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Mean Lesbian by criaha
Soo as some of you know, school is starting up, and for me, that means im off at college!
I wanted to tell yall because I will be more busy but hopefully (no promises) I will get more art done!
I'm really excited to be in college and I just wanted yall to have a little update of my life!
this is kinda more of a serious post

ill get the neutral reason first:
i just finished highschool, finals, ap exams, etc and i am also going to extend my work hours too, so i have been busy

but thats only a small part
recently, i have been involved in less than great arguments
and its not just one, but several, both in and out of real life
and its been really plauging me and my mental state
i feel that either people in my life are fighting each other or me
and whether these arguments are justified or not, i feel so smothered by them
im not trying to throw a pity party or make myself look like the victim here
but its just really made me loose a lot of motivation, which affects my art output

and theres one other issue, which is specifically in real life
I dont want to say much as i dont want people to worry
but my dad has gotten a lot more verbally abusive with me
and hes been doing and saying things that again, make me loose motivation for my art

im tired of feeling this way, but i honsetly feel so helpless 
this isnt a pity party for myself, i dont expect nor want people telling me that there sorry that this is happening
i just want to explain whats happening and why its been affecting my art output

on the bright side, i finished two projects, a portrait of a fan villain, and a whole redo of my fan villains list
i hope to post them soon, im aching to show you guys

and if you read all the way through, then thank you for listening
i dont want you to feel sorry for me, i just want you to understand

adding this on
my dad is leaving my family
i dont know if this is temporary or permanent 
Sweet tooth: your favorite popstars are here!
Cherry bomb: and we have a very sweet announcement!

Sweet tooth: do you like candy? sweet treats? soda?
Cherry bomb: well now you have your chance to become one with your favorite sweets!

Candy Villains 2 by criaha
(Here are some examples of candification! Art done by the lovely Misseligon)

Sweet tooth: now! see how fun it is with all these villains! see how happy they are! dont you want to join in on the fun?
Cherry bomb: there are a few rules to this! but i guarantee that they wont be hard to follow!

Sweet tooth: first! candification will make you happy! always so so happy! we dont want any sad faces!
Cherry bomb: rule two! you dont have to be candy themed, but you must be themed with a sweet treat, candy, pastries, sodas anything that is sweet! 
Sweet tooth: rule three! you must accept me and Cherry bomb as your new leaders of poptropica!
Cherry bomb: ahaha! kidding kidding!

Sweet tooth: but in all honesty! have fun!
Cherry bomb: and we do wish to see all your sweet ideas!
oh lord,, my birthday is in a week from now Waaaah! im not ready to be 17
also that means im closer to my last year in highschool... and im taking 2 ap classes too including ap physics rip I think I've fainted. 
speaaaaaaking of birthdays, i have a lil gift for my irl friend whos birthday is tomorrow~ (She knows who she is ;3c)

speaking of birthdays i do have a small wish of a drawing of any of my fan villains, but dont feel pressured or guilty if you dont want to or cant, i understand <3
ok, so theirs a tag thing i was tagged in thrice, ( :iconpegakid2012: , :iconsydvc: and :iconninetenonetyone: and theres rules, but i dont care about them, ill post them anyways because why not
  • Write the Rules
  • Write 13 things about yourself
  • Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
  • Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged
  • Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this"
  • It is forbidden not to tag anyone
  • Tag backs are allowed
  • If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you!
yea... im not doing that, rather Im gonna knock out all 39 questions and 13 things about me at once, here we go

about me:
1. On my mom's side of the family, i am currently the tallest girl at 5'11, but i also portray myself and my persona smaller 
2. My favorite music artists are Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, and Dionysos
3. And with music artists, they often inspire my ocs, MatD is my biggest inspiration for Cherry bomb and Sweet tooth, Florence is my headcanon voice for Firefly, and the lead singer of dionysos is my headcanon voice for Louis. Theres more with more musical artist, but im lazy
4. I am a butch lesbian, and as most of you know, my girlfriend is misseligon
5. When i grow up, I want to become an art/math/science teacher (yes, all three of them)
6. I have a crush on black widow from poptropica, and i run Blackwidowpoptropica on tumblr (totally not advertising my blog guys)
7. I have five cats.... and im allergic to cats
8. I have a form of synesthesia called ordinal linguistic personification. Which to put in simple terms, i see numbers/letter/weekdays/months with defined personalities
9. Currently, i am a junior in highschool
10. My real first name is Leah, but don't call me that unless you know me irl (or are my gf)
11. I have actually played poptropica, since it came out. I lost my orgional account but i remember when there was no blimp but instead m y s t e r i o u s h o l e i n t o t h e v o i d
12. I can't spell, but my mom cant math so i guess were even
13. my elbows and pinky toes are double jointed

