October Commissions
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Published: October 2, 2019
This journal will be opening up commissions for the month of October. I'm still going to do YCH commissions as well. In September I took YCH commissions to see how much they would affect the Raffle commissions, the problem is that I had an issue regarding Raffle commissions unrelated to YCH and so it wasn't a great test on that front. The YCH commissions seem popular enough and smooth enough that I'm going to try them again, the only change being I'm only going to take them at the beginning and end of the month.

Raffle Commission

Commissions will be randomly chosen from a pool of people who comment on this journal or note me

No spots are reserved

Only 1 commission per person (cannot order multiple pictures if chosen)

I'll be choosing the first commissions on October 5th (this coming Saturday)

Commission Info 2.0 by CriminalKiwi

YCH Commission (Your Character Here)

First come first served, comment on journal

Cell shaded, gradient backgrounds only

Will not be asked for additional input after payment is sent

I will start taking YCH commissions October 2nd (will continue if time available)
YCHCommissionInfo by CriminalKiwi
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I'm interested in a YHC pose 1 please?
EpsilonTLOSdark4's avatar
I'd like to get YCH Pose 1 if their still available.
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TrackerBossHobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay. I would like a $20 commission of my raccoon caught in a chain link fence by her thong with her shorts down. She dresses as a modern day rock girl so an AC/DC or Metallica t-shirt would work. Her thong will show her secret girly side so pink with tiny light pink frills and a light pink heart on the front. Give her an humiliated facial expression. Oh. And some houses in the background. Make it look like she was hopping fences.
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I'll add you to the pool.
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TrackerBossHobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay. Just need to find away to send the money if I do get selected for a spot.
CriticalZinogre's avatar
I'll try for a commission slot too. 
twedgie's avatar
I'll toss my hate in the ring for a commission slot
smuttnfluff's avatar

I'd like to join on. still available???

KingConsultant's avatar
Could you sign me up for both the raffle and YCH, please? :)
Jayshack's avatar
Sign me up for the commission raffle and the YCH thingie
arghtime's avatar
Add me to the list :D
super-spartan's avatar
i would love to get a comms please X3
Genare-Rater's avatar
imma go for a commission once more :D
BizzareAtomic's avatar
I'm interested in a commission!
KinglyBelial's avatar
Toss me in for wanting a commission. 
BetweenTwoCheeks's avatar
I'd like a commission, please!
d0d0bird's avatar
d0d0birdHobbyist Writer
I would be interested!
OOT94's avatar
I’d like a chance at another commission please.
ectoBiologist-NM's avatar
I’m interested in doing YCH commission on number 1
EditorOfWedgies's avatar
interested in the raffle
vriskaharley's avatar
Put me in that raffle please!
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