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I'm SO excited! We've found an apartment that is a great deal that we will be moving into asap! Hopefully as soon as this week! :boogie: (Thanks to John and Yolanda!!! :glomp:)

Those who know me personally know my current living situation and it, frankly, sucks! I've never moved before and I'm so excited. I put in my two-week's notice today at work :woot: which is also awesome. I like my co-workers but I hate that job! After this feature, I'm off to start packing a few things :D. Might as well get a head-start being how messy our room is lol.

I've also revamped my Favorites/Collections, so give them a looksie: there's some great art in there (and now it's more organized :D)

:love: Green is the color of growth, life and rebirth, and I feel it represents how I feel today. So here is a feature of all of the green deviations I've collected over the years, along with a few of my own pieces :yoda: Give them some love!

Lily in the Water by aurora-design eye am a green fairy by ftourini Wyoming's National Treasure by musickscapes Wareham Forest by MothReve :thumb91798948: Abandoned... by ke3kelly :thumb83308837: Lakes by crimson-ivory The last Lake's Keeper by ResidoLancin :thumb39501371: sanctuary by human-brain Upsidedown Morning by scottalynch Pet Marmaid by Ladanka Still Waters by f0rTyLeGz Forest Gypsy by crimson-ivory Vigilance by crimson-ivory

Mature Content

Sovereign by crimson-ivory
Enchanted Pt. II by crimson-ivory   p r o m i s e by sigpras Dragon Summoner by crimson-ivory Green Faery by howlinghorse :thumb32615864: Angels by bucz Forgotten by La-Vita-a-Bella :thumb33767346: Sinister by BlackDove-stock Sea Of Time by gilad
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Elvive Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008
Aw wow :D that's so exciting :) yayyy for new houses! You can decorate it how you want now, haha. The first thing I did when I moved out was buy lots of prints for my walls! And I love the thumbs you put here, green is an awesome colour ^_^
crimson-ivory Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2008  Student General Artist
Yes, I'm SO excited about decorating! And yes, as soon as I get some extra $ I'm going to buy some DA prints for the walls :D. It's going to be so much fun going through my wishlist and buying them :w00t:
Elvive Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008
Hehe I got really excited about decorating my house too :D it's so much fun moving out! You're going to have an awesome time :D
crimson-ivory Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008  Student General Artist
:lmao: I haven't talked to you in so long, I didn't even know you moved! Did you get an apartment? By yourself, or are you sharing? Yeah, I already packed about 7 boxes, and then looked up and realized that my room looked the same! That's really not good lol, I have too much crap! This is going to be a lot of work :O_o:
Elvive Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2008
Haha, oh dear! That will be hard ... :P good luck! You should try and throw stuff away while your packing ... it's amazing how much crap you collect over the years, lol.
Well ... in uni you usually you spend 1st year in halls, and then 2nd and 3rd year in a house with your friends. So last year I lived with 3 boys, haha. It was really fun :) they were always up to something mischevious so I had a good giggle. This year I'm living with 2 other girls and 2 guys and I'm sooooooo excited :D our house last year was shockingly small, so this year we spent a bit more money and have something really cool :D it's proper english stylee, I love it :)Gonna have some kick ass house parties! Only problem is every room is blue apart from the kitchen. Might have to do some decorating! What about you, are you moving into an apartment?
crimson-ivory Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008  Student General Artist
3 boys? :lmao: I bet you have some stories. That's awesome about your new place (well except that it's all blue hehe!) I hope you have fun this year.

Yeah, my boyfriend and I just got a place. It's not the best, but I'm so glad that it's ours! Living with my parents was starting to get annoying lol. And by next year I'll have enough money to go to college somewhere :D. Yay. I really don't want to have to take out a loan, the interest is usually ridiculous! It's been two or three weeks now and I'm still not completely done unpacking :P I need to get off my lazy bum lol!
MothReve Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008  Hobbyist
Many thanks for including my photo on your feature. Cheers ;)
ke3kelly Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
wow! great collection. I am really glad to be included in this collection, thanks a lot :hug:
ftourini Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
A big thank you for the green feature!! :glomp: :heart: :blowkiss:
La-Vita-a-Bella Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008   Photographer
Thanks so much for the features! :D
musickscapes Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008
thanks so much for the feature! Keep going green!
crimson-ivory Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008  Student General Artist
:D You're welcome
aurora-design Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008
Thanks for the feature :D
zungzwang Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the feature. :hug:
scottalynch Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008
Thank you for the feature! :dance:
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