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Can we pretend the airplanes... by CriaturitaMarvada Can we pretend the airplanes... :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 7 16 LavaShipping - Remember this? xd by CriaturitaMarvada LavaShipping - Remember this? xd :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 8 3 Chibi Giran Flying~ by CriaturitaMarvada Chibi Giran Flying~ :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 11 21 Idiots Love~ by CriaturitaMarvada Idiots Love~ :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 7 15 'You're so DEAD' - Skai U. by CriaturitaMarvada 'You're so DEAD' - Skai U. :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 10 23 I F*ck Hard. - LOST - Ruben and Tory. by CriaturitaMarvada I F*ck Hard. - LOST - Ruben and Tory. :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 6 6 Black and White, Nothing is alright. by CriaturitaMarvada Black and White, Nothing is alright. :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 8 11
Cumple de Ruby - Ruby's BDAY.
Cumpleaños de Ruby.
Parte 1.
Martes 09 de Julio.
Corro detrás de la pelota de futbol  tratando de alcanzarla antes que los demás, escucho a Cartman gritarme cosas pero lo ignoro, estoy a punto de marcar un gol, si lo hago, me gano el respeto de los chicos, pero al mismo tiempo, el odio de las chicas.... No quiero odio, pero quiero respeto… Mis pensamientos me confunden y dejo de sentir el balón en mis pies. Stan me lo ha quitado.
- ¡Vamos Stan! –Escucho gritar a Wendy Testaburger, una de las niñas que me llamo estúpida por tropezarme al salir al recreo, creo que ya la odio, aunque no estoy segura. Corro detrás de Stan y le quito el balón, su expresión facial me alegra, un sentimiento de orgullo me llena y me impulsa a seguir corriendo.
- Eres buena –Le escucho cuando empieza a correr a mi lado, sonrío para mis adentros ya que por fuera ni lo miro, sólo me concentro en mi objetivo, meter un gol. Le esquivo cuando me mete el pie, salto con el balón ent
:iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 3 6
'Training is bored' -Skai Underwood. by CriaturitaMarvada 'Training is bored' -Skai Underwood. :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 8 14 Giran Satan - Sparring Time. by CriaturitaMarvada Giran Satan - Sparring Time. :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 13 23 -Sketch- SMILE FOR DA PICTURE! by CriaturitaMarvada -Sketch- SMILE FOR DA PICTURE! :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 4 6
Lost - Prologue.
Lost - Lost.
I feel the blood rolling down my arm, dripping on the floor and the mere sound causes me enormous dizziness, the door opens, is Mavis, horrified cries and the last thing I see is her running towards me, after that, everything turned black.
- So ... Is the same dream of the other week? -I nodded, still staring at my hands clasped, was sweating with the only fact to remember that nightmare. I sighed and turned my gaze to the shelf where the books were. There was one that captivated my attention ever since the day I arrived at his office.
- So? Do I have to go to a psychiatrist? -I asked sarcastically, taking me hands to the head, he laughed and shook, it was always the same. He took from his bag a paper and handed it to me, the same role as always. No need to read it, I knew it by heart.
- Come and see ...
- Next week, I know, I know -He smiled and took my hand, placing a kiss on each, was used to do that, according to him, I'm like the daughter he ne
:iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 5 22
'With my help' -Lost- Mavis and Tory. by CriaturitaMarvada 'With my help' -Lost- Mavis and Tory. :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 5 10 'I wanted to do this since I met you' -LOST- by CriaturitaMarvada 'I wanted to do this since I met you' -LOST- :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 7 12
Plushies can talk!?
Plushies can talk!?
P.O.V Anel.
Poke Cookie was telling us a horror story or something like that, I really didn’t know because I was covering my ears while she was talking, I was so scared. I heard Mochi’s scream and I screamed too, everybody screamed, I think. I jumped and hid behind the desk, hugging my plushies tightly; I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to see what was happening around me, my body was trembling, damn, why this things always happens to me?!
-  Make it stop! Whatever it is, make it stop!
-  Relax Annie! It stopped already! –Maddy helped me to stand up because I was so terrified that I wasn’t able to move.
- What was that shit? –Mochi said, looking the walls that were covered by blood.
- We should… I don’t know, go and investigate? –Mitsuki proposed with a face of Sherlok Holmes that I seriously didn’t approve.
- It’s a good idea, if we want to be dead, yes –Poke Cookie looked a
:iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 2 12
Just some Ruby's by CriaturitaMarvada Just some Ruby's :iconcriaturitamarvada:CriaturitaMarvada 5 6


Cycles by Elena114 Cycles :iconelena114:Elena114 260 32 Lok: Benders by Elena114 Lok: Benders :iconelena114:Elena114 98 5 LoK: Avatar State by Elena114 LoK: Avatar State :iconelena114:Elena114 107 5 Heaven and Hell by Elena114 Heaven and Hell :iconelena114:Elena114 35 15 Wreck-it Ralph: Vanellope by Elena114 Wreck-it Ralph: Vanellope :iconelena114:Elena114 102 11 Crush by Elena114 Crush :iconelena114:Elena114 49 14 We create ourselves by Elena114 We create ourselves :iconelena114:Elena114 72 30 Kitty! by Elena114 Kitty! :iconelena114:Elena114 79 8 MU: Oozma Kappa by Elena114 MU: Oozma Kappa :iconelena114:Elena114 330 51 DM: Minion MADNESS by Elena114 DM: Minion MADNESS :iconelena114:Elena114 137 30 Panda Gay Sin Nombre(?) by MadPan-Inc Panda Gay Sin Nombre(?) :iconmadpan-inc:MadPan-Inc 22 37 CutiePie by honeyegg CutiePie :iconhoneyegg:honeyegg 8 12 The Mirai Family by honeyegg The Mirai Family :iconhoneyegg:honeyegg 5 12 Three Generations  by honeyegg Three Generations :iconhoneyegg:honeyegg 5 9 ::Gift:: SSJ5 Shugo by honeyegg ::Gift:: SSJ5 Shugo :iconhoneyegg:honeyegg 6 9 Cutesy Sarang by honeyegg Cutesy Sarang :iconhoneyegg:honeyegg 3 7


And I know you didn't miss me xD </3


Anel Nimbriotis
Hey, the name is Anel, but call me Annie if you want.
I live in a small country called Ecuador, i love it but i want to live in another country, meh.
i love to sing, but i suck at dancing. i also love to read, the book i'm reading at the moment is divergent ;; w;; so cool<3
i love videogames and anime, you can say i'm gamer and otaku, but since it becomes something everybody likes i just say that i love videogames and anime.
i love my chihuahuas but i seriously want a cat ; ^;
loves elrubiusomg, mangelrogel, chettosenior, pewdiepie, cry, holasoygerman, smosh and tobuscus.
stay awesome. i loves you owo



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