now onto questions 

first with ninetenonetyone
1. A'ight, tell me, what is your favourite hobby besides the arts?
    I like to do editing (if that doesn't count as art) and play with my cats, standard, i know
2. How'd you first discover the fandom you are currently in? (It could be any)
    My current fandom is poptropica, and in mid 2015 i found a monster carnival play through. Raven (my sweet boy) appealed to me and so i got hooked on pop.
3. What're you better at, drawing or writing (stories)?
    I think im good at both, but i would say art because im more consistent with it 
4. Is there someone who inspires you to create art? If so, who?
    Eh, if i see an art style i like or a song that gets me hyped it inspires me. But as people go, my wonderful gf
5. Er... Which do you prefer, gold or silver?
    do i look rich
6. Do you like to read books once in awhile? (Or do you even know what books are?)
    ofc, i like books, i have a problem where i read them a little to fast
7. Favourite Greek God?
    hestia and iris. Hestia needs more love and iris is the goddess of the rainbow, how could i not love this lesbean
8. Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? Don't lie ;3
    hell fucking yea i do, hes a small stuffed lion that sleeps inbetween my pillows
9. What motivates you to make art?
    like what i said in 4. plus, pressure from my art class lmao
10. Would you rather watch a single television series for the rest of your life, or play the same game for the rest of your life? What is it?
    ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i dunno lol
11. Be honest with yourself; what do you think about your own art?
    I like it, but i have much to improve on. I hope to continue in on it in the future and i hope to improve
12. Any pet peeves? I have many, including the sound of plastic crunching. And people chewing loudly. And-
    people cutting me off before i can finish my sentence. unfortunately my spanish teacher does this all the time
13. Okay, to finish this off... do you have any thoughts on Hyper Hawk X Sir Gawain? Just curious.
    I don't want to sound like a r00d dude, but i see sir gawain and all the other knights gay, and all in a polyamorous relationship with one another. sorry

Now onto Sydvc
  1. Who do you ship me with? Who do you ship Spotted Dragon with? If you just say no one or I don't know then you aren't a true fangirl lol.
    1. I ship SD with ND... north dakota baby (jk jk but i dont know who u like rip ;w; )
  2. What's an odd talent you have? Or just an interesting fact?
    1. I can make my voice do really weird things. Like, scarily weird things, I dont do it much because it hurts after a while, but if you meet me irl i can try something out for ya
  3. What is your favorite piece of artwork from me? Why do you like it/my art in general?
    1. i like this one because it was for an au i made :p (also b/c its cute)
  4. How do you think we would get along IRL? What kind of person am I? Dun dun duhhhhh!
    1. Be who u wanna be! And i think we would get along. You seem very open minded and i like that in people
  5. What stereotypical archetype are you? What about me? These archetypes could be inspired by any movie, anime, game, etc.
    1. Im the mean butch lesbian with the tiny cute gf archetype. U seem to be the MAJOR NERD ARCHETYPE *highfives someone idk who* (Jk Jk, you seem more like the introverted artist/writer)
  6. What would you like to see me improve on? What would you like to see me draw?
    1. SD, i lov ur art, but something i notice is your positions. Often, they seem a little stiff, try to pratice dynamic poses, and i think your art will greatly improve.
  7. What kind of YouTube channel would you have? Any specific videos you'd make?
    1. yes, i do, buuuuuut it has my real last name and its my dads... soooo i rather not say, plus theres only silly cat videos
  8. What's the most recent song on your playlist?
    1. Lover interruption by Jack White 
  9. What fictional character do I remind you most of? What character would you chose for yourself?
    1. Hm, you remind me of Navy from SU (not that i really watch it any more) Idk why, i feel you are innocent... until you need not to be. As for myself... well i project myself on to characters so.... *shrug*
  10. What actors would play me and you in a movie?
    1. what the hell is an actor
  11. What does the 3rd line of page 113 in the nearest book say?
    1. COMETHER n pl. -S an affair or matter (it was a dictionary okay)
  12. What are your favorite sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings/touch sensations?
    1. I love hills covered in big trees, oh god its so beautiful driving by them when im in minnesota. I love the sound of old key boards clacking! i dont have a sense of smell rip. I love chocolate+peanutbutter <3. and really soft fluffy fur is so nice to touch, along with scratchy beards.
I deleted the last question cause i didn't like it, moving on.

