTS Into Dreams)


Strength: 3(Average human level)
Speed: 3(Average human level)
Agility: 3(Average human level)
Durability: 2(Below average)
Intelligence: 8 (Talented inverted and genius)
Intrigue: 10
Overall: 29

Personal Quote: “But, that’s why we build things, to help people! Or at least, that’s why I do.”
Deacon Lancet
A new OC, It's been a while since I made an oc with no series attached to them. Aspect more soon.

Edit: Sorry the image is small. Here's what he looks like:  Decon Lancet by Crimson-Kaizer (You're gonna have to click it)

Edit 2: Have a song now. Thanks, :iconcount-author: 

Edit 3: Changed the name of his friend, Jillian due to her being used as a Fan Character.
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