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Royal and regal...


                                                                        The beauty of the deer is such a sight to see
                                                                        very royal and regal a lovely chap his he
                                                                        with his great big antlers standing up so tall
                                                                        the king of all the forest the proudest of them all
                                                                        with his lovely coat that has such a sheen
                                                                        the beauty of the deer is something to be seen

                                                                                                                                                                ~ William Worthless    Deer icon 
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Oct 20, 2017, 5:19:48 PM
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   Thank you so much...    :blush: 
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Wonderful animals    Sitting Deer Icon - F2U! 
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Wonderful photo!
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Thanks so much...    :huggle:
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You’re so welcome!

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Never sure about a simple grass background but the deer is, as you say, stunning      highfive 
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Antlers so big he almost looks like a moose.
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Certainly a very stylish crown on his head...     Little Pixel Crown - Bronze 
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    Thank you...     highfive 
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At last. Thank you for the reference.

Fallow Deer by GersifGalsana
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Wow, that is good   :iconflowerheartplz:   I love how you artists can simplfy the backgound to make the subject pop out. I look forward to seeing more    Fella Waiting (Reactions) 
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I had to be very economical with the background and just suggest it as a very busy background makes the subject disappear.

I'll be doing more, thank you :D
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I can remember a painting competition at junior school on the subject of sailing ships. I finished second (a bit miffed although my artistic talent is limited) to a lad called Charles (I still remember his first name after a lifetime). His pencil drawing was a quarter profile of a galleon coming at you in full sail, beautifully drawn in itself but with the sea and the clouds just around the ship itself leaving much of the paper white. This just drew the eye into the ship riding the waves brilliantly, rather like your deer image is surrounded by white. You and Charles have a talent...   :thumbsup::heart:
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Each artist has his and her own way of depicting things, I think. I studied Fine Art very early in my long road to learning things. We had a few things taught to us about how to arrange your composition and equally, how to distort things or stylize them or even abstract them, so after years of deciding which to do, I turned out the way I am. One should never turn out like a little sausage from the machinery of rules and regulations. One should be aware of them, respect them, understand them and then apply what one knows to what one feels. Which isn't easy but which gives each artist a recognisable style. A lot of art today is just hyper realistic adaptation from photographs, which makes images lose character because they lack the individual brush, pencil or pen strokes of a living connection between mind, hand and subject.

te-da, te-da ... :D

Same for photographers, I think. (Speaking strictly as a point and click merchant, myself.)
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The same is true of photographers I'm sure but do they have the same degree of control though? Yes with still life images and with composition rules etc. but the landscape and the animal shots are things of the instant. If the cloud is a little to far north you artists can move it further south. Unless the photographer starts playing with PhotoShop and changing major elements, like colour for example, he is stuck in the moment.

I've only used PS on a couple of occasions, once to change a background colour to black for effect and then to remove a badly placed plant leaf that totally upset the composition. (I did try asking the damselfly to move to the left but it took offence and flew off.) Animals are the worst to make an artistic composition, they just don't care. Does use of the extreme ability of PS to convert images from reality to bizarre manipulation bring the artist you were describing and the photographer onto common ground    :? 

We all have our style and problems you are right    :lol:
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Yes, art and photography are becoming related now that manipulation is possible to the extent that a photographer can be creative with software the way formerly photographers could be creative in the darkroom or with filters and textures and whatnot.

There is the purist approach where a photographer doesn't use any or much editing and there is the graphic art form using photography as a part of the whole, or combining it with traditional media.

Lots of artists today use a "mixed media" approach and many just cheat horribly by painting photographs or using software that even does that for them. It's a bit difficult for some of us who do traditional media to see so much oohing and aahing by the unwise about huge talent with regard to some images when we know perfectly well that the "artist" is a cheat. :D
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I can imagine how that makes a real artist feel  IMing - :flailrage: + PLZ   You mentioned the software that 'creates paintings'. I love the contrast between the photographer who uses the computer to make his photographs look like paintings and the artist who is so technically perfect his work is indistinguishable from a photograph. I saw a submission here of an oil painting of a violin where the artist was practically pleading to deviants to accept his work was a painting and not a photograph.

Whilst there are all different types of artwork to be appreciated, I am just in awe of that sort of ability... 

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Did you meet him in the wild?
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A deer park in the UK Midlands. The herd is essentially wild but controlled within that area.  :)
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