Finally Pegakid2012
1) Ruby: can i haz hug pls? Meow :3 (ugh she needs too much physical love kind of affection)

2) Last person you talked to?
    my mum

3) Favorite artwork from my gallery?
    gonna be self indulgent and say the one u made for me

4) who's that behind u?
    the monkey stattuett my sister painted on

5) who do u ship MK with? she's single rn
    Sorry, dont know enough about her to ship

6) do u have a crush on anyone?
    fictional crush was said before. irl crush is misseligon but she likes me back... thats why were datin'

7) *sings* do u wanna build a snowman...
    winter just got over here if i see one more flake of snow im going to throw an entire cat tree

8) would u rather visit past or future?
    neither. I dont want to fuck up the past OR the future

9) what's near u right now?
    my phone, laptop, sketch book and tablet

10) embarrassing moment?
    when i was four i tried to walk down the stairs, naked, playing the harmonica, in my moms oversized heels... i fell... and needless to say she laughed

11) if u were a pokemon what pokemon would u be
    Uh, i dont know much about pokemon but its the cute green one that smiles and looks like it has a bun. forgot what its called

12) last song u listened to?
    Oh No by Marina and the diamonds

13) r u having fun doing this tag?
    my hands are cramping up, so not really

im not tagging
im not asking quetions
i dont care about the rules
:iconmisseligon: and me got new iconsGiggle 
Ell by criaha
its been 84 years
(also yes that is princess elyana)
that :iconbbbeejay-bbbosietta: is an amazing person,

and that i hope that you have the best birthday

DJ u are so so amazing and talented Hug  
I made a little quiz here

Its a what character are you quiz, done with characters between the islands Shark tooth through Counterfeit

its not the best but i was bored

also if you take it, please posts your results below!

if youre wondering i got princess elyana
hey guys! im doing 10 mini requests similar in style to thisAaaaaaaa by criaha

ill be doing ten of them! 
all i ask is that you have a tumblr or discord that i can send your picture to you! i will be posting these to DA, but all together, and if you want to get yours individually, you need either a discord or tumblr! And another thing is that i will only be taking characters from pop BUT this includes ocs!
I also wont post the pictures here until i get all ten of them done!

1. ringmaster raven requested by :iconbeanskelly: 

2. young hawk requested by :iconmisseligon:

3. Brave tomato requested by :icon1313cookie:

4. Armin Sucre requested by :iconwaneprotostar:

5. Invisible comet requested by :iconinvisible-comet:

6. Eleonora requested by :iconylimegirl:

7. Loud bee requested by :iconii-edison-ii:

8. binarycrown requested by :iconcraftypoptropican:

9. Spotted dragon requested by :iconsydvc:

10. Slippery Socks requested by :iconpeanutthechub:
ah yes, the time old tradition of the cria getting tagged, 

this time it was with :iconsmileyfaceorg:

usually i dont do these, but since you have appeased my girlfriend recently, might as well

so for this you have to 
1. post 5 pieces of old art work
2. post 5 new pieces of art work (that you are proud of)
3. and tag three people

*cracks knuckes* lets do this
starting with the old we have:

1.Ew 3 by criaha
2Ew 4 by criaha
3Ew 1 by criaha

4Ew 2 by criaha

5I Hate My Self by criaha

ew now that we have THAT out of the way, how about we get to some of the good stuff

for my new
1The Sweetest Villains Ever 1 by criaha

2Blase Bday by criaha

3Smol Gays by criaha

4Dj by criaha

5Ame Imroved by criaha

uh for the people i tag....




ya guys dont have to do it of course, im just interested ;P

anyways i hope ya'll liked going down memory lane with me

I just loooooooooooove being sick and missing both school registration and work

Its my favorite thing

it's july 30th

its officially my birthday

16 years

my birthday is in a week and i am not ready Pearl Emote 41 

some one help
a tag meme that I am actually interested in?!?!?! color me impressed!

I was tagged by the lovely :icontechnobunny16:

[x] You have an OC that resembles yourself (a lot of them do lmao)

[x] One of your OC's has your name (but you'll never know >:3c)

[X] You have OC's that are siblings 

[X] You are constantly drawing your OC's 

[X] You constantly receive positive feedback about one or more of your OC's 

Total: 5

[X] You have more than five OC's (more like 500)

[X] Your OC's are varied 

[/] You have a main OC whom you love the most out of all your OC's (while i do have these, there are a ton of them)

[/] Your OC's are mostly mythical

[ ] A lot of your OC's were adoptables 

Total: 3

[X] You have a 'bad boy' or 'bad girl' OC

[X] You have a girly OC 

[X] You have a 'cool' or 'sly' OC

[X] You have a sporty OC 

[X] You have a fun OC

Total: 5

[X] You have a lot of 'perfect' OC's 

[X] You have a lot of 'imperfect' OC's 

[ ] Most of your OC's are part of a fandom 

[X] Most of your OC's are non-fandom 

[X] You have an OC that isn't straight. (lmao, the true question should be do i have an oc that is straight) 

Total: 4

[ ] You have had a polished toy, framed art, ect. made of your OC. 

