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Holy moly! this took so long, who knew that drawing 60 faces would be so hard?! (jk Giggle)

Im also submitting this for the April community creations! ^^

Ahem, so, lets get to the painful part, naming all the ocs for you guys. Here we go I think I've fainted. 

From top to bottom, left to right:

Row 1- Tyler, Cassidy, Emmanuel, Europa, Miriam, No Name, Viola, Maroon Hawk
Row 2- Cecelia, Mint, Cindy Ashe, Virus Virex, Firefly, Jessie
Row 3- Xavier, Sofia, Haddie, Archer, Cherry Bomb, Louis
Row 4- Fearless Bird, Sammy, Sweet Tooth, Bo, Ariadne, Hekate
Row 5- Kat, Nicholas, Taffy, Seraphina, Olivia 
Row 6- Dominick, Blanche, Franklin, Maribel, Sprinkles, Queen Bee
Row 7- Golden Carrot, The Marvelous Maxine, Francine, Margo, Milo, Mardy, Gwendolyn
Row 8- Bridget, Dream Queen, Jenae, Wendy, Cameron, Jiggy, Charlotte
Row 9- Randell, Lorena, Ludo, Jonquil, Lucille, Quinn, Bailey, Jessamine
And finally, the girl in the middle you all know and love, Fearless Penelope Popper!

WHEW, got through that! I think I've fainted. 

But if I counted correctly, there's around 60 characters

And I doubt these will be the only ones

If I am going to be honest, I love creating characters. Whether they be in my own stories or for other media, I just love creating them! And poptropica is no exception :D (Big Grin) 

Anyways, I hope you guys like! And please leave me a comment on what you think Wink/Razz 
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I agree, creating characters is a lot of fun. XD And I love that you took the initiative to draw each and every one! That's impressive :D
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thank you! ^^
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You're welcome! :)
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So much beautiful and unique OCs! Jiggy will forever be my fav.
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thank you, and XD, you have pleased the frog
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Look at these gooooooooooooo
How long did it take you to draw all these faces Eye Zoom 
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including fearless popper, it took about 2 weeks ^^
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wew OwO
The diligence and determination!
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Look at all these ocs! D: SO MANY
Great job! 
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Look at all these ocs! AOOM: Yoshimi Tharpes - Curious interested Icon Ludo is my fav :XD:
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That's a whole lotta OCs ;P

awesome job! 
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Thank u BT :3
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Holy moly, great submission!
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thank u so much!
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This is beautiful 
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