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Kamen Rider Mach + Chaser v4.6.4 BETA

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Published: February 9, 2015
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-2 Rider: Mach, Chaser.
-3 Mach type
-6 signalbike
-3 shiftcar
-2 weapon: Zenrishoter, SignalAxe.
-2 bike: Ridermacher, RideChaser.

*mach driver hissatsu will be available next update.

UPDATE v 4.6.4 BETA:
+ Kamen Rider Mach type Chaser

UPDATE v 3.6.4 BETA:
+ Kamen Rider Chaser
+ Signal Axe
+ Chaser Bike

Images : TV-Asahi, TOEI, BANDAI,, ModXToy & google.
Others : crimes0n, CometComics,, k2eizo & others.
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clougdraNew Deviant
Mach deadhead signal Deadheat backround

i broke the flash it still has the deadheat signal and the deadheat backround

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CmdrGamera40Hobbyist Artist
i guess you could say mach could " cut to the chase", amiright?
killersomething780's avatar
click on dead heat then when the wheel glows click on any other signal bike 
LamHung's avatar
Yea Chou DeadHeat pls!!!  Triggered 
Punctual-Rebel's avatar
Can you wait for any longer? He needs a new computer.
NabilRider555's avatar
SO when exactly are you going to update this? Never years?
godawsome2's avatar
This flash is... Alright. Just alright. I could say this about all this guy's flashes actually.
TakaToraBatta123's avatar
I wouldnt even call them that
MACHEternal's avatar
for a moment i thought you were the same person
omnimon11's avatar
 You know what's a shame? Chase never used the Break Gunner for anything else other than as a normal gun, ever since he became Kamen Rider Chaser, aside from his brief stint as Super Mashin Chaser and when he sacrificed himself to save Go. I mean, how cool would it have been to see Kamen Rider Chaser using Tune Spider, Tune Bat, Tune Snake, or even the Triple Tune?
hamn8r's avatar
I was thinking the same thing. and when will this be updated again to include the hissatsu
kamenridersentai's avatar
actually hes used them for excutions
omnimon11's avatar
Not just for executions; he's used them in combat as well
jelaniw's avatar
where is the finsher for mach,chaser and dead heat
jelaniw's avatar
they should also add rider crosser
goldensprint's avatar
left the complement kamen rider jun, and the forms of mach driver to drive, like the choo dead heat
drazenknight's avatar
drazenknightHobbyist Artist
add weapon can be hold both left and right ,please
hamn8r's avatar
hey we need to include Mashin Chaser. I just watched the new movie
jboggs64's avatar
Kamen Rider Mach Chaser revealed. Even though it is stupid as hell, it should be added into this
jboggs64's avatar
Haha, do Shift Deadheat and then repeatedly press the overload button. It just keeps on doing the henshin
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