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the benefits of doing yoga

yoga trims your waistline and get tone into your arms
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As a follow-up point, there seems to a rising "cult of mediocrity" about the female body. Certain folks, even on this page, seem to condemn any female figure that is more hourglass than the physically mediocre nonentities that the PC media offer us. This is in actuality a kind of brain-washing. Thank GOD that we have Kim Kardashian, even though she is far too much on social media and her husband often acts like a jerk, to set an example of a non-mediocre body ideal. One with breasts, defined waists and generous hips and behind. WWL
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Actually, this image of Denise Milani is NOT far from how she is in real life. Make her waist even narrower, though. A woman's waist should never exceed 22 inches at the most. Raquel Welch was that size during the 1960s. WWL
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I disagree with MrOnishi totally...she looks fantastic!!!!!!
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That's actually quite fugly. Completely unnatural waisteline and unmatched to her shoulders, while the boobs have been enlarged.

Not good, sorry
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I agree with you