[X] You are constantly talking about your OC's to friends 

[ ] The first thing you did on dA was make an OC 

[X] Your OCs participates in a role play 

[X] You have made your OC in a game 

Total: 3

Grand Total: 20
Now multiply your grand total by 4
I am 80% Obsessed with my OCs 

yep, seems about right

uh, lets just say im not one for tagging so um, bye
my birth day is in a month from today...

im not ready to be 16 Disbelief 
yea, tagged by :iconyumi-chan-chu:

so lets begin 

[] Talked back to a teacher. 
[] Been kicked out of class.
[x] Worn pajamas to school. 
[x] Had your tooth fall out at school. 
[x] Gotten lost in your school 
[] Broken the dress code in school. 
[] Completely failed a test. 
[] Left class without asking. 
[] Missed a whole week of school. 
[] Thrown up in school.  
[] Been punched at school. 

[x] Argue with your parent(s) a lot.  
[] Argue with your brother(s) a lot. 
[x] Argue with your sister(s) a lot.  
[x]  Have your own room. 
[] Do your own laundry.
[] Cook dinner once in a while. 
[x] Are loud and obnoxious at home 
[] Wear pajamas when you are not going anywhere. 
[] You sleep in very long. 
[] All you do is watch television.
[] Your parents are divorced. 
[] One or both of your grandparents live with you.

[x] You currently dislike one or more of your friends.
[x] You are jealous of one or more of your friends. 
[x] You have known a friend your whole life.
[] Your friends are all taller than you. 
[x] You have been ditched by a friend.
[] You have memorized a friend's phone number.
[x] You have lost/forgotten a friend's phone number. 
[] You have been to all of your friends houses

[] You bite your nails. 
[] You have an odd obsession with giraffes. 
[x] You cannot sleep with the door closed. (only if im the last one to go to sleep)
[x] You cannot sleep with the door open. (only if im not the last one to go to sleep)
[x] There is at least one sound you cannot stand. 

[x] You currently like someone. (my girl friend of course!!) 
[] You want to kill one of your exes.
[] You get bored of your crush/bf/gf easily.
[] A crush/bf/gf has called you a bitch before. 
[] A crush/bf/gf has called you self-centered before.

[] Boys make better friends than girls do. 
[] The beach is an excellent place for a date. 
[] Pink is an ugly color. 
[] Needles aren't so horrible.
[x] Fallen down the stairs.
[] Had a nail fall off.
[] Had surgery.
[] Slapped someone across the face. 
[] Killed someone. 
[] Someone has called you a tease. 
[] You have been to Europe. 
[] You have worn something inside out for a whole day. 

im not tagging anybody, bye
so i was tagged by :iconyumi-chan-chu: :iconanne14tco: and :iconmasterpinpey:

so i have to list 10 of my fandoms and my favorite characters from them, so lets do this

EDIT: i changed one of the characters on the list :^P

1. Poptropica- Black Widow 

2. Wander Over Yonder- lord dominatorWife material (lord dominator wander over yonder) 

3. Steven universe- Ruby and Sapphire Ruby and Sapphire Hug Icon 

4. Lumberjanes- Molly (couldn't find a picture of her ;w; )

5. Adventure time- BMOGIF Adventure Time - BMO 

6. Star vs the Forces of Evil- StarStar and Her Evil Rainbow Emote 

7. undertale- bratty and cattyCatty Icon Bratty Icon 

8. Over the garden wall- GregOtGW Frog Hug icon 

9. Gravity falls- Mabel Mystery twins 1 gravity falls icon (broken) 

10. Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart- Madeline (again, couldn't find her)

welp, idk who to tag so um... bye~ ^^;
U ALL KNOW :iconmisseligon:?



Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart 3D Heart 3D 
so i was tagged by both :iconmasterpinpey: and :iconmrmeepjeep:

so ye,

1. What is your favorite movie/tv show?
        Steven Universe, I draw it often, but I lov it to death
2. What is your favorite food?
        Fries, BUT, only if cooked well and dipped in ranch or mayo
3. With 3 words, how would you describe yourself?
        Gay, procrastinator, nerd
4. What Chore do you hate the most?
        vacuuming the stairs...
5. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which one?
        I don't play any...

Uh, im too lazy to tag lol